Chef Roger Pizey: Who Is He? Biography & Personal Life Of The Chef

Let find out ”Chef Roger Pizey: Who Is He?” With more than 25 years of experience, renowned baker and patissier Chef Roger Pizey. Here is all the information we have on Pizey.

Albert Roux trained Roger Pizey, a baker and patissier, for two years at Le Gavroche. Later, he became his Chef Patissier and worked alongside the renowned Marco Pierre White.

In some of London’s top eateries, including a period as Head Chef at the illustrious Criterion Restaurant, Roger honed his skills. He then started Peyton & Byrne’s bakery.

He developed a typical range of savory and sweet pastries there, reviving interest in classic pastries.

Chef Roger Pizey: Who Is He? Biography & Personal Life Of The Chef


Chef Roger Pizey: Who Is He?

Peyton & Byrne’s bakery was founded by chef Roger Pizey. In addition, he shared a scene with Marco Pierre White on Hell’s Kitchen.

2008 saw the release of Roger’s own acclaimed baking book Small Cakes in addition to his contributions to numerous of Marco’s cookbooks. He presently serves as Executive Head Chef at London’s Marco Restaurant.

On his Instagram page, he frequently showcases his culinary abilities. He has more than 3,000 followers as of the time of this writing. Oliver James Foods hired Roger as a consultant in the past.

It is a top producer of Sous Vide goods as well as fine pastries for the foodservice and retail industries in Europe. After that, he returned to Peyton & Byrne and invented a variety of sweets.

In 2008, Roger released his first baking book, “Small Cakes,” and in 2009, he released his second. In the autumn of 2013, “World’s Best Cakes” was made available. He has a superb assortment of 250 traditional baked goods with international influences, ranging from Chocolate Kugelhopf to Raspberry Genoise.

Is Chef Roger Pizey On Wikipedia?

Roger Pizey, a pastry chef, is not yet listed on the official Wikipedia website. Pizey’s brief biography is currently accessible on his website.

He has spent more than ten years honing his baking abilities. In his book, Pizey has compiled recipes from all corners of the world.

Ten chapters, such as Sponges & Layer Cakes, Traybakes, and Pastries, are used to group the recipes into groups of comparable recipes.

The last few chapters, under Baking Fundamentals, provide crucial instructions for making the crèmes, ganaches, and icing you’ll need to top or fill your exquisite creations.

Chef Roger Pizey Is One Of The Judges On The Jubilee Pudding

Along with judges Monica Galetti, Rahul Mandal, Regula Ysewijn, Matt Adlard, and Jane Dunn, Chef Roger Pizey serves as a judge on The Jubilee Pudding.

A once-in-a-lifetime chance exists for baking superstars to commemorate the Queen’s platinum jubilee with The Jubilee Pudding, 70 Years in Baking. Five amateur bakers will attempt to get the royal seal of approval as they prepare their own cakes, tarts, or puddings to commemorate the monarch’s 70th year on the throne.

Only a few finalists battled on BBC tonight to bake a pudding appropriate for the Queen out of the 5,000 applicants.

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