Is Tom Zanetti A Traveler: Where Is He From?

Learn more about ‘Is Tom Zanetti A Traveler: Where Is He From?’ Yes, Tom Zanetti is a traveler who Jet2holidays has worked with Vibe to promote throughout the Mediterranean. For his work, Tom travels the world.

A British DJ, singer, music producer, and actor by the name of Zanetti. His chart-topping singles “Darlin” (2015) and “You Want Me” (2016) each achieved platinum and silver BPI certifications. The latter is ranked in Ireland, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.

The DJ just secured his first top 20 charting hit as an independent artist with “Didn’t Know,” and he has since amassed over 20 million plays and 2.2 million monthly Spotify listeners.


Is Tom Zanetti A Traveler: Where Is He From?
Is Tom Zanetti A Traveler: Where Is He From?


Tom is also well-known as an actor because to a handful of his roles in movies including “Road” (2016) and “DeadRinger” (2018). A few television shows, like “The SIC Lie with Tom Zanetti” (2014), “First Dates” (2015), “Celebs Go Dating” (2021), and “Made in Chelsea” (2021), to mention a few, have included him.

The reality television personality and artist had a full schedule that included travel and social gatherings.


Is Tom Zanetti A Traveler: Where Is He From?

Yes, Tom Zanetti is a world traveler who visits many places for his concerts. Tom has a seasonal collaboration with Jet2holidays.

Tom has performed in beach clubs in well-known vacation destinations while touring different parts of Europe.

One can engage with a bigger audience by touring. Zanetti travels as a musician to different countries and venues to give live performances for his followers.

Zanetti is lucky to have had the chance to travel to a variety of towns, cities, states, and countries, where he has had the chance to experience the local cuisine and learn about the cultures there.

Under the handle @tomzanettitz, he may be found on Instagram, where he posts about his personal and professional adventures.



The Maldives were the destination of Tom’s most recent musical excursion. In October 2022, Siyam World celebrated its first birthday with a four-day festival that featured some well-known figures from the UK food and music worlds.

The platinum-selling British singers Tom and Yungen’s headlining performances on the first night were its high point.

On his verified Instagram account, he posted an extensive statement outlining his experience.


The “Didn’t Know” artist enjoying his time in Maldives ( Source : instagram )


While posting a few images and videos from there, he claimed that the scenery and surroundings of the Maldives were so appealing and that he could sense the spirit of paradise.

He added that everything had been planned for them while he was spending seven days at the incredible @siyamworld as an additional gesture of thanks. He is delighted to have enjoyed such a wonderful trip there.

In addition, he spent a tranquil few days on the tiny, uninhabited island of Iru Fushi in the Maldives.



Among other destinations, Zanetti frequently visits to Spain. His most recent occasion was hosting Magaluf, the largest pool party on Mallorca.

Similarly, he celebrated the Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend by partying in Ibiza.

In a video that was uploaded to his Instagram page prior to takeoff, the “You Want Me” singer performed his songs. He and his friend Ryan were eating chocolate roses on the plane before it landed on the lovely island.


Zanetti during the party at BH Mallorca 2022
Zanetti during the party at BH Mallorca 2022 ( Source : instagram )


One of the most well-known hotels and live entertainment locations on the island, Ibiza Rocks, hosted the star performer.

Tom, a father by himself, was sighted in Ibiza in May with Ocean Club owner Wayne Lineker.

The platinum-selling musician has visited other regions of Europe to perform at beach clubs in well-known vacation spots.

Where Is Tom Zanetti From?

Tom Zanetti was born in Leeds, England’s Belle Isle, where he originally hails from.

He did not grow up in a healthy environment like most children do. Gipton native Zanetti recalled to the Yorkshire Evening Post that as a child, he was surrounded by nothing but love.

The musician’s mother was a single mother who struggled to support her three kids while also working any job she could find and living in public housing.

He described the neighborhood where he once lived as being harsh since there was a lot of criminal activity there.


Zanetti's son Deaconn was born in 2006
Zanetti’s son Deaconn was born in 2006 ( Source : instagram )


Zanetti’s life was altered when he was dismissed from school at the age of 16. He gave birth to his son Deacon, who is now 14 years old, in the same year.

He was pushed to begin his music career while also working as a butcher, roofer, scaffolder, and in call centers, among other jobs, to support his son. He sold CDs in Kirkgate Market.

He started his career by performing in bars when he was just 17 years old.

Because of his early experiences, he finally marketed his events to the market as “Insomnia.” Tom has released a number of well-liked tracks as he pursues his passion for music and entertainment.

The DJ is a committed businessperson. Following the success of “Insomnia,” he founded a business called “Sleepin in Cheatin,” which organizes and promotes a variety of events across the UK.

The multi-talented Zanetti has built his restaurant, apparel business, record label, and barbershop, showcasing his flexibility.

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