Naby Keita's Brother Petit Keita's Age And Instagram Pictures

Let find out about Naby Keita’s brother Petit Keita’s age and instagram pictures. Naby Keita, a professional football player for Guinea, has a devoted younger brother named Petit Keita who is also an athlete.

As a central midfielder, Naby competes for Liverpool of the Premier League and the Guinean national team. After starting his professional career in 2013 with a Ligue 2 team, he transferred to Red Bull Salzburg.

The athlete won the Austrian Cup double and Austrian Football Bundesliga throughout both of his seasons playing for the club. He relocated to EB Leipzig in 2016, and in his first season there, he was named to the Bundesliga team of the season.

In 2017, Keita consented to join Liverpool. After a year, he finalized the transfer, and during his debut campaign with the team, he won the UEFA Champions League. He won the Premier League and FIFA Club World Cup the following year.

Because of his gifted sibling Naby, Petit is highly known. Following their famous brothers or sisters in the spotlight are frequently several famous siblings. Yannick Umtiti, the brother of Samuel Umtiti, and Gianluca Conte, the brother of Antonio Conte, are two among them.


Guinean professional footballer Naby Keita plays as a central midfielder for Premier League club Liverpool and the Guinea national team. ( Source : instagram )


Quick Facts:

Full Name Petit Keita
Birthplace Conakry, Guinea
Nationality Guinean
Age Early 20s
Profession Footballer
Parents Miriam Camara, Sekou Keita
Siblings Naby Laye Keïta
Marital Status Unmarried



Who Is Petit Keita, Naby Keita’s Brother?

The most notable thing about Petit Keita is that he is the younger brother of Liverpool player Naby Keita. In addition, he plays football, continuing his brother’s legacy.

The German club Inter Leipzig previously had Naby’s brother on their roster. It was revealed that Petit has been working out at Liverpool’s Academy back in October 2018. The athlete, however, did not receive a contract offer.


In 2013, Keita began his professional career with Ligue 2 club FC Istres.
In 2013, Keita began his professional career with Ligue 2 club FC Istres. ( Source : instagram )


The talented striker relocated to Liverpool’s academy after leaving Germany. He completed his transfer from RB Leipzig to Liverpool in the summer and then accompanied his older brother, Naby, there.

Heiner Backhaus, the German Inter Leipzig coach, has referred to Petit as a “great” forward. Petit is a strong prospect. The coach said that the player’s play pace was comparable to that of the top strikers among the U19s.

In 2012, his older brother played for Guinea in his first senior international game. 
Naby, who stands five feet eight inches tall, has more than forty caps for his country and has participated in three Africa Cup of Nations tournaments—in 2015, 2019 and 2021.


How Old Is Petit Keita Age?

Petit Kate is twenty-one years old young footballer, while his older brother, Naby Keita, is 27 years old.

Naby was born on February 10, 1995, in Conakry, Guinea, and is six years older than his brother Petit. he had a football-centric childhood and as soon as he could walk, his mom started confiscating times from his feet.

He joined his hometown team Horoya AC at the age of nine. Naby relocated to France in 2012 and joined the FC Istres youth team after unsuccessful trials at Le Mans FC and FC Lorient. 2013 saw the footballer’s promotion to Istres’ first team.

Naby debuted in Ligue 2 on November 22, 2013 against Nimes Olympique. He participated in 23 games and scored 11 goals in his first season as a professional, but his team was demoted to the Championnat National.

Petit Keita-Instagram Photos

Although it looks that Petit is not online on Instagram, his brother Naby is rather active there.

Naby can be easily found on Instagram using the handle @keitanabydeco. The football player has astounding 207 posts and over 1.9 million followers. He frequently uploads updates to Instagram about his professional life.


Naby Keita's Brother Petit Keita's Age And Instagram Pictures
In 2012, Keïta made his senior international debut for Guinea. ( Source : instagram )


The athlete joined Australian Red Bull Salzburg in 2014, and on July 26, 2014, he faced Wiener Neustadt in his league debut. Naby finished the productive season by participating in 30 games, scoring five goals and dishing out two assists, and won the league and cup.

Naby joined RB Leipzig in June 2016 and scored the game-winning goal against Borussia Dortmund in his first game. In his first Bundesliga season, the player added seven more goals, and he was included in the league’s team of the year.

Naby Keita And Petit Were Born To Sekou Keita And Miriam Camara

Petit and his brother Naby Keita have excellent parents in Miriam Camara and Sekou Keita.

Naby always had a childhood that was focused on football, and as soon as he got older, he knew what he wanted to do, according to his father. The mother of the boy also stated that her son would drip anything that dropped from the table.


In October 2018, it was reported that Naby's younger brother Petit Keita had been training at Liverpool's Academy.
In October 2018, it was reported that Naby’s younger brother Petit Keita had been training at Liverpool’s Academy. ( Source : instagram )


He would kick and dribble whatever was on the ground to amuse himself. No matter where his mother Miriam took him, he kept doing it.

Naby grew up wanting the ball to be all around him. He was perceived as the quiet, introverted, but eccentric and vivacious kind of child, though. Additionally, his parents attempted to steer their son in a different direction since they believed that in Guinea, football was solely for the well-off and privileged.

They thought education was the most dependable and crucial thing, and they wanted their children to go to school. But in Naby, such was not the case. He pursued his goals and became a successful football player; now, his younger brother is also making an attempt at the same sport.

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