Don Lemon Hair Loss: Is He Bald?

Find out ‘Don Lemon Hair Loss: Is He Bald?’ Don Lemon, a journalist formerly employed by CNN, has gained widespread recognition for his two-decade-long career in conducting interviews with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

In addition to his journalistic career, there have been noticeable changes in Don Lemon’s hair length and volume over the past few years, which we will discuss in this article.

Furthermore, we will delve into Lemon’s unexpected departure from CNN, which he expressed disbelief about on his Twitter account with the statement, “I am stunned.”

Don Lemon Hair Loss: Is He Bald?
Don Lemon Hair Loss: Is He Bald?

After starting as a correspondent in 2006, Lemon gained recognition as the host of Don Lemon Tonight, a position he held from 2014 to 2022.

Don Lemon Hair Loss: Is He Bald?

Don Lemon’s hairstyle has been quite noticeable and often catches the attention of viewers when he appears on television. This is not only due to the bright studio lighting but also because of the changes in his hair over the years.

According to, Lemon has been experiencing a receding hairline since his early 20s. In his 40s, he allegedly underwent a hair transplant procedure to address this issue.

While it’s impossible to confirm whether Lemon used a wig at any point during his media career, he has confirmed that he underwent hair transplant surgery. When CNN asked him about the rumors surrounding the procedure, he responded by saying, “I haven’t discussed it. However, I have nothing to conceal.”

Lemon has been open and transparent about the fact that he underwent two hair transplant surgeries.

In an interview with Variety, the former CNN anchor stated that his receding hairline was bothering him. As a TV personality for 25 years, he didn’t want to waste any time on his hair.

He also expressed his disinterest in getting a comb-over, a technique that many men use to conceal or delay hair loss.

While the hair transplant procedure could not fully reverse Lemon’s hair loss, it did help restore a portion of his hairline, particularly towards the front.

It’s worth noting that Lemon’s hair transplant did not cover all areas of his head affected by male pattern baldness. Instead, it focused on specific areas.

CNN Fires Don Lemon – Public Shocked By The Decision

During his 17-year tenure at CNN, Lemon received several awards, including three regional Emmy Awards, which are considered prestigious.

However, CNN recently made a sudden and unexplained announcement regarding its veteran host, Don Lemon, which has surprised the media industry.

Lemon had been co-hosting “CNN This Morning” alongside Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins for almost six months. In a statement he issued, Lemon revealed that his agent informed him of his termination on Monday morning.

Lemon expressed his surprise and disappointment, stating that he was not informed directly about his termination. He felt that this was a disrespectful action from the management.

CNN Fired Don Lemon
CNN fired their former anchor Don Lemon without telling him upfront rather than through his agent (Source: BBC)

CNN disputed Lemon’s version of events and stated that it was inaccurate. They also mentioned that the former anchor had the opportunity to meet with the management team but instead chose to release a statement on Twitter.

During an on-air discussion about Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s suggestion that older politicians take competency tests, Lemon shared his view that Haley, who is 51, may not be at her peak.

CNN CEO Jeff Zucker sent a memo to staff, calling Lemon’s comments “unacceptable.” Zucker spoke with Lemon, who apologized and agreed to participate in formal training.

A recent report by Variety detailed allegations of misogyny against female colleagues, but Lemon denied these accusations.

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