Is Actress Joyce Cheng Married Or Not?

Is Actress Joyce Cheng Married Or Not? Joyce Cheng is a widely known singer and actress. Coming from a renowned family, she has always been under the public eye.

The actress took on the role of Snow White during the opening ceremony of Hong Kong Disneyland in 2005, marking her first notable public performance.

Additionally, the artist filmed and premiered her music video for the song “Connected Hearts” on a well-known Hong Kong television program called “Enjoy Yourself Tonight” in October 2007.

Is Actress Joyce Cheng Married Or Not?
Is Actress Joyce Cheng Married Or Not?

Furthermore, aside from her singing and acting career, she is also an entrepreneur. The public figure announced the establishment of her business, Passion Fruit Records, in 2018.

Moreover, the celebrity holds significant influence on her social media platforms, boasting over 400 thousand followers on Instagram.

With her growing popularity, many fans express curiosity about the singer’s personal life.

Is Actress Joyce Cheng Married Or Not?

A well-known individual’s romantic life often garners attention as followers are eager to learn about their dating partners.

Likewise, fans are curious to discover if the Hong Kong-born Canadian actress is currently married.

However, the celebrity has remained discreet when it comes to sharing details about her personal life.

Given her age in the late thirties, it’s natural for many to assume that she might be married, as people often settle down at this stage. Nevertheless, it appears that she is currently prioritizing her professional endeavors.

By examining her social media presence and available reports, there is no evidence of her being married. Therefore, it is accurate to state that she is unmarried.

Furthermore, according to Jayne Stars, the actress has been involved in a few relationships but has not settled down with any of them. She was previously in a relationship with her photographer boyfriend, Silas Lee, a few years ago, but they have since parted ways.

Moreover, there have been rumors about her dating one of her former classmates, but there is no record of any past marriage or engagement with them.

Does Joyce Cheng Have A Daughter?

No, the public figure does not possess a daughter; she hasn’t had any offspring from her previous relationships as of now.

Nonetheless, the celebrity has expressed her decision to freeze her eggs, allowing the possibility of having a child in the future. She does envision herself embracing motherhood one day.

Joyce Cheng Married
Joyce Cheng has frozen her ovaries so that she may become pregnant even in her 30s. (Source: Instagram)

During an interview, the actress expressed her heartfelt desire, saying, “I aspire to have children. It feels like one of the core purposes of my life; I long to build a family of my own.”

Furthermore, the singer elaborated on her plans, stating that once she encounters her ideal partner, she envisions marrying him and bringing a child into the world.

Joyce Cheng Family Details

The celebrity was born on May 30, 1987, in Vancouver, Canada, to her mother, Lydia Shum, and father, Adam Cheng.

Her mother, Lydia Shum, had a successful career as a comedian, while her father, Adam Cheng, was a renowned singer and actor. It is evident that her parents served as significant sources of inspiration for her.

Joyce Cheng Married
Joyce Cheng shared a close bond with her grandmother and mother. (Source: Facebook)

Furthermore, the public figure’s parents have consistently provided unwavering support, care, and encouragement throughout her journey, motivating her to excel in her chosen field.

Additionally, the actress holds deep gratitude towards her parents and has openly expressed her longing for her late mother, highlighting the profound void her absence has left.

Moreover, as previously mentioned, the celebrity has not yet started a family and remains patiently awaiting the arrival of her ideal partner, often referred to as “Mr. Right.”

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