Could Halbrand Be Sauron In 'The Rings of Power'? Clues That Halbrand Is Sauron (So Far)

Let’s find out ‘Could Halbrand Be Sauron In ‘The Rings of Power’?’ Despite the impending threat of Sauron’s return, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, which is reaching the conclusion of its first season on Prime Video, has yet to reveal Sauron’s location.

Numerous hints indicate that the Dark Lord may be Galadriel’s (Morfydd Clark) new companion, according to several admirers who think he is lurking in plain sight. Every week, more proof is added to the Rings of Power idea that Halbrand (Charlie Vickers) is Sauron. The evidence that Halbrand is Sauron is presented here.


Halbrand’s 1st Words To Galadriel Are Foreboding And True Of Sauron

When Halbrand first appears in The Rings of Power, he immediately comes off as suspect since he warns Galadriel that “appearances may be deceptive”—a warning that applies to Sauron. After all, the antagonist from The Lord of the Rings is renowned for his capacity for shape-shifting. He represents Halbrand’s assertion, thus it can’t be a coincidence that Halbrand makes such a questionable claim so early on.


Could Halbrand Be Sauron In 'The Rings of Power'? Clues That Halbrand Is Sauron (So Far)
Could Halbrand Be Sauron In ‘The Rings of Power’? Clues That Halbrand Is Sauron (So Far)


Shortly later, Halbrand exhibits further selfishness by protecting himself as his friends are slain by a sea worm. It’s understandable why so many The Rings of Power fans think Halbrand is Sauron after his jarring appearance. Additionally, there is more proof to support that.


‘The Rings Of Power’ Revealed That Halbrand Has A Dark Past And Temper

Fans have a better understanding of Halbrand after Galadriel and he travel to the island realm of Nmenor. And it becomes clear that two things. First of all, Halbrand is evading something, and secondly, he has a fury fit for Sauron.

Halbrand is eventually revealed to be the king of the Southlands who has vanished, although the reason for his exodus from his kingdom and people is not made apparent in The Rings of Power. Returning to them makes him hesitant, and he never explicitly discusses his reign with Galadriel. In fact, he claims that he got his crest from “a dead man,” which begs the issue of whether Sauron stole the identity of the genuine Halbrand.

The Rings of Power also demonstrates that Halbrand’s fury is on par with Sauron’s. He gets into a fight with three Nmenorlian men and badly hurts them. Halbrand makes an effort to avoid conflict while appearing to be conscious of his problem with rage. Naturally, that would increase the intrigue around a remorseful Sauron revelation.


Halbrand Is Way Too Interested In Númenor’s Forge

Halbrand appears to be exclusively interested in working at the Forge upon his arrival in Nmenor. And given Sauron’s fascination with creating the Rings of Power, it seems like a strange coincidence that Halbrand is so drawn to this line of work. This fact is specifically brought up in the Amazon series, further supporting the idea that Halbrand is really Sauron.


Could Halbrand Be Sauron In 'The Rings of Power'? Clues That Halbrand Is Sauron (So Far)
Could Halbrand Be Sauron In ‘The Rings of Power’? Clues That Halbrand Is Sauron (So Far)

He could make another attempt to enter Nmenor’s Forge after Season 1. We’ll know there’s more to his narrative than initially appears if he persists in trying to get in.


Halbrand Whispering In Ar-Pharazôn’s Ear May Be Foreshadowing

Ar-Pharazôn (Trystan Gravelle) is corrupted by Sauron in J.R.R. Tolkien’s books, who affects his judgment when he serves as an adviser in Nmenor. As Galadriel escapes her captivity in The Rings of Power Episode 4, Halbrand whispers words of wisdom in Ar-ear. Pharazôn’s This small detail may also hint to a later, darker influence Halbrand would have on Ar-choices. Pharazôn’s

Gil-Galad’s Prophecy Makes Sense If Halbrand Is Sauron

Halbrand as Sauron makes sense in light of his unsettling conduct and Gil-(Benjamin galad’s Walker) prophecy from The Rings of Power Episode 1.

The High King warns Galadriel that staying in Middle-earth could make it more likely that darkness would return. Additionally, Galadriel’s activities would directly contribute to Halbrand’s ascent to power because she brought him to Nmenor and set him up with a number of influential individuals.


Charlie Vickers as Halbrand in 'The Rings of Power' for our list of evidence that he is Sauron. He's holding a mug and smiling in the image.
Charlie Vickers as Halbrand | Matt Grace/Prime Video

Naturally, Galadriel wouldn’t fall for such trickery normally, but The Rings of Power makes a point of showing her evil side. She is less likely to see the clear warning signs that are there in front of her if she identifies with Halbrand.

Adar Claims He Killed Sauron, And Halbrand Hates Adar

Halbrand returns to the Southlands in The Rings of Power Episode 6, when he and Galadriel capture Adar, the orc chieftain (Joseph Mawle). Halbrand almost murders Adar when he sees him. Adar doesn’t know Halbrand, but it is obvious that the Uruk done something to anger the king of the Southlands.

Adar later confesses to killing Sauron to Galadriel, which is noteworthy given Halbrand’s response upon seeing him. It appears that Adar’s most recent meeting with Sauron may be the cause of Halbrand’s rage. Adar would not have been able to recognize Halbrand if he were Sauron in a new form, which is why he was unaware of his identity.

In The Rings of Power Episode 6, Adar directly asks Halbrand who he is, underscoring the fact that the character still conceals information. If they really do implicate him as being Sauron, we’ll have to keep an eye on him. The evidence is undeniably there, and it would be a devastating blow for the people who have come to adore him through his characters and followers.

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