Online Business Ventures- Vol.3 No.29 Monday January 26 – Sunday, February 2, 2015

I made N17.1 Million in 12 Months with the Strategies Revealed in these Products…

Get 80 Step-by-Step Insider Do-It-Yourself Internet and Information Marketing Videos For Making Six-Figure Incomes in 2015, 46 Money Making Products, 7 Killer Internet Marketing Software, Travel Abroad Visa Guidebooks Plus Efe Imiren’s Updated “Cracking The Wealth Codes”…Plus 50 Minutes Video Training on How To Create Buying Frenzies For Your Products in 2015! and

Offer Closes – Friday 30th January 2015

From the Desk of:  Efe Imiren – the Info-Marketing Queen

To: Those who want to make consistent six figures monthly in 2015

2015 is almost one month old and some people are already heading towards financial failure because 2 of old habits. You see, only a MAD man continues to do the same thing and expect a different result.

If you are like me and have crossed over into 2015 as a business owner or you have made the new year resolution that 2015 will not end without you starting your own business (online or offline); then understand

It is the pursuit of NEW and adequate knowledge, training, resources and tools that will make a difference and these are exactly what I am talking to you about today. Here is your opportunity to get 46 Money Making Products, 50 Step-by-Step Insider Do-It-Yourself Internet and Information Marketing Videos, 7 Killer Internet Marketing Software for Making a Six Figure Income in 2015 Plus the updated ebook titled “Cracking The Wealth Codes”. You are getting all these in the brand New “2015 Process DVD”

So what’s the 2015 Process DVD about?

You do know that when you begin an online business, the things you need to learn are many and very technical. Those who know these things charge expensive tutorial fees to teach you. The one-day seminars are not in-depth enough to get you started and when you decide to reduce your training expenses by going for ebooks, you discover that the books leave you more confused than ever.

Just like you did today, I woke up every day not knowing how to solve one technical challenge or another. I faced simple online business challenges like

* How to upload your ebooks so that your paid customers can download

* How to build simple websites to market your ideas, ebooks and services

* Or you don’t know how to install simple autoresponders on your website

* And you don’t know how to use blogs to market your business, websites and ideas


The fact is, online business involves a lot of technical processes and unless you have a mentor who is ready to baby-sit you in a mentoring class and you are willing to pay the huge mentoring fees, you are going to waste weeks, months and even years trying to figure out each process.

Sometimes like you, after getting these processes by trial and error I forget it the very next minute!

To solve this problem, I produced step by step videos that explain the process so that I can watch the video whenever I forget the process. I called these videos Process DVDs. They decode and simplify online business processes.

Since 2011 I have revised, updated and made the “Process DVD” available to our readers, ONCE a year. This year, all the comprehensive videos have been packaged in two compact DVDs titled “2015 Process DVD”. Here are the details of what is contained in the “2015 Process DVD”

Package 1: How To Create Buying Frenzies For Your Products

In todays’ business world, It is not enough to know how to set up a business, online or offline. if you can’t convince people to buy your products, especially from your website, you have no business. This 50 minutes video and all the resources that comes with it, solves that problem for you!

Package 2: “Cracking The Wealth Code”

After 3 years of hard labour, trials and errors, I cracked the Wealth Code, now for the last 5 Years – I earn a consistent six figure income per month… and …sometimes close to 1 million naira in a single month without submitting proposals, canvassing for contracts, distributing flyers or visiting any office for marketing campaigns ..This book tell everything about the codes

Blogging for Cash Video Series

Blogs are powerful marketing tools for both offline and online business owners. It is not just for affiliate marketers. You are not using blogs to increase your business sales simply because you don’t know how to create, monetize and use them as sales boosters. This video gives a step by step guide on how to create profitable blogs and how to use blogs to catapult your business profits. In this package you will discover: Four Ways To Monetize Blog, How To Set Up Your Blog How To Get FREE Content For Your Blog, How To Add Image To Blog, How To Monetize Images on your Blog, How To Monetize Blog Content, How To Get Blog Traffic.

Package 4– Mini-Web Site Design

Worried about how to get a website to promote your business, services or infoproduct? Are you paying exorbitant fees to your website designer? Or worse are you paying for every little change made to your website? Here is the solution. Discover in this practical step by step master video: Everything you ever need to know about setting up your website yourself, including details like How To Create Simple Webpages to promote your services and info-products, How to Register a Domain Name for your website, How to Get A Webhosting Account, How To Publish Your Website, How To add Pictures, How To Create Hyperlinks, How To Use Templates to create your mini-site and lots more.

Email Autoresponder Goldmine

Making consistent Six-Figure Income online is near impossible without mastering the use of Email autoresponders. Ask all the Gurus. In this package – Discover12 Ways To Use an Autoresponder, How To Get a Free Autoresponder, How To Create Email Campaigns, How To Make autoresponders Work On Your Website, How To Install Autoresponders On Your Website, How To Create and Manage Follow Up Messages in Your Email Campaign, and lots more including How To Manage Your Autoresponder Contacts, How To Use GSM Autoresponders For Websites and Newspaper Advertising.

Package 6 – FaceBook Advertising Secrets

It’s no news that those who will make six-figure profits from the internet this year MUST be masters of the advertising secrets of FACEBOOK, the current king-of online advertising platforms. Make no mistake about it, I spend over $10,000 annually on facebook, so I know a thing or two about how not to get your fingers burnt with the advertising platform. You can choose to waste thousands of dollars on trial-and-error methods or you can choose to invest in these 15 facebook expert videos and take your business to the next level this year.

46 Mind-Blowing, Finance Changing and Life Altering Products

  1. Info-Product 1: Millionaire Ebook Makers. Value N6, 500

The beginning of a successful info-marketing business is the ability to create and sell ebooks. Personally, since April 2008, I have never sat down to write any ebook without someone paying for the book first. How do you get paid before writing an ebook? How do you protect your ebook from cyber thieves? How do you make a million naira from selling an ebook within 6 months? Discover the secrets in this book!

  1. Info-Product 2: Millionaire Classified Adverts. Value N6, 500

It is no longer news that I make six figures with my classified adverts, it does not matter if my brand name ServiceForts is stamped on the advert or not. If you are still struggling to break-even with your adverts this ebook is key to your advertising success.

  1. Info-Product 3 – Millionaire Information Marketing Business in a Box. Value N6, 500

This ebook chronicles my humble beginnings in information marketing and what I did to break the poverty jinx into the circle of big timers in the info-marketing industry.

  1. Info-Product 4 – Millionaire Seminar Providers. Value N6, 500:

Ever since I discovered the secret codes, my seminar seats are usually fully booked and paid for before the seminar days. Don’t host your next seminar without reading this book.

  1. Info-Product 5–Insider Secrets to InfoConsulting Success. Value N6,500:

Consulting is a sweet business if you know the ropes. If you want to make a lot of money as a consultant this year without spending a fortune grab this report.

  1. Info-Product 6 – How To Make 1million Naira in 6 Months with Your Email. Value N6,500
  2. Info-Product 7– How To Create Classified Adverts Using Corel Draw. Value N6,500
  3. Info-Product 8 – How to Import from China from the Comfort of your home! Value N6, 500.
  4. Info-Product 9 – How to Import from Dubai from the Comfort of your home! Value N6,500.
  5. Emergency Customer Cash Code. Value N10,500: You don’t have a business unless you have customers. Get this ebook and discover how to get customers to buy your products as a matter of urgency.
  6. 7 Ways To Legally Down Load Expensive Products from the Internet Without Paying a Dime! Value N2, 500.
  7. Info-Product 12 – How To Make it Big in Seminar Production Business. Value N6, 500

Seminar Business is big business, but many seminar organizers fail to sell their seminar seats before the D-Day. In this book, Discover how to make your seminar days your big pay day as an entrepreneur.

  1. How To Write Your Ebooks Within Minutes. Value N4, 500
  2. How To Sell Information Products on The Internet- With Guaranteed Results. Value N6,500. I have six websites and each of these websites consistently earns me six figure income. In this ebook, discover how to do same.
  3. How To Create a Profitable Internet Business. Value N5, 500.
  4. How To Get Your UK Business Visa in 21 Days. Value N6,500
  5. How To Secure a Genuine USA Visa Without Paying an Agent. Value N6,500.

Discover the major reasons why the US Embassy refuses to issue Nigerians visas and how you can avoid them to secure a genuine visa without using an agent!

  1. How To Get Your Schengen Business Visa. Value N6,500: One genuine Schengen visa grants you instant entry into TWENTYTHREE European countries around the world! This book is your passport to Europe. Grab it now.
  2. Student Scholarship Made Easy – Online Search To Access To A Fast And Free College Recruiting Scholarship. Value N6,500

Grab this book and discover how to get a genuine student scholarship. After reading you could turn it into a money spinning business this year!

  1. 10-Minute Business Success by Bob Serling. Value N5, 000

This ebook chronicles the business secrets of twenty one of the biggest names in online and offline business, including

* Yanik Silver on Profiting from Successful Affiliate Programs

* Brian Tracy on Creating Customers

* John Carlton on How to Leverage Content

* Michael Fortin on The Power of Viral Blogging

* How to Profit with Teleseminars l A Bonus Chapter Interview with Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin Group

Why struggle in your effort to make it big in business when you can gain quick access to the secrets of these big time business names?

  1. Info-Product 23 – How To Look Good Without Cosmetic Surgery – for every woman by Rachael Ghis Reen. Value N4,500.
  2. The Secret for Generating Income on the Internet – by Jimmy D Brown . Jimmy D. Brown is widely considered one of the web’s leading email marketing consultants since 1999. Discover how he makes six figures online in this power-packed ebook.
  3. Info-Product 25- Secrets of Website Flipping Business – by J. Brooke Value N5,000.
  4. Info-Product 26 – How To Sell Real Estate For Guaranteed Profits Value N5, 000
  5. Info-Product 27 – Secrets of Online Stock Trading– By Secret Authors Value N5,000
  6. Understanding The Internet For Home Based Business
  7. Job Interview Secrets – How To Get Your Dream Job at the Next Interview – Value N5,000
  8. Info-Product 30 – How To Become a Highly Effective Time Manager – By Secret Authors Value N5,000 30. Info-Product 31 – The Family Budget Made Easy – By Secret Authors Value N5,000

Now Here Comes The Biggie!

  1. 2 Big Lessons from 30 years of Copywriting– by Dan Kennedy. Value N6, 500. Dan Kennedy is a trusted marketing advisor, consultant and coach to hundreds of private entrepreneurial clients running businesses from $1- million to $1-billion in size. Dan has repeatedly appeared with four former U.S. Presidents; business celebrities like Donald Trump and famous business speakers including Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Tom Hopkins, and Tony Robbins and countless sports and Hollywood celebrities. He is known as the millionaire maker.
  2. Internet Marketing Sins Part 1 & 2 By M Fortin
  3. A detailed Look into The eBook Business
  4. 900 money making ideas for entrepreneurs
  5. How To Create an eBased Course in One Day How To Bullet Proof Your website Against Poor Sales How To Turn 7 Page Reports Into Amega business empires
  6. The P.U.M.P Marketing system for getting more customers By Martin Wales
  7. The 13 Step Foundation of Internet Marketing By David Bain
  8. How To Advertise for Guaranteed Results
  9. Hidden Secrets of a Marketing Consultant By Michael Senoff
  10. 3 Secret Life transforming & bank fatting ebooks Value of Products 32 to 42 is N2,500 each, which is a total of N32,500
  11. Passion and Profits Dynamics Part 1 – 3by Terry Dean. Value N6, 500.Terry Dean started his online business from scratch in 1996. He built a million dollar Internet business promoted primarily through the Internet. This is the guy who offers zero money back guarantee on his coaching programs and yet makes millions of dollars yearly! Discover his business secrets in this ebook.

15 Billion Naira SMS Training Video

Every Festive season, N15Billion Naira exchanges hands between smart individuals, phone owners and GSM companies. In fact, because I own a bulk sms and recharge card business website at, I also share in this bounty. This video training will show you How YOU can Profit from the N15Billion naira Bulk SMS, GSM and Recharge Card industry.

Package 9 – eBook Makers (Version 2.0)

Create and generate content for your eBook, How To Password Your eBook, How To Create Audio eBooks, How To Create Videos eboks, How To Attach and send Your eBook By Yahoo and Gmail , How To Upload Your eBook To the Internet, How To Create Download Link For Your eBook, How To Deliver Your eBook Link Via SMS, How To Get a Domain Name For Your eBook, How To Get Creative Cover Designs For Your eBook,23 Ways to a Million eBook Sales

Package 10 – SMS Hidden Riches

* Video 45 – GSM Autoresponders: This video shows you how to install SMS Autoresponders on your websites. Internet marketing has gone beyond emails, savvy online business owners have known that the future belongs to gurus who have learnt how to integrate SMS Marketing with their online business,12 Ways To Use an Autoresponder to Generate Business Profits

Package 11: 7 Killer Internet and Information Marketing Softwares

Classified Advert Creator, eBook Video Creator, eBook Password Creator, Picture Tutorial Creator, Sales Copy Creator, Audio eBook Creator, eBook Download Link Creator, 21 Follow up email creator – join the gurus today, stop working hard and start working smart with these softwares.

How Much is the “2015 Process DVD”?

Here is the thing, let me give you a run-up of the cost of these products if you were to buy them One-by-One, EACH, separately,

Software Bundle (N8,500 *7) = N59,500

46 FREE Downloadable Bundle = N221,000

Training Video Bundle = N8,500

My Updated” Cracking Wealth Codes” = N15,000

Package 4 – Mini-Web Site Design = N10,500

Blogging for Cash Video Series = N6,500

eBook Makers (Version 2.0) = N6,500

Package 7 – SMS Hidden Riches = N6,500

Email Autoresponder Goldmine = N7,500

FaceBook Advertising Secrets = N10,500

Package 11 – 7Killer Software = N7,500

Package 12 – Creating Buying Frenzies = N10,500

100 Squeeze and Sales page templates = N17,000

Total For all the package = N387,000


So, if you were to invest individually in all the packages, it would cost you three hundred and eighty seven thousand naira only(N387,000). But I want to give you the opportunity to pursue adequate knowledge, training, resources and tools to help you create a financially successful 2015, so if you are one of the lucky 50 people to take action now, you can get the entire 2-Set DVDs for N15,000 only. Only 50 DVD sets has been produced and once it’s exhausted, that is the end. So don’t delay, follow the order procedure:

How To Order

Step 1: Text your Name + GSM + Email + Code “2015SADCprocessDVD” + Date you are making payment to 0803 297 8011

Step 2: Head straight to the bank and pay your N15,000. (If you want it delivered to your address anywhere in Nigeria, add N3,500 for courier, it will be delivered to your address by DHL/UPS anywhere in Nigeria) Account Name: Service Forts Publishing GTBank Account Number: 0011359820OrFirst Bank Account Number: 2015007720

Step 3: Send an EMAIL with Your FULL Name + Email + GSM + Teller Number + Name on the teller + Bank Paid t o + c o d e “ 2 0 1 5 S A D C p r o c e s s D V D ” t o [email protected] title of Email MUST BE “PAID2015SADCprocessDVD”.

Step 4: Once we have verified your payment, we will email you when to pick up your product at our office (Service Forts, 2B Oyetola Street, Off Salvation, Opebi, Ikeja Lagos) OR deliver it to your address if you paid for courier.

Success in 2015 belongs to those who ACT by pursuing adequate knowledge. After Friday 30th January, you will not be able to access this offer again. Be smart. Order Now.

Efe Imiren

Nigeria’s Information Marketing Queen and,

M a n a g e r: www. I d e a F o r t s. c o m a n d

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