Jharana Das Death: What Happened To Odia Film Actress? Know All About Her Family And Net Worth

Let’s find out ‘Jharana Das Death: What Happened To Odia Film Actress?’ Jharana Das, a renowned Odia movie diva, passed away late on Thursday night at her home in Cuttack, according to her family. The 77-year-old celebrity apparently has issues relating to aging.

An accomplished Indian actress, Jharana Das appeared in films including Naar, Sri Jagannath, and Aa Janhare Lekhiba Naa.

For her significant contribution to the Odia cinema business, she received the coveted Jaydev Puraskar award. The accomplished actress has long-standing experience in the motion picture industry.


Jharana Das Death: What Happened To Odia Film Actress? Know All About Her Family And Net Worth
Jharana Das Death: What Happened To Odia Film Actress? Know All About Her Family And Net Worth


She had great career success thanks to her outstanding abilities and outstanding performances.

Sadly, the renowned artist has passed away. Let’s examine Jharana Das’s passing in detail, including her legacy, her family, and a lot more.


Jharana Das Death: What Happened To Odia Film Actress?

The Odia movie According to her family, the actress Jharana Das passed away late on Thursday night at her home in Cuttack. According to reports, the 77-year-old celebrity had issues related to aging.

Jharana Das Death
Jharana Das died at her home on Thursday night.

The film industry is devastated by the death, and social media is flooded with condolences. Naveen Patnaik, the Chief Minister of Odisha, expressed grief at the star’s passing and promised that her last rites will be performed with all necessary state honors.

The late actor’s remarkable stage and cinema performances, according to Patnaik, will live on forever.

Similarly, President Droupadi Murmu paid respect to the great actress on Twitter. The role of Jharana Das to the Odia cinema industry was also discussed.

Many other well-known people, like Dharmendra Pradhan and Bajayant Panda, expressed their sadness at the demise of the well-known celebrity.


More Details About Jharana Das’s Husband, Family And Children

Jharana Das was born to her parents in 1945. The entertainment industry back then hardly ever employed any women. She nevertheless overcame her parents’ objections and entered the field with the aid of her brother.

Jharana Das’ older brother, who was at the time employed by the Indian Air Force, persuaded their parents to allow her to pursue a career in theater and film.

Jharana Das Death
Jharana Das worked in the entertainment industry since she was young. (Image Source: New 18)

She started working when she was young. An announcer for All India Radio, Jharana Das. Prior to that, the late celebrity worked for Doordarshan in Cuttack as an associate station director.

More appreciation was given to her direction in the biographical movie about the former chief minister of Odisha, Harekrushna Mahtab.

She also started working on radio dramas while in college and received vocal culture training in Kolkata to improve her acting technique.

She received several honors for her outstanding performances, including those in Shree Jagannath, Nari, Adinamegha, Heera Nella, Hisabnikas, and Amadabata, among others.

Regarding her marital status, Jharana Das was wed to the cameraman for the Malajanha Odia movie. Jharana and her husband have two sons and a daughter.


More Details About Jharana Das’ Net Worth And Earning

One of the most popular artists of the present is Jharana Das. She must have made a lot of money because her career lasted for many years.

In 2022, an Indian actress and actor will make an average salary of 1,011,304 rupees ($12,431), according to Payscales. Jharana Das must have made a good living because she was involved in show business a few decades ago.

Even though the actress is no longer with us, her contributions and works will live on forever. We send strength to her Jharana Das family as they deal with loss.

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