Who Is Social Media Influencer Rosemarie Tan?

Find out ‘Who Is Social Media Influencer Rosemarie Tan?’ Entrepreneur and social media influencer from the Philippines named Rosmar Tan (also known as Rosemarie Penamora Tan).

Her TikTok profile, where she has blocked over 15.8 million followers, is where she is most well-known.

Tan is the creator and CEO of the skin, cosmetics, and beauty company Rosmar International. She is the owner of her own coffee brand.

As a result of her 7-day money challenge, in which she was able to save about $2,000, she has also attracted notice on social media.

Who Is Social Media Influencer Rosemarie Tan?
Who Is Social Media Influencer Rosemarie Tan?

Who Is Social Media Influencer Rosemarie Tan?

Rosmar Tan, a well-known businessman from the Philippines, does not yet have a Wikipedia page.

Young businesswoman Rosemarie Peamora Tan founded a number of companies, including Rosmar Pet Salon, Rosmar’s Cage Restaurant, and Mysterious Madre Cacao.

Through her losartan TikTok profile, she has significantly increased in popularity. She has more than 15 million followers and is well recognised for her material that includes try-on videos and product samples.

Rosmar is the founder and CEO of Rosmar International, a well-known cosmetics, skincare, and beauty business that is well-known both domestically and abroad.

She owns a coffee brand in addition to her beauty brand.

Tan has a baby daughter in addition to leading a successful professional life, and she frequently writes about her family on social media.

She has worked with other prosperous Filipino businesspeople including Ben Chan.

Tan has established herself as a prominent figure in the beauty and cosmetics sector thanks to her entrepreneurial abilities and social media presence.

She has a large fan base of devoted admirers and inspires new business owners to follow their passions.

What Is Rosmar Tan Current Age?

In 2023, Rosmar Tan will be 34 years old because she was born on February 12, 1996.

She is a well-known entrepreneur and social media figure who was born in the Philippines.

When she was only 23 years old, her contentious 7-day money challenge caused her to become a trending subject on social media.

Since many online users were interested in learning how she had achieved this feat, Rosemarie posted some of her business advice in a popular Facebook post.

Who Is Rosmar Tan
Young entrepreneur Rosmar Tan saved large amount of money in just 7 days (Source: Business News Philippines)

Tan founded her first company, Mysterious Madre Cacao, at the age of 19, while she was still a Medical Technology student at the Far Eastern University.

After receiving her degree in 2015, Tan made the decision not to go into a field relevant to her studies and instead opened Rosmar Pet Salon in Sampaloc, Manila.

Tan’s tenacity and her positive working relationships with her staff have contributed to her early career success.

Rosmar Tan Instagram

Rosmar Tan’s thriving business has helped her garner a lot of attention on social media.She has a sizable fan base on Instagram, with over 600K followers under the username @rosmar.2021.

Rosmar routinely posts updates on her personal life on her Instagram profile, including images and videos of her family and her travels.

Additionally, she frequently publishes images and videos showcasing the skincare and cosmetics items she sells under the name Rosmar International.

Who Is Rosmar Tan
Rosmar promoting her brand serums on Instagram (Source: Instagram)

In addition, Rosmar’s Instagram page offers a wide variety of fashion and lifestyle information, such as chic attire, cosmetics tutorials, etc.

Her fans frequently send encouraging comments and supportive messages, and her content has been regarded as vibrant, colorful, and visually appealing.

Rosmar utilizes her Instagram page as a platform to engage and connect with her followers, build her business, and display her personality and hobbies.

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