Ian Pannell Wikipedia: Who Is He? Details Of The ABC Correspondent


Let find out ”Ian Pannell Wikipedia: Who Is He? Details Of The ABC Correspondent” On August 10th, ABC News appointed former BBC English journalist Ian Pannell to chief foreign correspondent.

He has spent his three decades covering breaking news on the front lines of the most hazardous environments, risking his life to tell other people’s stories.

In an internal memo announcing his promotion, ABC News president Kim Godwin referred to him as one of the most engaging storytellers in the world.

He was a family man himself, yet he put others before himself, much to the chagrin of his family.

He is the ideal candidate for the job, having visited numerous combat areas, including Gaza, Egypt, Afghanistan, and most recently, Ukraine.


Ian Pannell Wikipedia: Who Is He? Details Of The ABC CorrespondentIan Pannell reporting from the front lines of Kabul, Afghanisthan. ( Source : Instagram )


His never-ending list of honors, which includes Peabody Awards, Emmys, and the Prix Bayeux-Calvados Award, solidifies his position as an indisputable leader in the community. He continued to provide insightful reporting despite the circumstances at home.

As the core of journalism is informing people about the truth, prestige is nothing if the people are suppressed.


Quick Info:

Full Name Ian Pannell
Born 5 October 1966
Age 55 years
Employer ABC News
Nationality British
Wife Lou Pannell
Children 3


Who Is Ian Pannell Wife? Does He Have Kids?

Even though Ian Pannell frequently travels far in order to fulfill his professional obligations and personal interests, someone waits for him to return home. She has since separated from Lou Pannell, his wife.

Given the nature of his work, he will always be in danger since he takes decisions that could offend certain powerful people. Such circumstances frequently lead to death threats and assassination attempts. Since social media makes this family harder to find, it is better to keep them off of it. The only time he flaunted his girlfriend was when they wore similar outfits to a high-profile wedding.

In addition, she undoubtedly gave him the extra push he needed because she accepted his risky lifestyle and yet decided to have a family with him.

Three wonderful children who typically keep to themselves and respect the couple’s schedules are the parents of the pair. One of his boys, whom he affectionately refers to as Beans, received first-class honors at St. Martins in July.


Ian Pannell Wikipedia: Who Is He? Details Of The ABC Correspondent
Ian Pannell on the graduation of his son Bean in July 16th. ( Source : instagram )


Similar to this, his eldest graduated from the University of Warwick in 2018 with a 1st Class BA with Honours. The exclamation points in his posts demonstrated how happy he was and how proud he was of his child. The three young people recently adopted a puppy to raise together and have a close-knit bond.

Family, however, extends beyond blood relations since in order to survive in dangerous environments, one must defend their kin. Such experiences were shared by him and this producer, Sohel Uddin, as they collaborate and support one another.

On his eleven thousand-follower Instagram account, pannell.ian, you may read more about his perilous trips.


ABC Correspondent Ian Pannell Age And Biography

Ian Pannell, a senior foreign journalist for ABC News, settled into the London Bureau because he is a native of the city. The 55-year-old was raised among the locals of Leeds, Yorkshire, where he was born on October 5th, 1966.

The British-born journalist started his career with the British Broadcasting Corporation before deciding to travel to the violently divided nation of Afghanistan at the start of the new millennium.

After the American troops drove the Taliban out of the area, an influx of foreign reporters began as soon as he arrived. He advocated for democratic government to be implemented in the capital during his seven years in the oasis in the desert, all the while continuing to report on the ongoing developments from the ground up.

After that, his travels took him to Syria, where he spent the next three years enjoying the country’s exceedingly dangerous shelters. He traveled about the county multiple times as he assimilated with its residents.


Ian Pannell accepts the Peabody Award for BBC's
Ian Pannell accepts the Peabody Award for BBC’s “Inside Syria’s War.” ( Source : en )

Later, he took a plane to Egypt to report on the conflict in Libya and the Arab Spring rebellion. He became one of the few correspondents to breach the Yamen border and one of the sporadic on-site news channels with infrequent access to the front lines thanks to his fearless demonstrations.

After a 7.6 magnitude earthquake that killed over 9,000 people and put 100,000 lives in jeopardy in 2015, Nepal was shook to its very core. He and his cameraman immediately packed their luggage and left for the South Asian nation after learning the news.

Additionally, he crossed the ocean to investigate the epidemic, the high child crime in Chicago, as well as the conflicts over drugs wreaking devastation in Columbia. His efforts are not exclusively focused on third-world nations.

What Is The Salary Of Ian Pannell?

The financial aspects of his position are unknown to ABC’s international correspondent Ian Pannell, but we project that he makes between $130,106 and $228,488 each year.

It all started in 1991 when he obtained a position with BBC Radio Leicester, therefore we would undoubtedly witness an increase in bonuses and yearly payments now that he has lately been promoted. As he relocated to the London headquarters to work for BBC 5 Live, he was nothing more than a radio jockey. His radio operations continued after he was moved to BBC Radio 4’s World at One and then Radio 1 Newsbeat.

His career received its first boost in 2002 when he was chosen to serve as the Washington correspondent for BBC Breakfast News under the Bush administration.

When he worked as the Middle East correspondent for three years and subsequently the South Asia correspondent, the difficulty of his job rose.

Although his reporting on Syria earned him the 2013 Italian Marcho Luchetta International Press Award and an Emmy for his documentary Inside Syria’s Uprising, it was his work as a foreigner that garnered the most attention.

Most recently, he traveled to Ukraine and spent the better part of a month there as soon as the first missile attacks hit Kyiv. His social media posts serve as proof of his conclusions because he didn’t lose sight of the people and their disturbed lives.

His loyal followers began to worry about his frequent visits in April, but he remained steadfast and tweeted the date of his upcoming travel.

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