Elisa Errichiello From Rosehill Secondary College: Who Is She? Teacher Charged With Historical Abuse

Right now, Rosehill Secondary School is widely discussed on social media. In Niddrie, Victoria, Australia, it was founded in 1959 as Niddrie Technical School.

Early in the 1990s, the all-boys school became co-ed and was given the new name, Niddrie Secondary College. Following the arrest of one of the school’s senior teachers for past child sex abuse, the school is currently facing criticism.

It should be noted, though, that this is not the first time the institution has made headlines. They came under fire in 2017 for assigning a task that asked students to design and advertise an illegal designer drug through the creation of packaging.


Elisa Errichiello From Rosehill Secondary College: Who Is She?

Senior teacher Elisa Errichiello works at Rosehill Secondary College. She had been employed at the college for a while.

Due of the recent arrest, there isn’t much information available on the teacher online. Elisa’s long tenure as a teacher at the school is all that is known about her.

The school is currently trending on social media once more due to the arrest. Due to the arrest, she made headlines for the first time, but much of her information is not readily available online.

Elisa Errichiello’s Historical Charge At Rosehill Secondary College

One of the more experienced instructors at Rosehill Secondary College is Elisa Errichiello. According to Herald Sun, she has been detained for historical abuse.

According to the story, she will be prosecuted on 26 counts of historical child sex abuse dating back more than 20 years. As soon as the news surfaced online, Twitter users began discussing it.

The public has not yet been given any additional information regarding the case by the police. No formal statement has yet been made regarding the situation by the school itself.

Previous Controversies At Rosehill Secondary College

This is not the first controversy that Rosehill Secondary College has encountered. The school faced criticism in 2017 because of a task.

Students in year 10 were given homework that required them to design and promote an illegal designer drug by coming up with appealing packaging for drug addicts.

One of the students’ fathers called 3AW radio host Neil Mitchell to voice his disgust with the schoolwork. He expressed fear that such a task might encourage drug misuse and insatiable curiosity among young people.

Peter Rouse, the school’s principal, informed them that the assignment had been a component of the school’s multidisciplinary studies for four years when they got in touch with him. The institution, he said, has a stringent anti-drug policy.

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