Gianluca Vialli Children: Who Are Olivia And Sophie Vialli?

Learn more about ‘Gianluca Vialli Children: Who Are Olivia And Sophie Vialli?’ Vialli started his club career in his native Italy in 1980 at Cremonese, where he played 105 league games and scored 23 goals.

He was purchased by Sampdoria in 1984 after they were impressed by his accomplishments. He won three Italian championships, the Serie A, and the European Cup Winners Cup in addition to scoring 85 league goals.

Vialli transferred to Juventus in 1992 for a then-record $12.5 million. During this time, he won the UEFA Cup, UEFA Champions League, Italian Cup, Serie A, Italian Supercup, and.


Gianluca Vialli Children: Who Are Olivia And Sophie Vialli?
Gianluca Vialli Children: Who Are Olivia And Sophie Vialli?


Vialli joined Chelsea in 1996, and the following year he was appointed the team’s player-manager. He won the League Cup, UEFA Cup Winners Cup, UEFA Super Cup, and the FA Cup for England.

Out of nine football players, he is the only forward to have won one of the three most important European club competitions.

In addition, he is the first player in the annals of European football to have won or come in second in each of the three main club competitions, including two UEFA Cup Winners Cup triumphs.


Gianluca Vialli Children: Who Are Olivia And Sophie Vialli? Family Tree Explored

Given that the late manager still required to disclose a lot of information about his Gianluca Vialli Kids, Gianluca Vialli was a little coy about his personal details.

Surprisingly, all the images—including those of Gianluca Vialli Kids—have been obscured, leaving just scant information about them to be discovered.


Gianluca Vialli kids
Gianluca Vialli kids have been blurred out. (Source: My News GH)


Olivia and Sophie are the names of the Gianluca Vialli Kids, however as of the time this article was being written, very little was known about them.

The son of a self-made millionaire, Gianluca Vialli grew up in the 60-room Castello di Belgioioso in Cremona with his four siblings.

Sadly, no information about his family, like his parents’ names, siblings’ names, and other specifics, was available since the athlete had not disclosed much about them.


Who Is Gianluca Vialli Wife: Cathryn White-Cooper?

Cathryn White-Cooper, Vialli’s wife, assisted him in his career. During Vialli’s time at Chelsea, the two connected and a budding affair began.

As the leader of the group and out of the public eye, White-Cooper cheered on her husband as he watched Italy win Euro 2020.

White-Cooper, who was born in South Africa, married Vialli in 2003, three years after leaving Chelsea.


Gianluca Vialli wife

Gianluca Vialli wife, Cathryn White-Cooper. (Source: The Sun)

His wife, a former model and interior designer, is said to have kept her private life hidden from the public, but little is known about her.

When Vialli reported his cancer diagnosis to The Times, he spoke about his wife’s assistance.

Sadly, no additional information was discovered regarding her because she appears to avoid the spotlight and the media.


What Was Gianluca Vialli Net Worth At The Time Of Death?

Gianluca Vialli was a little coy about his personal information because the late manager had kept everything to himself.

Vialli’s estimated net worth at the time of his death was $30 million, according to My News GH. The athlete himself has not yet confirmed this information, though.

Sadly, as the athlete had not published any data and had no social media accounts at the time of his death, no additional information about his way of life, spending habits, or car collection could be located.

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