Is Diane Abbott Jewish: What Religion Does She Follow?

Find Out ‘Is Diane Abbott Jewish: What Religion Does She Follow?’ Diane Abbott, a prominent British politician, has recently come under attention for making a racist remark that has shocked everyday citizens. As rumors about her suspension as a Labour Member of Parliament (MP) circulate online, some of her followers are curious about her religion, with questions emerging about whether she is Jewish.

Diane Julie Abbott, commonly known as Diane Abbott, has been a Member of Parliament for Hackney North and Stoke Newington since 1987, winning votes and garnering support from her constituents. Born on 27 September 1953 in London, England, Abbott has a long history of political involvement.

Is Diane Abbott Jewish: What Religion Does She Follow?
Is Diane Abbott Jewish: What Religion Does She Follow?

However, as of 23 April 2023, Abbott currently sits as an independent MP, after being suspended by the Labour whip. Prior to her suspension, she had served as a shadow home secretary from 6 October 2016 until 4 April 2020, bringing her expertise to various positions within her party.

As the discussion about Abbott’s recent actions and suspension continues online, some are also curious about her religion, specifically whether she is Jewish. The emerging question about her religious background has gained attention among her followers and the public alike.

Is Diane Abbott Jewish: What Religion Does She Follow?

Diane Abbott, a former Labour politician, has been recognized for her successful career as a Member of Parliament (MP) in the UK. While many people are familiar with her political achievements, her religion is not Jewish. However, Abbott has faced significant backlash and even suspension for making comments about religion in the past.

According to multiple media outlets, including The Guardian and Pink News, Diane Abbott has been in the spotlight recently for writing a letter where she suggested that Jewish and Irish people do not face racism or discrimination based on ethnicity, color, or religion.

As a result of her comments, Abbott has been suspended by The Labour Party, and her name has been trending on Twitter. In response to the controversy, Abbott has attempted to clarify her position, stating that she does not believe Jews face ethnic discrimination. However, her comments have been met with accusations of “hateful antisemitism” from various media and other sources.

While some of her supporters have remained silent or have not opposed her views, Abbott has previously been involved in controversies on various subjects. As the first woman of African descent to serve as the longest-serving MP in the House of Commons, it is hoped that the matter surrounding her recent comments will be resolved soon.

Diane Abbott Family Background And Husband

Diane Abbott, a British politician, hails from a family with roots in Paddington, London, and her parents are originally from Jamaica, making her a descendant of African immigrants. Her father worked as a welder, while her mother was employed in a hospital. Abbott attended Harrow County School for Girls, where she honed her skills in grammar and history.

In terms of her personal life, Abbott has been linked to several scandals and controversies. She is known for being open about her professional and personal affairs, and she does not prioritize privacy.

One notable aspect of her personal life is her past romantic involvement with Jeremy Corbyn, who was a councilor in north London during their brief relationship in the late 1970s. Corbyn later went on to become the Leader of the Labour Party.

Diane Abbott husband
Diane Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn had a romantic affair. (Source: The Times)

Diane Abbott got married to David P. Ayensu-Thompson, a Ghanaian architect, in 1991. They welcomed a son named James in October of the same year. However, their marriage ended in divorce in 1993.

In an interesting turn of events, Jonathan Aitken, a Conservative MP, agreed to become Abbott’s son’s godfather and voting pair. Despite their political differences, Aitken took on this role for Abbott’s family.

Abbott has also faced personal challenges, as she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2015, which she has been managing.

In July 2019, Abbott made a plea for help to the authorities after being chased by her son, James Abbott-Thompson, in their residence. Abbott-Thompson later pleaded guilty to racially aggravated criminal charges and 12 other assault charges.

Abbott also released an authorized biography titled “Diane Abbott: The Authorised Biography” in September 2020, written by Robin Bunce and Samara Linton, and published by Biteback.

In an interview with BBC Radio Four’s “Today Programme,” Abbott expressed her commitment to continue advocating for human rights, women’s rights, civil liberties, and representing the Hackney community.

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