Are Paulina Goto Pareja And Rodrigo Saval Married? Kids, Family And Net Worth In Detail

Let’s find out ‘Are Paulina Goto Pareja And Rodrigo Saval Married?’ Paulina Gómez Torres is a Mexican actress, singer, and television presenter better known by her stage name Paulina Goto.

The native of Nuevo León rose to fame in 2010 as a result of her performance in the Mexican telenovela Nina de mi Corazón. The stunning artist was a member of Pedro Damián’s well-known Mexican-Argentine pop ensemble Eme 15 from 2011 to 2014.

For her roles in the movies Daughter from Another Mother, El vuelo de la Victoria, Un camino hacia el destino, and Mi corazón is tuyo, Paulina Goto has also received widespread acclaim.


Are Paulina Goto Pareja And Rodrigo Saval Married? Kids, Family And Net Worth In Detail
Are Paulina Goto Pareja And Rodrigo Saval Married? Kids, Family And Net Worth In Detail


After discussing the actress in detail, let’s examine her romantic relationships. The lovely woman recently became engaged to her true love. So, who is Paulina Goto Pareja or soon-to-be husband? Here is all the information we have on the celebrity’s fiancée.


Are Paulina Goto Pareja And Rodrigo Saval Married?

Although Paulina Goto and Rodrigo Saval are not yet wed, they are planning a wedding. The well-known Mexican actress and her politician beau have been dating for more than three years.

Paulina Goto Pareja
Paulina Goto and Rodrigo Saval engaged in September and are planning their wedding. (Source: Instagram)


The charming pair also got engaged on September 2, 2022, in front of a small group of their closest friends.

The artist and her longtime partner told their followers of the joyful news in the same Instagram post.

“Long live the marriage!” the prospective wife-husband wrote. In the caption, they also proclaimed that they are the happiest people on earth.

The attractive star admitted earlier this year that she would not prioritize getting married, but if that day came, the wedding would not follow custom.

Goto also said that as a young girl, the idea of marriage and other such things attracted her.

El vuelo de la Victoria and Rodrigo Saval seem to be deeply in love with one another. We eagerly await their nuptials.


Paulina Goto And Rodrigo Saval When They Were 15

Teenage years were spent when Paulina Goto and her future husband first met. Although they have only been romantically involved for three years, they met in the middle of the previous decade.

The former member of the band Eme 15 admitted that she fell in love with Rodrigo Saval immediately. She revealed that they originally connected on a vacation during their adolescence. Together, the two would play.

But at that moment, nothing occurred. Years later, at the musician’s friend’s wedding, the infatuated pair reconnected.


Paulina Goto Pareja
Paulina Goto and her fiance first met when they were 15 on a trip. (Source: Instagram)

The Daughter from Another Mother attended the wedding and met the politician thanks to one of her friends. In April 2019, the initially enamoured pair quickly started dating.

The couple thought their union was really gorgeous and amazing. Even so, the singer claimed that her relationship with her partner is a gift from life. She struggled to recover from the numerous poisonous relationships she had in the past. However, she considers Rodrigo to be a gift of healthy love.

The singer is also prepared to have children. She acknowledged that she had had dreams of having a large family. Paulina Goto admitted she would like having a few.


How Much Is Paulina Goto’s Current Net Worth?

Paulina entered the entertainment world more than ten years ago. She must have accumulated a considerable wealth.

Actresses in Mexico City make an average monthly salary of MX$ 24,440, or $293,280 (USD 15,137.66) a year, according to Glassdoor.

The salary, however, must reflect the employee’s value and skill set. Paulina must receive a significant salary for her work.

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