Are Keaontay Ingram And To Mark Ingram Related? Brother and Family Ties

Let’s find out ”Are Keaontay Ingram And To Mark Ingram Related?” Football player Keaontay Ingram is from the United States. He is not connected to Mark Ingram despite having the same surname.

The two players are not related by blood, but they both play running back for their respective National Football League (NFL) clubs.

Keaontay Ingram, a senior at Carthage High School who amassed 2,000 yards in each of his final two seasons, was a leading contender for Texas’ Mr. Football award in his senior year.


Are Keaontay Ingram And To Mark Ingram Related? Brother and Family Ties
Are Keaontay Ingram And To Mark Ingram Related? Brother and Family Ties


The top 10 ranked running back prospect in the nation signed with Texas and had 142 carries as a true freshman. Over the course of 13 games, he carried for 708 yards and three touchdowns. Keaontay Ingram is selected by the Arizona Cardinals as the 201st overall pick in the 2022 draft.

He signed a four-year rookie agreement on May 19, and on that day he joined the Cardinals. He had his first taste of the NFL during the Arizona Cardinals’ first preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals.


Fast Facts About Keaontay Ingram

Full Name Keaontay Ingram
Age 22
Siblings 9
Parents Brandie Ingram and Damon Ellis
Height 6 ft (1.83 m)
Weight 215 lb (98 kg)
Net Worth $3 million


Keaontay Ingram's younger brother Darrian Ingram joined Carthage.
Keaontay Ingram’s younger brother Darrian Ingram joined Carthage.( Source : etsn )


Despite playing the same position as Mark Ingram and having the same last name, Keaontay Ingram is unrelated to him.

Keaontay, a 22-year-old native of Carthage, Texas, started his professional National Football League career this year after being selected by the Arizona Cardinals in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Mark Ingram, identifying himself as Mark Ingram II and not as his father Mark Ingram Sr., is a player with the National Football League’s New Orleans Saints (NFL). Mark has been a member of the league for more than ten years and is 32.

The Saints made the first overall selection of Mark II in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft. He earned three Pro Bowl nominations while a member of the Saints and completed his playing days as the team’s all-time leading rusher. Throughout his career, Ingram has also played for the Houston Texans and the Baltimore Ravens.

There is no disputing the fact that Keaontay and Mark have the same last name. They not only share a name, but they both play running back, the same position in the same league.

Some may think they are linked to one another because of this. Human minds are always looking for patterns, and the two athletes with the last name “Ingram” may very well match the niche. As a result, the notion that Keaontay and Mark are related seems persuasive to them. They are not, though.


Keaontay Ingram and his ties with Mark Ingram are not true. They are not related. ( Source : baltimoreravens )

His Family Ties, Brother And Siblings

Keaontay Ingram is blessed to have brothers that are both skilled and rising to the top as siblings.

In 2020, he will join his younger brother Kelvontay Dixon at the Texas Longhorns football team after enrolling at Texas University. They had spent the entire day in their backyard dressing up as fans at a football game from their youth, living out their own little fantasy.

Later, the two brothers enroll in high school and participate in Friday night athletics. They will become respected members of their school and community. They will win the state championships by a landslide, and they will be prepared to repeat the feat in college.

The majority of kids’ hopes are crushed in the backyard. In a similar vein, Keaontay’s cousin plays football. He was given financial aid to attend Sam Houston State. Darrian Ingram is also starting on defense for the Bulldogs this season.

Even though this is only Rayvon Ingram’s first season playing for the varsity team full-time, the young sophomore has already accrued a sizable amount of offensive and defensive playing time.


Keaontay Ingram with his brothers. Most of his family members have ties with football. ( Source : etsn )


Close Ties With Brother Kelvontay Dixon

Keaontay Ingram and Dixon are closest to each other among biological relations. Near relatives make up the majority of the rest. Since they were little children, they have played Pop Warner and neighborhood league sports together as teammates and friends.

Another young football player in the Ingram family is Kelvontay Dixon, Keaontay Ingram’s brother. He was the starter safety and backup running back before to injuring his ankle in game three.

They were raised in a manner that is typical of children in East Texas. They both took off their shoes and began to rush outside. When they weren’t using their BB guns to hunt for rabbits, they were playing football.

Nothing was meant to hurt. They first began making plans for the future throughout their middle school years. Success in Texas high school football with several touchdowns and championships.

The team of the four Ingram brothers is committed to attaining even more achievement. It’s unbelievable that they got to fulfill their goal out of all the kids playing make-believe in their yards. The majority of young people either lack the drive or the aptitude to achieve. It is lucky for the Ingrams family to have both.


Keaontay Ingram played with his brother Dixon at Texas University
Keaontay Ingram played with his brother Dixon at Texas University ( Source : theathletic )

Cardinals Running Back Keaontay Ingram Parents And Family Support

Keaontay Ingram was raised in a large household that included nine siblings in addition to his parents. On October 26, 1999, he was born in Marshall, Texas.

Brandie Ingram, Ingram’s mother, and Damon Ellis, Ingram’s father, together with Ingram’s brothers, make up Ingram’s family. Ingram was up in Carthage, Texas, and attended Carthage High School, where he competed in basketball, football, and track & field.

He was selected as the game’s Offensive Most Valuable Player in 2016 after leading his squad to win in the 4A Division I state finals. He helped Carthage earn a 16-0 overall record in 2017, which included a 6-0 district record and a district title.

Keaontay later played for the Texas Longhorns for three years after being recruited by the team. He joined the Texas Longhorns in 2018 and remained a member of the squad through 2021.


Keaontay Ingram parents are Brandie Ingram and Damon Ellis
Keaontay Ingram parents are Brandie Ingram and Damon Ellis ( Source : 247sports )


However, he was not the first member of his family to play football. Rickey Ingram was a member of both of the Carthage teams that captured the state championship in 2009 and 2010. Dewaylon Ingram’s brother JaMarcus Ingram spent his early years there. He completed his high school education at South Oak Cliff and is currently a freshman in Utah State’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Brandie Ingram, the mother of Keaontay Ingram and Dixon Ingram, played basketball for two years at Ranger College after beginning her career in Carthage. She is now working at Carthage as the women’s basketball team’s assistant coach.


Some FAQs

Is Keaontay Ingram Related To Mark Ingram?

No, Keaontay Ingram is not related to Mark Ingram. The two NFL running back only have the same last name.

How many siblings does Keaontay Ingram have?

Keaontay Ingram has nine siblings. Among them he is close to his younger brother Dixon Ingram.

What is Keaontay Ingram age?

Keaontay Ingram was born on October 26, 1999 to his parents in Texas. His present age is 22 years.
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