Court Doc: Debbie Collier Daughter  Has History Of Arrests, Including Fights With Her Boyfriend

Let find out ‘Debbie Collier Daughter  Has History Of Arrests’ Debby Collier’s daughter, a victim of domestic abuse who has been killed in Georgia, has a lengthy history of such troubles, which include beating and altercations with her boyfriend.


 Court Doc: Debbie Collier Daughter  Has History Of Arrests, Including Fights With Her Boyfriend
 Court Doc: Debbie Collier Daughter  Has History Of Arrests, Including Fights With Her Boyfriend


Debbie Collier Daughter  Has History Of Arrests

Amanda Bearden, 36, has a long history of encounters with Athens-Clark County police, according to papers from the superior court in that county. The most recent event took place in May 2021 following a supposedly domestic dispute.

According to reports, Bearden informed police that her boyfriend, Andrew Giegerich, broke into her home without her permission, robbed her, and then assaulted her physically.

After discovering that Giegerich shared the house with Bearden, authorities finally took her into custody for filing a false complaint. She was also accused of reporting a robbery that never happened. Giegerich was detained on suspicion of assault and other offenses.

A report on an incident said that Giegerich and Bearden had a history of domestic violence.

In addition to being detained in 2012 for violence, simple battery, trespassing, and disorderly conduct, Bearden was also detained in 2008 for obstructing an officer.

Giegerich served time in jail for his part in the event in 2021, and he was also made to take lessons on domestic violence.

As previously mentioned by CrimeOnline, Collier, 59, was discovered dead on September 10 after reportedly sending her daughter, Amanda Bearden, $2,385 via Venmo. They are not going to let me leave, love you, but there is a key to the home in the blue flower pot by the door, Collier allegedly wrote in his package.

Collier’s daughter attempted to phone her mother after getting the message, but she was unable to do so. The daughter said that out of worry, she reported her mother missing to the police.

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Investigators discovered that Collier only had her driver’s license and a debit card when she left her home. Police located Collier’s rented car last Sunday in a forested location 60 miles from the family’s Athens home.

Her corpse was discovered in a nearby ravine after police thoroughly searched the area around the car. Police said that she was dead, burnt, and nude. Although Collier’s death is being investigated as a homicide, the exact cause remains unknown.

The Habersham County police said in a statement that “at this time, there is no evidence to imply or substantiate that this occurrence was tied to an abduction,” according to People.

According to the New York Post, Bearden and Giegerich are back together and sharing a home. Giegerich told the Post that investors questioned everyone connected to Collier, despite the fact that police have not named a suspect in the case.

“All of us have been questioned by the [police]. Right now, those closest to [Collier] are viewed rather suspiciously.

There is no evidence to suggest that Bearden or Giegerich were involved in the unfortunate disappearance of Collier, and authorities have not yet identified any suspects or a possible motive.

Collier was laying on her back with her right hand “grasping a tiny tree,” the police noted in their incident report. She had burns on her abdomen and was bare.

The victim’s closest friends and family members have been questioned, the sheriff’s office stated on Wednesday.

According to Bearden, who spoke to CBS 46, her mother was “everything” to her, and nobody could have murdered her.

She cried, “Someone stole my entire universe from me.” She was a kind, compassionate, and caring woman who didn’t deserve any of this, I want my mum to receive justice.

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