Is Ryan Edwards In Custody For Drug Again: What Did He Do? Here Is What To Know

Learn more about ‘Is Ryan Edwards In Custody For Drug Again: What Did He Do?’ As prominent television personality Ryan Edwards gets Detained Again, we will look at his legal background and why he was arrested this time.

Ryan Edwards is a Teen Mom OG supporting actor. He is the father of Bentley, Jagger, and Stella Edwards, as well as Maci McKinney’s ex-fiance. He is also Mackenzie Edwards’ spouse.

Teen Mom focuses on the lives of four young moms and their journeys into parenthood. It looks at how tough it was for them to raise a child at such a young age, work, maintain good relationships, and stay in love.


Is Ryan Edwards In Custody For Drug Again: What Did He Do? Here Is What To Know
Is Ryan Edwards In Custody For Drug Again: What Did He Do? Here Is What To Know


Ryan and Maci’s relationship is strained throughout the series because neither party can agree on how to communicate about her kid Bentley or visitation dates.

The pair has regular disputes, with Ryan certain that Maci is being tough on purpose to give him problems. Ryan frequently feels ganged up on as a result of Maci’s close relationship with Ryan’s parents.


Is Ryan Edwards In Custody For Drug Again?

Ryan Edwards was arrested again again after running into legal problems.

Following the announcement of his detention, many people wondered, “Is Ryan Edwards Arrested Again For Drug Charges?” People presume that because the actor has already been involved in legal issues with drug accusations, this time will be no different.

Ryan Edwards, who struggles with substance abuse, has been arrested many times for drug possession.

The Teen Mom OG star and his ex, Maci Bookout, share Bentley. MTV cameras have been following the couple since the 2009 airing of Bookout’s 16 and Pregnant episode.


Teen Mom's Ryan Edwards Arrested for Heroin Possession
Teen Mom’s Ryan Edwards Arrested for Heroin Possession . (Source: Starcasm)

After their breakup, Bookout married Taylor McKinney in 2016. The couple has a son, Maverick, and a daughter, Jayde. In the midst of it all, Edwards married Mackenzie Standifer in May 2017.

While Edwards was recovering, she gave birth to their first child, Jagger, in October 2018.

Bookout previously told Us Weekly that she and McKinney have “stopped worrying about Ryan and his condition” as a result of Edwards’ drug abuse.


What Did TV Personality Ryan Edwards Do?

Edwards was arrested for heroin possession in March 2017. Officers discovered “approximately 14 hypodermic needles, one of which was packed with heroin” in his car at the time of his arrest, according to a police report obtained by Radar Online.

Cops allegedly recovered “two silver spoons with traces on them” in addition to 1.8 grams of heroin.

In the season 6 finale of Teen Mom OG in June 2017, a stunning video of Edwards dozing asleep behind the wheel was shown.

Bookout also mentioned her ex’s problems on camera throughout the episode. “He’s an addict,” she declared. He’s unconcerned about anything.


Ryan Edwards
This is not the first time that Ryan has gotten into legal trouble. (Source: Starcasm)

Following the airing of the show, Edwards gave the following statement about entering a treatment center: “A little more than 30 days ago, I chose to check myself into a rehabilitation institution.”

My life is perfect now that I’m back at home. I couldn’t have done it without the assistance of my wife and parents. I appreciate everyone’s best wishes.

Edwards was arrested in March 2018 for breaking his probation, one year after his original conviction for heroin possession. A $5,000 bail was utilized at the time to release the reality TV star.

According to a source who talked exclusively to Us, Edwards’ loved ones were concerned that his 2017 treatment stint wasn’t lengthy enough to fully address his addiction.

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