Has Saruei Revealed Her Face? Fans Can't Believe They Missed It!

Let find out ”Has Saruei Revealed Her Face?” Illustrator and independent Virtual YouTuber Saruei hasn’t done a facial reveal. On April 27, 2016, she began routinely streaming on Twitch, but it wasn’t until August 7, 2021, five years later, that she made her 2D debut.

The Vtuber is well-known among her followers based on the number of views on her live stream. She receives several fan art depicting her persona and enjoys a sizable following.

Has Saruei Revealed His Face? Fans Can't Believe They Missed It!Saruei is a female independent Virtual YouTuber and illustrator ( Source : Youtube )
Name Saruei
Real Name Rael
Birthday 18 April
Gender Female
Profession Illustrator and Concept Artist
Birthplace France


Has Saruei Revealed Her Face?

The popular and charming Twitch personality Saruei has kept her face a secret.

The audience is drawn in by the way that Saruei, a twitch community VTuber, wraps up her narrative by describing the mystery around her digital artworks. Whether Saruei has shown her face is the subject of conjecture.


Has Saruei Revealed His Face? Fans Can't Believe They Missed It!
Saruei has not revealed her face as of 2022 ( Source : artstation )


In the end, she plays a joke on someone or something funny while hinting at the reveal of her face.

She has been able to conceal her identity for a very long time. The VTuber is adamant about withholding her face for the present, and while her fans all around the world are yearning to learn what kind of face she really has, they are having no luck.

When they hit the 1 million subscriber milestone on YouTube and Twitch, the majority of virtual YouTubers tend to conceal their faces and only show them on rare occasions.

Following the fashion, She hides her face in order to keep some personal information from her admirers. She uses social media, such as Instagram, but all of her posts are about her job rather than giving any indication of how she appears in real life.

What Is The Real Name Of Saruei?

Rael is the true name of online YouTuber and illustrator Saruei.

She is renowned for never holding back when expressing her ideas and for being quite straightforward.

She doesn’t believe that being attentive is reason enough to be kind. She sincerely cares about her friends and fans and wants them to realize their greatest potential, despite her somewhat icy façade.


Saruei's real name is Rael
Saruei’s real name is Rael ( Source : youtube )


Additionally, she likes to discuss her hobbies with her audience, including her preferred books, music, and television shows. Despite being profane, she occasionally comes out as surprise naïve despite the fact that she is mainly illiterate in English due to a malfunctioning neurochip.

To advance her art and streams, she puts in a tremendous amount of effort and is continuously working on a project, or several projects.

She was born on April 18th, according to her Instagram bio. The VTuber has kept her birth year a secret, much like her face.

How Rich Is Saruei? Net Worth In 2022

Glassdoor estimates that a VTuber and streamer Saruei at Twitch makes $76,909 annually.

She must have made a respectable sum of money through her work as an illustrator and VTuber. She signed up on Twitter in March 2016. Before she started a VTube, Saruei mostly streamed art on her Twitch account.


Saruei has been onTwitch since April 2016
Saruei has been onTwitch since April 2016 ( Source : danbooru )


She is well known for portraying her favorite VTubers and video game and anime characters in bikinis or sensual poses. Saruei formally revealed that she would make her VTuber debut on June 26, 2021 in a tweet that featured her VTuber model face.

On July 11, 2021, she uploaded a video to Twitter exhibiting more of her VTuber model and announcing the beginning of her first Twitch stream in early August. She has more than 190,000 subscribers on YouTube, where her videos have received more than 6 million views.

Her work as an illustrator and concept artist also brings her money. A lengthy career is still ahead of her. As a result, in the years to come, her income and net worth are anticipated to rise.

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