Caitlin Rae Gundy, Cale Gundy's daughter, is how old? Wife-Kristy Gundy
Oklahoma offensive coach Cale Gundy ( Source : instagram )



Cale Gundy’s daughter Caitlin Rae and his family have become the topic of internet rumor due to Gundy’s controversies for using foul language against the players.

Cale Gundy is a former American football quarterback who wowed thousands of fans while playing for the Oklahoma Sooners from 1990 to 1993. He received positive feedback from football fans for his many decades of work as an assistant at Oklahoma.

In addition, he was named wide receivers coach in 2022. He formerly served as the team’s offensive coordinator and recruiting coordinator, as well as coaching inside receivers at Oklahoma. He did, however, resign from his role on the coaching staff on August 7, 2022.

Following his resignation, people are eager to learn more about his family and daughter. Many allege he left after reciting a social media post from a player that featured a racial slur, which he has done numerous times over the years.


Caitlin Rae, Cale Gundy’s Daughter, Is How Old?

Caitlin Rae, Cale Gundy’s kid, has been the focus of rumors, and people want to know her age. Caitlin’s age ranges from 25 to 30 based on her present physical characteristics. Her full birth date, however, has yet to be revealed on the internet.



Caitlin, in particular, wants to avoid people’s attention, but her father’s error resurfaced her name on the internet in the days that followed. Cale, on the other hand, has admitted his error and requested an apology on public platforms following his resignation.

Caitlin, on the other hand, has backed her father’s decision to re-tweet Oklahoma Football’s statement from head football coach Brent Venables. She accused Oklahoma of preventing its players from disclosing the facts in public. She also stated that everyone knows the ultimate truth.

Kristy Gundy, Cale Gundy’s Wife, And Their Family Names

Cale Gundy is blissfully married to his lovely wife, Kristy Gunday. People have attempted to pull his family into recent problems involving his terrible behavior with the athletes.

His surname is Gundy, and his brother, Mike Gundy, is a well-known American coach and former player. Mike is now serving as the head football coach at Oklahoma State University.


Cale Gundy with his lovely daughter (Caitlin Rae) and wife (Kristy Gundy)
Cale Gundy with his lovely daughter (Caitlin Rae) and wife (Kristy Gundy)( Source : Twitter )


Many people want to know more about his wife and family, but he normally chooses to keep family things private. Furthermore, he hasn’t spoken anything about his wife on social media in years.

He has a strong bond with his daughters, whom he frequently admires on social media. Furthermore, Gundy frequently posts stunning photos of his daughter on his Twitter account. His daughters also thank him for his affection and concern.

Cale Gundy’s Net Worth In 2022

Cale Gundy has added a significant amount of money to his net worth during the course of his career. Meanwhile, many people wonder if he has a million-dollar net worth at this time.

Gundy’s current net worth is estimated to be over $2 million, however this figure has yet to be verified because to a lack of credible sources on the internet.

Furthermore, Gundy has not made public any information about his professional earnings or personal holdings.


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