How Much Is Businessman Mino Raiola Estimated Worth In 2022? Facts To Know

Let’s find out ‘How Much Is Businessman Mino Raiola Estimated Worth In 2022?’ With a $90 million net worth, Mino Raiola is a billionaire. He was already a wealthy before joining an agency, as was previously said, but the majority of his wealth was earned while he was an agent. Whether they are from Real Madrid or Manchester United, he has players from all around Europe.

He has managed substantial deals with values ranging from $2 million to $600 million. He charges a fee that ranges from 5% to 10% of the transaction, depending on the athlete and the talent level. Mino Raiola has made nearly $60 million in commissions alone over the last ten years. Mino Raiola also accepts a commission for endorsement deals. He has made around $5 million in commission from endorsement deals.


How Much Is Businessman Mino Raiola Estimated Worth In 2022? Facts To Know
How Much Is Businessman Mino Raiola Estimated Worth In 2022? Facts To Know


In his profession, he excels. Mino Raiola has a piece of land in southern Italy. Mino Raiola presently resides in Milan, where the worth of his house is $10 million. He frequently takes flights to seek for his player and returns home. He just acquired a private plane for this reason. Mino Raiola does not like limelight. He is one of the agents that like staying behind to take care of his customer.


 Businessman Mino Raiola Early Life

On November 4, 1967, Mino Raiola was born in Nocera Inferiore, Italy. Before becoming an agent, he had always wanted to play football. He was a passable football player who qualified for Italy’s second division.


Mino Raiola's Net Worth?
 Businessman Mino Raiola Early Life


You may be astonished to find that he was a billionaire long before he started working as an agent. People often think that he has earned such riches as a result of his job as an agency. He made a million dollars while running a McDonald’s franchise in his community. but he bought a McDonald’s and profitably sold it to a nearby property developer.


 Businessman Mino Raiola Career

After a brief career as a player and manager, Raiola persisted in the football business, this time as a football agent. He started his career as a sports agent with Sports Promotions, where he helped move a number of well-known Dutch players to Italian teams, notably Michel Kreek to Internazionale in 1994, Wim Jonk to Internazionale in 1993, Marciano Vink to Genoa in 1993, and Bryan Roy to Foggia in 1992.



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1994 went to Padua. But after some time, he made the decision to leave the organization and create his own business. After a great performance for the Czech Republic at UEFA Euro 1996, where Nedvd’s squad advanced to the final, Pavel Nedved moved from Sparta Prague to Lazio.

About 20 players that play in European leagues are represented by Raiola. He resided in Monaco. He was the focus of two disciplinary actions by the Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio FIGC in 2008 for transfer irregularities as part of a professional football investigation initiated by the Italian government.

Paul Pogba’s alleged €105 million transfer to Manchester United in August 2016 brought in €25 million for Raiola. He then spent €9 million to purchase the old Miami home of one of America’s most infamous crime lords, Al Capone.


 Businessman Mino Raiola Career
 Businessman Mino Raiola Career


The Italian Football Federation prohibited Raiola from acting as an agency representative for three months on May 8, 2019, while his cousin Vincenzo Raiola was suspended for two months. The sanctions were extended internationally on May 10th following consideration of the Italian federation’s decisions by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee. The three-month ban was revoked when Raiola and his cousin’s petition to the Federal Court of Appeal in Italy was successful on June 13, 2019.

When FIFA revealed the projected transfer payment cap on January 22, 2020, a number of prominent football agents, notably Jorge Mendes and Jonathan Barnett, threatened FIFA with legal action. Raiola was one of them.

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