Aaron Singerman News: Is He Still In Jail? Know About His Arrest And Charges

Let’s find out ‘Aaron Singerman News: Is He Still In Jail?’ Blackstone Labs LLC, situated in Boca Raton, provides nutritional and athletic supplements. Blackstone allegedly engaged in the scheme by deceiving the FDA, according to court documents. He had always been interested in bodybuilding despite his drug use.

Singerman ultimately established a personal training company in Baton Rouge after opting without attending college. He was evacuated owing to Hurricane Katrina and eventually ended up in Houston.

Singerman started writing for fitness magazines and commenting often on bodybuilding forums.

This led to podcasts and a job at RxMuscle with Dave Palumbo. Then he advanced until he was the website’s chief editor.


Aaron Singerman News: Is He Still In Jail? Know About His Arrest And Charges
Aaron Singerman News: Is He Still In Jail? Know About His Arrest And Charges


He was aware that the supplement companies benefited from the bodybuilding sector. He acquired his knowledge of digital marketing by making use of his contacts in the industry.

Then, he co-founded Blackstone Labs, which was mentioned in the federal indictment, with his then-partner PJ Braun.

After they fell out, he founded Redcon1, which is now one of the more well-known supplement businesses on the market.


Aaron Singerman News: Is He Still In Jail?

The founder of the dietary supplement company Redcon1, Aaron Singerman, reportedly spent 11 months in jail, followed by five years in prison, before being freed, according to claims made by the Federal Bureau of Prisoners.

Singerman was compelled to forfeit the nearly $2.9 million in criminal earnings in this plea agreement case.


Is Aaron Singerman Still In Jail
Is Aaron Singerman Still In Jail? (Source: Arrest.org)

The jury recommended a sentence of around 56 months in prison as well. At the time of his sentencing, the US Justice Department released a statement on his supplement case.

In this case, Singerman had been imprisoned a few weeks earlier for drunken sailing. His driving privileges were subsequently suspended as a result, and he was also assessed a fine equal to some bonds.

In January, Singerman was also detained for driving under the influence that caused an accident. Consequently, the question, Is Aaron Singerman Still In Jail?, has an answer. is No.


What Did He Do- Arrest And Charge

Aaron Singerman established Redcon1, one of the leading nutrition businesses. He was charged with mislabeling dietary supplements under the name Blackstone Labs LLC.

Co-founder of the company TJ Braun also made a guilty plea. Both of them claim responsibility for scheming to distribute drugs and for marketing novel, unapproved medications.

It became well known a few months ago that his sentence had been shortened from 56 to 36 months. A federal court lowered the verdict back in February after a drawn-out trial.

The well-known sports nutrition company Blackstone Labs, its co-founders, key employees, and manufacturing partners were accused by a federal grand jury of selling illegal substances like prohormones, AMP citrate, and SARMs.


Aaron Singerman
Aaron Singerman talks about his prison life. (Source: Instagram)

Singerman connects with his followers on social media despite being imprisoned.

He sought treatment because he considered his experience in jail to be fairly appalling, and he came out at that point with a completely transformed mentality.

He also mentioned the possibility of leaving earlier than we all thought. He was confident that he would return in June despite being in danger.

In front of the public, Aaron Singerman also expressed regret and a desire to go back in time and undo all of his mistakes. He also promised to make a change after making a comeback.

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