Orlando Brown is the son of American parents and a former Disney star best known for his role as Eddie Thomas in That’s So Raven.

He took participated in productions like Max Keeble’s Big Move and Bloody Hands when his contract expired while concentrating on his musical career.

Things changed in 2016 when he got into trouble with the law and broke the rules by disparaging numerous A-list celebrities, including his co-star Raven Simone.

Fortunately, he had discovered his calling as a follower of Christ and had made it his life’s work to assist those who shared his addiction.


Who Are the Parents Of Disney Star Orlando Brown? Is He The Son of Michael Jackson?

Orlando Brown, who stars in That’s So Raven, hasn’t revealed the identity of his parents, but Michael Jackson is definitely not his father.

When he was accused of grooming and physically abusing boys at his home, Brown was one of them, the late star experienced his fair share of difficulties.


Disney Star Orlando Brown Parents: Who Are They?
Orlando Brown on That’s So Raven ( Source : People )


In a shocking interview in 2020, he claimed that Michael Jackson had set him up and that Men in Black actor Will Smith had molested him as a child.

In fact, he became so outraged at seeing his perpetrator succeeding in the field that he overcome with emotion, holding a knife and yelling awful insults at him.

When he said he was Jackson’s biological son but then changed his testimony to say he was Smith’s son, things took an odd turn.

He had previously made similar allegations about Nick Cannon, who used Instagram to defend his honor. It was not his first time making news.

Orlando Brown Drug Problem Exposed – What Is He Doing Now?

Orlando Brown, a Disney actor, struggled to handle the enormous popularity and wealth he acquired as a teenager and turned to narcotics as a way to cope. As a child of God, he has now triumphed over the difficult times.

His emotional and mental health initially declined following the conclusion of That’s So Raven in 2007, sending his life into a tailspin.

The following year, as he received meeting schedules for an upcoming project, he lost control after going AWOL for 24 hours.

In fact, he started acting violently around 2016, when an ex-girlfriend allegedly hit her in the face during a domestic quarrel in Torrance.

Authorities had to step in, according to TMZ, because he was being held on charges of domestic assault, drug possession, and resisting arrest.

Health Update for Orlando Brown in 2022

Orlando Brown, a 33-year-old actor, is in better health now, as his admirers have noted that he is much happier.

He reportedly participated in a six-month drug rehabilitation program at the Rise Church in Abilene, Texas, where he frequently attends services.

After visiting Dr. Phil after a buddy made a request for a session on his behalf, he realized he needed to receive help. He discussed his years of drinking and drug use in the discussion while claiming to be four years sober.

Despite turning down the initial offer of assistance, he eventually joined with the support of his financial advisor in a six-month men’s recovery program and is now a content parent who is at peace with God.

He wrote a song titled The Lord is My Shepherd about his journey in which he rapped about the difficult moments and thanked his brother for adopting him despite his flaws.

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