“Is LeeAnna Warner Still Alive Or Dead?” The mystery of LeeAnna Warner’s disappearance has resurfaced on social media. Does she get murdered? Here is the newest information.

On June 14, 2003, the five-year-old girl abruptly vanished from her Chisholm, Minnesota, home, and a murder and abduction were both suspected. She left a friend’s house and was last seen making her way home.

The Minnesotan girl hasn’t been located yet. Numerous scenarios, including those involving kidnapping and murder, have been advanced throughout the years, but none has provided a firm conclusion to this point.

At the time, the case garnered extensive media coverage, particularly from local media. When People’s Magazine reopened the case and attempted to unravel the riddle afterwards, the case garnered widespread attention.


Is LeeAnna Warner Still Alive Or Dead? Who Killed Her?

Since LeeAnna Warner vanished on June 14, 2003, no one has been able to determine whether she was murdered or abducted.


Is LeeAnna Warner Still Alive Or Dead
Leanna Warner’s parents; Tiffany Kaelin Whittaker and Christopher Warner. ( Source : Facebook )


Her mother, Kaelin, has finally posted something about her daughter’s absence after over 19 years. She said in a Facebook post that she is getting several messages from people claiming to have seen LeeAnna.

Kaelin’s testimony hasn’t received an official reaction from the Police, though. In the meantime, Kaelin claimed that she has had a horrific day and has asked that anyone who has seen her missing daughter get in touch with her.

Who Are LeeAnna Warner Parents? Family Details Explored

Tiffany Kaelin Whittaker and Christopher Warner are Leanna Warner’s parents. Her sister is one of her other family members.



Kaelin and Christopher have both divorced in the past. Near the end of 1996, they got to know one another and moved in together. On January 21, 1998, Kaelin gave birth to LeeAnna.

A few months before LeeAnna vanished, the couple relocated to Chisholm. Later, they relocated to a new location in order to start over. They currently live in Minnesota.

 How Old Is LeeAnna Warner Age? Wiki Bio

LeeAnna Warner has not been seen since June 14, 2003, according to the official Wikipedia page for the city of Chisholm, Minnesota. At the moment, she was five years old.

The police have investigated over 1700 leads in an effort to solve the case throughout the years, but they have not been successful. Police continue to hold the theory that she was abducted, but they lack any supporting data.

The police have performed a number of search operations throughout the city up to this point without any luck. The case is still unsolved.

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