Blueface Arrested In Vegas 2022: What Crime Did He Commit? Details About His Arrest, Charges And Personal Life In-Detail

Let’s find out ‘Blueface Arrested In Vegas 2022: What Crime Did He Commit?’ As the allegations about the rapper’s arrest spread more and further over the internet, many people are trying to learn more about “Blueface Get Mugshot.”

Please bear with us while we take you on a tour of the popular rapper’s personal and professional life and reveal the specifics of the event.

Johnathan Jamall Porter, an American rapper, is more popularly known by his stage name, Blueface. His unusual rhyme scheme quickly became a meme when the music video for his single “Respect My Crippin” was released in October 2018.

He signed with Cash Money West, the West Coast arm of Birdman’s Cash Money Records label, the following month.

His biggest hit to date, “Tatiana,” peaked at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2019. It features Cardi B and YG. Find the Beat, his debut studio album, was released in 2020.


Blueface Arrested In Vegas 2022: What Crime Did He Commit? Details About His Arrest, Charges And Personal Life In-Detail
Blueface Arrested In Vegas 2022: What Crime Did He Commit? Details About His Arrest, Charges And Personal Life In-Detail


Blueface was born in Los Angeles, California, on January 20, 1997. He attended multiple primary schools while growing up in Mid-City, a neighborhood in downtown Los Angeles, where he later settled until moving in with his mother in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Later, he settled in Oakland with his father. Blueface attended Arleta High School in the San Fernando Valley after relocating there, where he joined the marching band, played alto saxophone, and played on the football team.

2014 saw Blueface, a 160-pounder and 6’4″ quarterback, make his debut.


Blueface Arrested In Vegas 2022: What Crime Did He Commit?

Since Blueface Get Mugshot, the American rapper has gained a lot of notoriety. His celebrity has skyrocketed as more people show an interest in his life and profession.

Many people are attempting to find out more about “Blueface Get Mugshot” as the claims of the rapper’s arrest continue to circulate online.

Please be patient while we unveil the details of the incident and take you on a tour of the well-known rapper’s personal and professional life.

Due to his attempted murder, Blueface was taken into custody.


Blueface Mugshot
Blueface was with his girlfriend when he was arrested.

The rapper was reportedly taken down and handcuffed on Tuesday outside Lo-Chicken Lo’s & Waffles in Las Vegas by an undercover operation. It was stated that six to eight cops were stationed in unmarked automobiles. Chrisean Rock, Blueface’s girlfriend, was also present and was as perplexed.

When they arrived, police reported that they were carrying out an active arrest warrant for him.

According to court records acquired by TMZ in conjunction with the contract, the accused is charged with a serious crime, attempted murder with a deadly weapon or tear gas.


More Facts About Blueface Career

Blueface began rapping as Blueface Bleedem in January 2017 as a nod to his membership in the School Yard Crips street gang.

When he returned to Los Angeles after earning his degree from Fayetteville State University, he was asked to go to his friend Laudiano’s recording studio to get a phone charger.


Blueface is one of the most successful rappers of his time. (Source: Wane 15)

Blueface began work on his debut track, “Deadlocs,” which Laudiano produced after accepting his challenge to rap over a beat. His first full-length piece, titled Famous Cryp, was published in June 2018.

His second EP, Two Coccy, was made available on SoundCloud and Spotify in September 2018. He did so after the song and EP contributed to his success among Californians.


Details About Blueface Age

On January 20, 1997, Blueface was born in Los Angeles, California. Aged 25 years old, he. He attended numerous elementary schools while attending Mid-City, a neighborhood in the heart of Los Angeles. Later, Blueface settled in Santa Clarita Valley with his mother before moving to Oakland to live with his father. To learn more about Blueface, scroll down.


Blueface’s net worth is projected to be $4 million as of November 2022. This is what? American rapper and songwriter Blueface hails from Los Angeles. His most famous song, “Respect My Crypn,” turned him into a popular internet meme.

Who Are Blueface Parents?

Johnathan Porter is Blueface’s father, and Karlissa Angelic Saffold is his mother. The rapper’s older brother spent 13 years in prison after killing someone unintentionally. Kali Miller is the sister of Blueface. Not much information about his parents are known.


What Is Blueface Real Name?

Johnathan Jamall Porter is the true name of Blueface. In January 2017, he began rapping as Blueface Bleedem. The nickname Blueface Bleedem alludes to his affiliation with the School Yard Crips gang. At a very young age, he developed an interest in rap music and began to listen to artists like The Game, 50 Cent, and Snoop Dogg.


Details About Blueface Ethnicity

Rapper Blueface was conceived in Los Angeles, California. He is reportedly of African American descent. He was raised in Mid-City, Oakland, the Santa Clarita Valley, and the San Fernando Valley. The rapper has two children. The rapper had been jobless for the majority of his adult life prior to breaking into the music business, though he occasionally held a few temporary positions.


Meet Blueface On Instagram

Blueface has 1.1 million followers on Instagram, where he is active. He has more than 200K followers on Twitter, where he is actively active. His fame grew even more after he held a polling contest on his Instagram posts and stories to determine which high school he must visit. Pasadena High School narrowly defeated Santa Monica High School in the contest.

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