Comanchero Bikie Boss Tarek Zahed Now: He will Be Charged With Murder Following A Sensational Arrest In Sydney

Let find out about ”Comanchero Bikie Boss Tarek Zahed Now”. Tarek Zahed, the person responsible for the murder of Youssef Assoum in Sydney in 2014, was apprehended, causing a stir online.

Tarek Zahed, a comanche bikie and the main suspect in the 2014 gangland murder, made headlines after being forcibly taken into custody on Sunday outside an Auburn gym in broad daylight by heavily armed police.

For his claimed role in the gangland murder of Youssef Assoum, he was dragged from the automobile before being put in handcuffs on New South Head Road.

Comanchero Bikie, according to sources, entered a plea of guilty to murder and kidnapping and will now appear in Downing Center Local Court. His younger brother Omar was killed earlier in a hit in which he was shot ten times.

Elite police shot rubber bullets through the black BMW transporting the national sergeant-at-arms of the criminal motorcycle club in order to apprehend him.


Comanchero Bikie Boss Tarek Zahed Now:  He will Be Charged With Murder Following A Sensational Arrest In SydneyTarek Zahed ( Source : Theaustralian )


Quick Facts

Name Tarek Zahed
Age 41
Date of Birth 1980
Place of Birth Victoria, Australia
Brother Omar Zahed
Nationality  Australian
Profession Comanchero boss bikie


Tarek Zahed: Who Is He?

Australian Comanchero bikie commander and national Sergeant At Arms of the outlaw motorcycle gang is Tarek Zahed.

The biker, known as the “Balenciaga Bikie,” was shot in the head and torso and taken into surgery while still in critical condition. One of the bullets went straight through the biker’s eyeball.


The car Mr Zahed was travelling in was damaged in the arrest. Picture: NSW Police ( Source : couriermail )


According to the sources, Tarek remains carefree despite taking ten shots to the right eye, which resulted in total blindness because his left eye already had diminished vision.

The Comanchero bikie’s quick recovery astounded physicians, and after a protracted discussion about whether he would require limb amputation, he was discharged from the hospital less than two months later.


Youssef Assoum’s 2014 Assassination: Tarek Zahed Arrested

After being shot with his brother Omar in a gym in western Sydney in May and miraculously surviving, Zahed, the infamous Bikie Boss, was arrested.

Last Sunday, Comanchero national president Allan Meehan shared a selfie at a restaurant in Melbourne with the underworld figure and two other colleagues, all of whom were wearing fancy clothing and jewelry.

Prior to his arrest, Tarek was imprisoned for five years on charges of stamping on a man’s skull after a narcotics dispute and spent eight months in periodic detention following an attack with a dog.


Comanchero Bikie Boss Tarek Zahed Now:  He will Be Charged With Murder Following A Sensational Arrest In Sydney
Tarek Zahed was arrested by police following a vehicle stop in Edgecliff. (Source: NSW Police) ( Source : 1news )


Bikie kingpin Tarek, who was taken into custody at gunpoint during a traffic stop on New South Head Rd, Edgecliff, will continue to be behind bars and made an appearance in Sydney’s Downing Centre Local Court on Monday morning.

Details Of Tarek’s Family And Wife

There is no information in the media about Tarek Zahid’s wife. He has not said anything about his romantic life; he is single.

According to reports, Tarek was shot by a group of hitmen in Auburn’s gym, killing his brother Omar.


Omar Zahed, left, and Comanchero boss, Tarek Zahed, were shot in Sydney’s west last night.(Supplied: Facebook ) ( Source : abc )


The bikie boss’s adversaries were following him because of a Tiktok video he posted displaying his abs in the gym. Based on the footage and his opponent’s skilled shooting, his location was determined.

The heavyweight from Comanchero was apprehended and accused with murder and kidnapping with the purpose to conduct a serious indictable act.

What Country Is Tarek Zahed From?

Tarek Zahed is of Australian nationality.

He is 41 years old as of 2022, was born in 1980 in Victoria, Australia, and is known in the sphere of high-profile Australian crime as the moniker Balenciaga Clad Crime Lord.

After finishing his prison sentence, the Bikie Boss was named the illegal motorcycle club’s national Sergent athArms.

Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty, chief of the homicide squad, said the arrest was the culmination of a year-long investigation into the 2014 gangland murder.


The Balenciaga Bikie’s life of crime timeline

Year Records
2022 Arrested and charged with two counts of contravening serious crime prevention order

at Barangaroo in Sydney punching a man and leaving for Lebanon.

2004 spent five years behind bars after stomping on a man’s skull over a drug feud
2001 spent eight months in periodic detention after he used a dog to attack someone
1995 Zahed was convicted of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, resisting arrest and assaulting police.


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