How Old Is Lauren Holiday Son Hendrix Age? Details About Her Family And Kids

Learn more about ‘How Old Is Lauren Holiday Son Hendrix Age?’ In 2022, Hendrix Holiday, a two-year-old son of National Soccer Hall of Famer Lauren Holiday, will be born. Along with her spouse Jrue Holiday, she also has a daughter named Jrue Tyler Holiday. A professional basketball player for the Milwaukee Bucks of the National Basketball Association, Jrue plays point guard (NBA).

The perfect close-knit family has been formed by the couple and their two kids.

She posts all of those adorable pictures of her family on her Instagram account, which is crammed with pictures of her son Hendrix, daughter Tyler, and the rest of the family.


How Old Is Lauren Holiday Son Hendrix Age? Details About Her Family And Kids
How Old Is Lauren Holiday Son Hendrix Age? Details About Her Family And Kids


How Old Is Lauren Holiday Son Hendrix Age?

Hendrix Holiday was born to Lauren Holiday on October 2, 2020.

Holiday, her husband Jrue, and their daughter Jrue Tyler celebrated the second birthday of their son Hendrix on October 2. On that day, she posted a black and white photo of him to her Instagram.


How Old Is Lauren Holiday Son Hendrix Age?
How Old Is Lauren Holiday Son Hendrix Age?


Hendrix was dressed in all white, and several athletes and celebrities left birthday wishes in comments on the photo. Leslie Marie Osborne, a former American soccer star, found it hard to comprehend that Hendrix was now two years old and entirely oblivious of how fast he had grown.

How long ago was that, Leslie asked.

Given that the Covid-19 wave peaked in October 2020, two-time Olympic gold medalist Lauren had some labor complications when giving birth to her son Hendrix. But everything went smoothly throughout the delivery, and he was delivered whole and healthy with no major issues.

When Hendrix was born, her husband and Hendrix’s father, Jrue Holiday, played for the New Orleans Pelicans.

Hendrix, the Holidays’ child, had only been living with them for five weeks when the trade to Milwaukee was completed. The family had to relocate from New Orleans to Milwaukee.

New challenges would undoubtedly arise with the new season in the new city. According to Lauren Holiday, looking through the available options online is the primary method of choosing a home.


During Her Pregnancy, Lauren Holiday Struggled With Her Health

Lauren Holiday, a former USWNT player, experienced complicated health problems while she was expecting her baby.

Holiday was faced with a new, difficult health problem once he retired. Holiday learned that she had a benign brain tumor in 2016, while she was expecting her daughter Jrue Tyler.

On September 4, 2016, it was made public that Holiday had received a brain tumor diagnosis while she was carrying her daughter. Jrue, her husband, took a break from the game to focus on taking care of her.

A tumor on the right side of her brain was discovered to be harmless in late June 2016. After a significant procedure, the tumor was successfully removed from Holiday’s body in October of the same year. Later in September 2016, Holiday gave birth to a baby girl named Jrue Tyler Holiday.

Despite requiring a big operation and a lengthy recovery period, it was successfully removed. “I have never felt such pain as I have in the past six months.” On her Instagram, she posted about her experience. “There may be a pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning,” I can recall repeating countless times at night.

Holiday’s daughter Jrue Tyler, who is six years old, is doing well now. Lauren, a mother of two and the 2014 U.S. Soccer Female Athlete of the Year, shared a photo of her infant daughter holding balloons on her sixth birthday.

This year, Lauren’s daughter Jrue enrolled at the school, and she simply could not let the first day of classes pass without sharing a photo of Jrue.

Lauren Holiday Family Now Resides In Milwaukee

In November 2020, the close-knit family of Lauren Holiday relocated to Milwaukee from New Orleans.

Just a few weeks after the birth of their second child, a son called Hendrix, his spouse, Jrue Holiday, transferred from the New Orleans Pelicans to the Milwaukee Bucks. They now live in a Milwaukee home with a basement.

Her daughter Jrue Tyler (J.T.) has always expressed a desire to live in a home with a basement, so the family eliminated all of the homes that did not have basements from their search while looking for a new home.


Lauren Holiday Family Now Resides In Milwaukee
Lauren Holiday Family Now Resides In Milwaukee


On Thanksgiving Day in 2020, the 35-year-old Milwaukee mother of two uploaded a photo of her family in their new residence. Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

The family also started and currently manages the “Jrue and Lauren Holiday Social Impact Fund,” a charitable organization created to support young people whose small businesses have been unnecessarily harmed by the COVID pandemic.

Lauren Holiday, who was born on September 30, 1987, to George and Rita Cheney in Indianapolis, Indiana, began playing soccer with her brother at a young age. Until she became a professional, her family helped her in every step of her career.

Holiday overcame physical difficulties and a heart condition as a young child, and in 2015, she helped the U.S. national team win a world championship. Lauren also won two gold medals at the Olympics and achieved a rare double by winning the U.S. Soccer Female Player of the Year and Young Player Athlete of the Year awards.


Lauren Holiday Family Now Resides In Milwaukee
Lauren Holiday Family Now Resides In Milwaukee


In the National Women’s Soccer League, Lauren played for the F.C. Kansas City club that won back-to-back titles. The Dynamo, who stands 5 feet 8 inches tall, won the Golden Boot and NWSL MVP awards in 2013.

She reached the top of the women’s soccer world in 2015 at the age of 27, but she made the decision to retire at the top of her game in order to start a family and focus on causes that were important to her.

Lauren was at the Bucks practice facility when her family, which included her mother Rita, surprised her. She had no idea that National Soccer had selected her for the 2023 class of the Hall of Fame.

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