Dave Portnoy Girlfriend's Age Tiktok & Family-Details Of Silvana Mojica?

Let find out ”Details Of Silvana Mojica?” The main reason Silvana Mojica is well-known on social media is because she is Dave Portnoy’s girlfriend. The famous person admitted that he had been having a great time with his Colombian partner.

Model and social media influencer Mojica is stunning. She is well-known for her posts on fashion and is very active on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. The model already has more than 220k Instagram followers.

Dave Portnoy Girlfriend's Age Tiktok & Family-Details Of Silvana Mojica? Silvana Mojica, Instagram model and social media influence


Silvana Mojica: Who Is She? Dave Portnoy Girlfriend

Dave Portnoy, the creator of the sports and pop culture blog Barstool Sports, has a new girlfriend named Silva Mojica. She also works as a social media marketing assistant for a Miami-based fashion company and is a stunning model.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she previously worked in Atlanta and Orlando. Silvana attended Florida State University after graduating from Valencia College, where she majored in marketing and received a BA.


Dave Portnoy Girlfriend's Age Tiktok & Family-Details Of Silvana Mojica?
Silvana Mojica clicks with her boyfriend Dave Portnoy.( Source : Theancestory )


When Page Six published images of Dave and Silvana in Miami in early March of this year, they first entered the public eye. The two were seen having a good time at the Brickell hotspot Komodo in Magic City.

The model later posted some adorable photos from the event to her social media accounts. At this point, rumors of a strong romantic connection between her and Portnoy started to circulate among fans.

How Old Is Silvana Mojica? Age

Silvana Mojica, who is twenty-seven years old, was born on April 7, 1995. Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, posted a heartfelt message to his 4.3 million Instagram followers in April honoring the birthday of his girlfriend.

Dace uploaded screenshots of their early chat on her birthday and captioned the picture, saying he was delighted he slipped into her direct message and was thankful she eventually decided to respond.


Silvana Mojica and Dave Portnoy together.
Silvana Mojica and Dave Portnoy together.( Source : Instagram )


In comparison to Silvana, Dave is over 18 years older at 45 years old, having celebrated his birthday in March of last year. The couple started dating around March 2021, and in June of that same year, they announced their relationship on Instagram.

TikTok: Silvana Mojica Username

On TikTok, Silvana Mojica is well-known by the username @silvanamojicaz. The model currently has 6.8 million likes and 204.7 thousand follows. She frequently makes a splash with her incredible dance moves and other content.

Her most recent TikTok post, which was made two days ago, has already received over 73.7k likes. Along with her friends, she was having a fun weekend at the races. Silvana frequently posts pictures of herself on her social media accounts wearing clothes, swimming, and living a normal life.

Silvana has a whopping 144 posts and 220k followers on her Instagram account @silvanamojica. The model has chronicled her trips to stunning locations like Puerto Rico, St. Barths, and The Bahamas in her highlights.

Silvana Mojica’s Nationality: Meet Her Family

Silvana Mojica, an Instagram model and social media influencer, was born in Colombia to a loving family. She is of Colombian descent. She periodically posts pictures of her family, including their two adorable dogs.


Model Silvana Mojica with Dave Portnoy and her sister Valeria.
Model Silvana Mojica with Dave Portnoy and her sister Valeria.( Source : Instagram )


According to her social media page, she has a sister by the name of Valeria Mojica. She and her lovely sister have exchanged numerous photos. According to reports, the model is Christian and of mixed heritage.

What Is Silvana Mojica’s Net Worth?

Silvana Mojica, a model from Colombia, makes a respectable living working numerous jobs. She would make between $10 and $12k from her modeling career and leads a lovely life with all the luxuries. Additionally, her estimated net worth is between $2 and $3 million (approx).

Silvana joined Strike magazine after graduation and began working as a brand ambassador for the publication. She has a model contract with a reputable modeling agency with an American base, according to her social media profiles.

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