Howard Ashman Death: How Did Howard Ashman Passed Away? Know More About His Family And Net Worth

Let’s find out ‘Howard Ashman Death: How Did Howard Ashman Passed Away?’ Ashman was renowned for his skill as a writer. He was a well-known director and songwriter in his day. Assume the American playwright was an expert in his field.

In various films produced by the Walt Disney Animation Studios, Howard reflected his amazing accomplishments. The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Little Shop of Horrors, and Beauty and the Beast are just a few of his fantastic film creations.


Howard Ashman Death: How Did Howard Ashman Passed Away? Know More About His Family And Net Worth
Howard Ashman Death: How Did Howard Ashman Passed Away? Know More About His Family And Net Worth


To create the greatest music, the lyricist worked with composer Alan Menken. Sir Tim Rice was chosen to take his position for the soundtrack of the latter movie after he passed away in 1991.

Introducing a little-known secret about the American playwright: Howard Ashman was never wed. He wasn’t a father. However, Stuart White was only one of several partners that Ashman had throughout his life.


Howard Ashman Death: How Did Howard Ashman Passed Away?

The American playwright Howard Ashman passed away at St. Vincent’s Hospital on March 14, 1991, from AIDS.

Ashman had already lost his vision and could hardly talk. The man’s story ended tragically.


Howard Ashman death
Howard Ashman died of cardiac arrest caused by AIDS. (Source: Distractify)

Sadly, he lost away on March 14 early in the morning from a cardiac arrest brought on by HIV AIDS, two months before his 41st birthday.

After taking home the major prize for The Little Mermaid at the Academy Awards, Ashman told his colleague composer Alan Menken about his illness. As soon as the playwright arrived at his Fishkill, New York, residence, he informed Menken.

When Ashman won the 62nd Academy Awards, he was ill and HIV-positive. Ashman received assistance from Jeffrey Katzenberg after going forth as an AIDS sufferer.

In order to make it simple for Ashman to obtain treatment in the city, Katzenberg also established a production facility close to his New York House.

Ashman was fortunate enough to live to see his creation in Beauty and the Beast. He attended the early showing of the movie.

As his condition eventually deteriorated everyday, Howard was eventually taken to Manhattan’s St. Vincent’s Hospital.

The man lost his sight and about 80 pounds, as was already reported.

Disney paid tribute to him by including a sincere condolence in the final credits of Beauty and the Beast.


Know More About Howard Ashman’s Family 

Howard Ashman, an American writer, was born in Maryland in 1950 to parents Raymond Albert Ashman (Father) and Shirley Thelma (mother). Ashman was raised in a Jewish household.

His parents signed him up for the Children’s Theater Association (CTA), which is where he first encountered theater.

In 1974, he received his Master’s degree. The son of Shirley and Raymond received a degree from Indiana University.

Raymond Albert Ashman, Howard’s father, was a producer of ice cream cones.

It’s interesting to note that Ashman never wed and passed away a bachelor. He also didn’t have any children. We may say that with his passing, his family roots came to an end.

Many of his followers and friends are saddened by his passing, despite the fact that he had no wife or children of his own. Even now, many still miss the legend.


What Was Howard Ashman Net Worth Before His Death?

Unfortunately, no reliable evidence of American playwright Howard Ashman’s net worth has yet surfaced. However, a few Internet pages indicate that he is worth between $1 and $5 million.

Due to his employment with major studios, Ashman was affluent before his passing.


Howard Ashman net worth
Howard Ashman was rich as he worked with big-name studios. (Source: Vox)

The dramatist also acquired the most of his income while serving as creative director of the WPA Theater.

In 1982, he was selected to the position of director of the theater. However, Ashman’s exact compensation as an artistic director is still unknown.

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