Enrique Sacco Bio And Age: How Old Is He Now?

Enrique Sacco Bio And Age: Enrique Sacco is a prominent Argentine journalist and writer known for his expertise in sports, particularly soccer. With a career spanning over two decades, Sacco has established himself as a leader in the field, working for various media outlets both in Argentina and internationally.

Since 2000, Sacco has been associated with ESPN, a renowned sports network, where he has contributed as a sports commentator and analyst. He is also currently the host of the popular radio show “Sacco y Pepe,” which covers a wide range of topics including sports, politics, and culture, showcasing his diverse interests and versatility as a journalist.

Enrique Sacco Bio And Age
Enrique Sacco Bio And Age

In addition to his work in broadcasting, Sacco is also a respected columnist for Clarín, one of Argentina’s most influential newspapers, where he shares his insights and opinions on sports-related matters. Beyond his journalistic endeavors, Sacco is also an accomplished writer, having authored the book “Mucho más que fútbol” (Much More Than Soccer) in 2015, showcasing his passion for the sport and his ability to delve deeper into its cultural significance.

Enrique Sacco’s extensive experience, deep knowledge of sports, and engaging style have earned him a prominent reputation in the Argentine sports media landscape, making him a well-known and respected figure in the industry.

Enrique Sacco Bio: Who Is He?

Born in Bolívar, Buenos Aires province, Argentina, Enrique Sacco pursued his passion for journalism by studying Journalism at the Círculo de Periodistas Deportivos and Letters at the University of Buenos Aires.

Sacco’s career in sports journalism began in 1989 when he joined Radio Rivadavia as a reporter, covering a wide range of sports including soccer, tennis, basketball, and rugby, showcasing his versatility and expertise in various sports.

He later joined TyC Sports, a prominent cable TV channel dedicated to sports, where he became the main anchor of “Sportia,” a daily news program that covered the latest developments in the sports world.

Sacco’s talents as a host and commentator were further highlighted when he hosted “Punto Doc,” a series that delved into different aspects of sports and society, showcasing his in-depth knowledge and insightful analysis.

Throughout his career, Enrique Sacco has demonstrated his dedication and passion for sports journalism, earning him a prominent reputation in the industry for his extensive knowledge, engaging style, and versatile expertise across different sports.

Enrique Sacco Wikipedia
Enrique Sacco at the Federal Country Seminar. (Source: Instagram)

In 2004, Sacco moved to Spain to work for Real Madrid TV, the official channel of the famous soccer club.

He interviewed some of the sport’s biggest stars, such as Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham, and Cristiano Ronaldo. He also covered major events like the Champions League and the World Cup.

Sacco returned to Argentina in 2008 and joined ESPN, where he continued to report on soccer and other sports.

He also participated in several shows such as “ESPN Estudio,” “Hablemos de Fútbol,” and “ESPN FC.” He also collaborated with other media outlets such as La Nación, El País, and CNN.

In 2016, Sacco left ESPN and launched his own radio show, “Sacco y Pepe,” with his friend and colleague Pepe Gil Vidal.

The show airs on Radio Continental and features interviews, debates, and analysis on sports, politics, and culture. Sacco also writes a weekly column for Clarín, sharing his opinions and insights on various topics.

Sacco is known for his professionalism, charisma, and passion for journalism.

Enrique Sacco Age: How Old Is He? 

Sacco has not revealed his exact date of birth, but many speculate that he may be 55 years old as of 2023.

Sacco s one of the most consulted professionals in the sports field with almost 60 thousand followers on Twitter, who often ask him about news from the world of football.

He is also the only Argentine journalist who is allowed to vote in the election of the best football player in the world for the FIFA-France Football Ballon d’Or since 2007.

He has won eight “Martín Fierro” awards for the best sports program on radio.

Enrique Sacco Family: Who Are They?

Sacco’s personal life has been marked by tragedy. In 2009 he married journalist Débora Pérez Volpin, who died mysteriously in 2018 while undergoing an endoscopy. He is a stepfather to her two children.

In 2019, Sacco surprised everyone by announcing that he was in a new relationship with María Eugenia Vidal, the former governor of Buenos Aires province.

Enrique Sacco
Enrique Sacco with his wife María. (Source: Instagram)

Vidal is also a widow and has three children from her previous marriage.

Sacco and Vidal met through mutual friends and quickly fell in love. They decided to go public with their romance after a year of dating. Sacco and Vidal got married in March 2023.

Enrique Sacco Instagram

Enrique Sacco is very much active on Instagram and goes by the name @enriquesacco. He has over 71,000 followers on his account, where he posts photos and videos of his work and personal life.

Enrique Sacco’s Instagram account is a window into his professional and personal journey.

Enrique Sacco
Enrique Sacco’s official Instagram account. (Source: Instagram)

Sacco often posts pictures of his interviews with celebrities, politicians, and athletes, as well as his travels around the world. He also shares moments with his family, friends, and pets.


Q: Who is Enrique Sacco?

A: Enrique Sacco is an Argentine journalist and writer specializing in sports, particularly soccer. He has worked for various media outlets, including ESPN and TyC Sports, and is known for his expertise in sports journalism.

Q: Where was Enrique Sacco born?

A: Enrique Sacco studied Journalism at the Círculo de Periodistas Deportivos and Letters at the University of Buenos Aires.

Q: What did Enrique Sacco study?

A: Enrique Sacco studied Journalism at the Círculo de Periodistas Deportivos and Letters at the University of Buenos Aires.

Q: What are some of Enrique Sacco’s career highlights?

A: Enrique Sacco has had a successful career as a sports journalist, including being a reporter for Radio Rivadavia, the main anchor of “Sportia” on TyC Sports, and hosting “Punto Doc,” a series exploring various aspects of sports and society.

Q: What is Enrique Sacco known for?

A: Enrique Sacco is known for his expertise in sports journalism, particularly in soccer, and his contributions as a host, commentator, and writer in the field of sports media in Argentina and abroad.

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