Hana Kimura Suicide: Why Did She End Her Life? Her Mother Kyoko Kimura Sues Terrace House

Learn more about ‘Hana Kimura Suicide: Why Did She End Her Life?’ Hana Kimura, a female professional wrestler, committed suicide at her Tokyo apartment, where she lived alone.

Kimura was one of six residents of Terrace House, a Netflix reality series that aired on FujiTV and featured an oddball group of strangers sharing a home. After an episode that featured an altercation between her and a male cast member aired, she attracted considerable public attention. After she passed away, the show was canceled.


Hana Kimura Suicide: Why Did She End Her Life? Her Mother Kyoko Kimura Sues Terrace House
Hana Kimura Suicide: Why Did She End Her Life? Her Mother Kyoko Kimura Sues Terrace House


Kimura rose to prominence as a popular figure in Japan due to her pink hair, toned body, and energetic personality. Her death attracted attention to the issue of cyberbullying and the pressures that women experience to conform to social expectations.


Hana Kimura Suicide: Why Did She End Her Life?

Hana Kimura, a 22-year-old female professional wrestler who appeared on the massively popular Netflix reality series “Terrace House,” is believed to have committed herself in her Tokyo residence, where she was living alone.

Kimura, the victim of cyberbullying, was discovered unconscious and wrapped in a plastic bag on Saturday morning. According to the sources, multiple suicide notes were located in her room, as well as a container that looked to be used to manufacture deadly gas. produce toxic gas.


Hana Kimura wrestler
Hana Kimura, centre, in January 2020 at the Wrestle Kingdom (Source: theguardian.com)

The mother of former professional wrestler Hana Kimura, who committed suicide after starring on the Japanese reality TV show Terrace House, has filed a lawsuit against the show’s creators, alleging that the show was responsible for the cyberbullying that led to her death.

Kimura got a flood of hate mail from a variety of accounts before her death. According to the police, the suspect detained on Tuesday made disparaging remarks about Kimura on social media, including: “You have such a lousy attitude, is your life really worth living?” “Hey, when are you going to die?”


Hana Kimura Mother, Kyoko Kimura Sues Terrace House

Kyoko Kimura is suing three companies, including Fuji Television, for 142 million yen ($1 million) in damages. In her lawsuit, Kimura claims that the defendants’ production of the show incited viewers to oppose her daughter.


Hana Kimura mother
Mother of reality star sues producers of Terrace House TV show (Source: Twitter)

The case has been filed at Tokyo District Court.

The deceased wrestler’s mother has launched a lawsuit against the defendant, demanding more than $20,000 in damages. She also announced the formation of Remember Hana, an organization committed to eradicating cyberbullying, this week.

She earlier revealed to Japan’s Mainichi newspaper her daughter’s vibrant attitude and incessant fussing.


Is The Bully Detained?

A Japanese guy who tormented a professional wrestler online before she committed suicide has been charged but will not face charges.

According to the Police, who spoke to AFP, Hana Kimura, a TV reality show star, was accused of being cyberbullied by the guy, who has not been recognized. She died in May of 2020. A Tokyo court ordered the man to pay 9,000 yen (£59).

Prosecutors filed criminal charges against the man, according to Kyodo News, because his posts were “particularly malicious.”

Kimura’s supporters were outraged following the decision because of the perceived leniency of the punishment. On Twitter, one fan page voiced his fury, claiming that Hana Kimura’s cyberbully received nothing. Another person contended that the cost of human life is not $80.

Kimura’s death drew attention to the growing problem of cyberbullying in Japan. As a result, advocates have urged the government to take tougher measures against anonymous social media users who post offensive content.

The legislature passed a penal code amendment that made online insults punishable by up to a year in prison or a $30,000 fine.

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