Devon Sawa's Biography- Wife Age And Instagram Photos

Let get to know Devon Sawa’s Biography. Devon Sawa’s wife, Dawni Sahanovitch, is a multi-talented individual who has worked as a television producer on reality shows and an interior designer for many years. Since they were both born in the same year, Devon and his wife do not have a large age difference.

Devon Sawa, a renowned Canadian actor who has contributed numerous noteworthy roles to the entertainment business over the years, is married to the stunning Dawni Sahanovitch. Devon in particular is a multi-award-winning actor who received a Saturn Award for his greatest performance, among many other honors.

The Young Artist Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and Blockbuster Entertainment Awards are just a few of the nominations her spouse has received. In addition, he owns and operates Dawni Sawa Interiors in Calabasas, California, and is a successful interior designer.

Her business offers a wide variety of remodeling and renovation services, including house staging and renovations. Since they frequently appear in the public eye making kind acts, people have grown to adore their relationship through the years.

Quick Facts


Name Dawni Sahanovitch
Date of Birth November 30, 1978
Birthplace Vancouver, Canada
Spouse Devon Sawa
Children Hudson Sahanovitch and Scarlett Heleena
Dawni Sahanovitch and her husband Devon Sawa enjoying at beach ( Source : instagram )

Dawni Sahanovitch – How Old Is She?

Dawni Sahanovitch was born in Vancouver, Canada, on November 30, 1978, making her 43 years old as of right now. Devon and his wife were born in the same year, but in different months, so there isn’t a huge age gap between them.


Family Photo: (Left to Right) Devon Sawa, Hudson Sahanovitch, Scarlett Heleena and Dawni Sahanovitch
Family Photo: (Left to Right) Devon Sawa, Hudson Sahanovitch, Scarlett Heleena and Dawni Sahanovitch ( Source : instagram )


Devon Edward in particular was born on September 7, 1978, in Vancouver, Canada. Before getting married in 2010, the couple had been dating for nearly twelve years after meeting at their respective schools. In 2014, the stunning couple gave birth to Hudson Sahanovitch, a son.

She also gave birth to a stunning baby girl named Scarlett Heleena in the beginning of 2016. She obtained her interior design degree from the Academy of Interior Design in Los Angeles, where she also received the accolade of Best Designer. Everyone adores their chemistry, making them one of the most admired couples in the entertainment world.


Inside Instagram Pictures of Dawni Sahanovitch

Dawni Sahanovitch has a huge fan base as a result of her frequent public appearances and her charming connection with her devoted husband, Devon Sawa. She routinely updates her Instagram followers on her daily activities and family get-togethers.

She routinely publishes on her Instagram account, @dawnisawa, where she has 7,283 followers. She has also published 1,032 posts on her Instagram account as of this writing.

Her spouse Devon, on the other hand, has the Instagram handle @d.sawa and has 265k followers.

Who Is Dawni Sahanovitch? Details Of  What She Does For A Living?

As of right now, California’s Calabasas is where interior designer Dawni Sahanovitch runs her company, Dawni Sawa. She also produced reality TV shows like The Bachelor Canada and Million Dollar Neighbourhood.

Due to her years of profitable business in the past, many people wonder if she has produced enough money to support her current net worth. Her current estimated net worth is $2 million.

The projected figure hasn’t been verified because there aren’t many trustworthy sources available online. Additionally, Dawni hasn’t shared a lot of information online about her personal finances and earnings throughout the years.

FAQ on Devon Sawa 

How old is Devon Sawa?

  • Devon Sawa is 43 years old as of 2022.

What is Devon Sawa’s net worth?

  • Devon Sawa’s net worth is $2 million.

What is Devon Sawa’s nationality?

  • Devon Sawa’s nationality is Canadian.

When did Devon Sawa get married?

  • Devon Sawa married in November 2010.
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