Donald Trump's 7 Dark Secrets- Here Is What You Should Know

Let’s find out the ‘Donald Trump’s 7 Dark Secrets’ The fact that Donald Trump isn’t exactly a decent man is now clear. Even if his lovers and followers cover their eyes and stick their fingers in their ears over it, he has a lengthy and dark background that is tough to ignore.

His darkest secrets come in a variety of forms and have either been buried or lost sight of for a very long time. Regardless of your political inclinations, it is wise to keep oneself educated and fact-focused.


Donald Trump's 7 Dark Secrets- Here Is What You Should Know
Donald Trump’s 7 Dark Secrets- Here Is What You Should Know


The following are the top 7 unknown facts about Donald Trump:


1.He Is Connected To The Mob

donald roy cohn mayor Ed koch politico magazine
Trump with Roy Cohn and Mayor Ed Koch (Source:

In 1986, a Trump partnership applied for a new casino license in Sydney, Australia. After completing their due research throughout the application process, the Police advised that the Trump application be denied because of connections to the Mafia.

The details were included in a secret government document that could only be made available in 2017.

According to a federal probe, Trump paid mafia groups to build Trump Tower.

He allegedly paid too much for concrete at a store owned by mafia lords Paul Castellano and Anthony Salerno.

Some allegations suggest that he has ties to the Russian and Italian mafias.


2. He Is Bald

7 Dark secrets of Donald Trump
Donald Trump(source: TheDailyBeast)

Why go to such efforts to disguise your baldness when there is actually nothing terribly wrong with it?

Donald Trump conceals his bald head by combing his long sideburns in different directions.

His former wife Ivana’s plastic surgeon performed “scalp reduction” surgery on him. According to reports, Trump was in excruciating pain following the unsuccessful procedure.


3.He’s Mistreated Women

7 Dark secrets of Donald Trump
Trump with miss universe pageant winners Chelsea cooley, Natalie Glebova and Allie Laforce

Since the early 1970s and up until the present, Donald Trump has regularly been accused of harassing and physically harming women.

His ex-wife, Ivana, previously said that he had abused her sexually; however, she later renounced such assertions.

Former adolescent contestants claimed Trump would walk in on them while they were half-naked or otherwise undressed, leading beauty pageant owner Jill Harth to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against him.

In a 2005 video, even he vocally acknowledged to forcibly grabbing and molestation of women.


4. Dark Connections To Vladimir Putin

7 Dark secrets of Donald Trump
Trump with Putin(source: vanity fair)

Vladimir Putin has been referred to by Donald Trump as “a strong Leader,” and he has stated that Obama should act more like Putin.

Even worse, he mockingly urged the Kremlin to access Hillary’s emails.

When Trump made some of his most pro-Putin remarks, Paul Manafort, who received substantial sums of money from nations backed by Russia, managed Trump’s campaign.

Manafort was subsequently let go by Trump, but the ties persisted. Time uncovered multiple murky ties between Trump’s companies and Russian interests connected to the Kremlin.

Trump seems to have a deep relationship with Putin’s Russia, as shown by a number of business deals largely funded by the Russian Mafia and important Trump personnel with connections to Putin’s inner circle.


5. He Had Four Bankruptcies

7 Dark secrets of Donald Trump

Despite never declaring bankruptcy for his obligations, Donald Trump allegedly filed for business bankruptcy at least four times, in 1991, 1992, 2004, and 2009.

Each time, often involving casinos, he employed subpar financing and junk bonds, made bad decisions, and took on too much risk.

In response to the criticism, Trump asserted that businesses frequently have to file for bankruptcy and that each time he did so, it was a prudent financial move.

Despite all of this, people still think he is a great businessman.


6. Operating A Scam University

7 Dark secrets of Donald Trump
Trump in an event at Trump University (source: thewallstreetjournal)

In the traditional sense, Trump University was not an academic institution. Their instructors were trained as marketers and provided free seminars on how to gain fortune like Trump.

But after the students attended the workshops, everything was a bait-and-switch ploy to get them to buy into a number of expensive packages on how to study more. One of them cost $35,000 total.


7. He Knowingly Hired Illegal Immigrants

7 Dark secrets of Donald Trump
Donald on Trump Tower(source: politico)

Donald Trump pledged to erect a wall along the border between Mexico and the United States throughout his campaign in order to deter illegal immigration. At a White House meeting, Trump called undocumented immigrants “animals.”

When running for office, he frequently referred to immigrants as “criminals.” However, Trump intentionally used illegal aliens to work on Trump Tower’s construction in the 1980s.

Many witnesses to the incident, including an FBI informant who testified under oath, claim that despite Trump’s denials, he was aware that he was hiring illegal immigrants. They alleged that he made them work seven days a week in dangerous conditions without any safety gear.

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