Edwin Chiloba Death Cause: Was The LGBTQ Activist Killed?

Let’s find out ‘Edwin Chiloba Death Cause: Was The LGBTQ Activist Killed?’ Police have identified LGBTQ+ activist Edwin Chiloba as the body of a man discovered put inside a metal box alongside the Kipkenyo-Kaptinga Road in Uasin Gishu County.

The Kenyan Police are now investigating the death of young LGBTQ activist and fashion designer Edwin Chiloba, whose body was found dumped by the side of the road close to Eldoret.


Edwin Chiloba Death Cause: Was The LGBTQ Activist Killed?
Edwin Chiloba Death Cause: Was The LGBTQ Activist Killed?


Mr. Chiloba, who was well-known in Eldoret Town’s streets and frequently appeared in women’s clothes, routinely shared photos on his official social media profiles.

In his farewell Instagram post from December 29th, 2022, he listed his goals for 2023, including growing his fashion company and working with well-known brands.


Edwin Chiloba Death Cause

There is no known motivation for the murder, according to a Police spokeswoman who was quoted in the Star newspaper.

However, rights organizations link it to his sexuality in Kenya, where gay sex is forbidden. More than half of Kenya’s LGBTQ community, according to one estimate, has been assaulted.


Edwin Chiloba death
Edwin Chiloba was murdered and dumped in a box. (Source: Twitter)

The rights organization galck+ stated on Twitter that they were unable to adequately express how their community was feeling at the time. While Kenya’s LGBTQ community laments the activist’s passing, police have also begun looking into the terrible murder.

Chiloba is praised on social media as a wonderful individual and a legendary fashion designer.


Edwin Chiloba Death Cause: Was The LGBTQ Activist Killed?

Chiloba said on Instagram last month that he will speak up for all marginalized individuals, stating that he had direct experience with marginalization.

His body was discovered on Wednesday. According to a witness, they noticed someone driving away from a metal box by the side of the road without a license plate. After being alerted, the police went to open the box and found the body inside.


Edwin Chiloba dead
Edwin Chiloba is being remembered for iconic fashion designer & fun loving person. (Source: Twitter)

When the police opened the box, they found the man’s decaying body clothed in women’s clothing. He was taken to the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, where the reason of his demise will be determined by a post-mortem.


Edwin Chiloba Was Attacked A Few Months Ago

According to Nairobi News, Mr. Chiloba was attacked by unknown intruders four months ago but survived.

During the encounter, he was accosted and assaulted by others who were antagonistic to his LGBTQ lifestyle. Images obtained by Nairobi News soon after the incident show that he was harmed, with blood dripping from the top of his face and a significant cut on his lips. His clothes were ripped and filthy, and his face was covered in scrapes and bruises.

An Instagram user going by the name of Biubwa revealed how they attempted to contact him to find out what had transpired, but he responded by saying he would speak with them once he was prepared.

According to a post on the Instagram account Biubwa, they ruthlessly murdered him in the harshest of ways just four months later, breaking his heart. According to Biubwa, the dead battled valiantly for his rights, and many of his supporters felt deeply saddened by his demise.

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