Is Liz Storer Married To Luther Propst?

Find out ‘Is Liz Storer Married To Luther Propst?’ People are curious to learn more about Liz Storer’s husband, Luther Propst. Luther is known for his unwavering dedication to conservation, sustainable community development, and protecting public lands and waters.

Liz Storer is a prominent American politician with a lengthy track record of public service. She has made a significant impact in Wyoming, where she resides and serves as a member of the Wyoming House of Representatives.

Is Liz Storer Married To Luther Propst?
Is Liz Storer Married To Luther Propst?

Liz was elected to represent Wyoming’s 23rd district and has been diligently working for the well-being of her constituents since assuming office on January 10, 2023.

Is Liz Storer Married To Luther Propst?

Liz Storer is married to Luther Propst, who has been a tireless advocate for balanced and responsible growth in rural and mountain communities across the North American West for over 25 years.

In 2018, Luther was elected as a Teton County Commissioner and has since continued his efforts to promote sustainable land use practices in the region.

Luther holds a Bachelor’s degree, a law degree, and a Master’s degree in regional planning, all from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

One of Luther’s passions is exploring the wilderness of Teton County, Greater Yellowstone, and other areas through various means such as walking, skiing, cycling, fishing, kayaking, or pack rafting. His love for the outdoors is evident in his unwavering commitment to protecting public lands and waters and promoting conservation and sustainable community development.

Liz Storer Husband
Liz Storer Husband Luther Propst (Source: Luther for Teton County)

In 1991, Luther Propst founded the Sonoran Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Western communities by fostering connections between people and the natural resources around them.

As the Executive Director of the Sonoran Institute until 2012, Luther worked tirelessly to promote sustainable land use practices and ensure that communities in the Western region could thrive in harmony with their environment.

In addition to his work with the Sonoran Institute, Luther has volunteered and provided consultation to various conservation, smart-growth, and outdoor recreation organizations since 2008. He has also served as a mentor to policy innovators and emerging leaders, generously sharing his extensive knowledge and experience to help them achieve their goals.

Luther currently serves as the head of the board of the Outdoor Alliance, a coalition of 10 organizations working collectively to protect public lands and waters in America and promote outdoor recreational activities.

Furthermore, Luther is a board member of the George B. Storer Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports conservation efforts. His commitment to conservation, sustainable community development, and protecting public lands and waters is evident in his active involvement in these organizations.

Liz Storer Age: How Old Is She Now?

Liz Storer, a distinguished American politician, has been making significant contributions to the political arena for an undisclosed period of time. While her age remains undisclosed, she was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and currently resides in Jackson, Wyoming.

Liz’s impressive career history includes serving as the Leader of her family’s foundation, the George B. Storer Foundation. Her leadership in this role showcases her commitment to philanthropic efforts and supporting conservation initiatives.

As a prominent figure in the political landscape, Liz Storer has established herself as a notable leader, and her work in the George B. Storer Foundation exemplifies her dedication to making a positive impact in her community and beyond.

Liz Storer
Liz Storer is Wyoming House Democratic representative for the 23rd district (Source: Instagram)

Liz Storer pursued her education at the University of Southern California, where she completed her Bachelor’s degree in 1982. She furthered her studies at the same institution and earned her Master of Fine Arts degree in 1984.

As a member of the Democratic Party, Liz Storer ran as a candidate in the General election for Wyoming House of Representatives District 23. Her unwavering dedication to serving her community and advocating for their rights and welfare resonated with the voters, leading to her well-deserved victory over her opponent, Paul Vogelheim. Liz’s commitment to public service and her community has been a driving force in her political career, and she continues to strive for positive change in her role as a member of the Wyoming House of Representatives.

Who Are Liz Storer Children?

As a politician, Liz Storer values her privacy and has chosen to keep much of her personal life private from the public. It is unclear if she has children, as she has not shared any pictures or information about them.

Liz does have an Instagram account with the handle @storerforstatehouse, but she has a limited following, with only 219 people currently following her on that platform. Despite her relatively small presence on social media, Liz remains dedicated to her political career and serving her community, focusing on her work and advocacy rather than personal publicity.

Liz Storer
Liz Storer worked at the local and state level to ensure clean drinking water for all in Teton County (Source: Instagram)

While Liz Storer values her privacy, she has shared some glimpses of her personal life on her Instagram account. In addition to posts about her work as a politician, she also seems to have a fondness for animals, as she has shared a picture of her beloved pet in one of her posts.

Liz has also shared some details about her family on her social media account. She posted a touching tribute to her parents, who got married on October 19, 1951. Sadly, her mother passed away in 2007, followed by her father in 2009. These posts provide a rare insight into Liz’s personal life and showcase her appreciation for her family. Despite her privacy, Liz Storer uses her social media platform to share meaningful moments and memories with her followers.

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