Kate Middleton: 10 Daily Things She Is Not Allowed To Do As The Princess Of Wales

Let’s Find out ‘Kate Middleton: 10 Daily Things She Is Not Allowed To Do As The Princess Of Wales’ King Charles III bestowed the title of Princess of Wales to Kate Middleton upon his accession to the throne. Kate is now one of the most senior royals in The Firm as the wife of the heir, Prince William. The queen consort, Camilla Parker Bowles, is the only female member of the family who has a higher status.

Insiders claim that Kate wants to “look to the future as she builds her own path” with this title change and a higher status within the family. A princess’ life is, nevertheless, a rigid one. Here are 10 regular tasks Kate Middleton cannot perform since she is the Princess of Wales.


Kate Middleton: 10 Daily Things She Is Not Allowed To Do As The Princess Of Wales
Kate Middleton: 10 Daily Things She Is Not Allowed To Do As The Princess Of Wales

1. In Elections, Kate Middleton Is Not Eligible To Cast A Vote

Royal family members are forbidden from publicly expressing their political views and are required to abstain from meddling in British government issues. The Princess of Wales is traditionally prohibited from voting in any political election.

As Prince Harry pointed out when he went to the US in front of the 2020 Presidential election, members of the royal family are likewise prohibited from standing for political office.

According to The UK Independent, Harry stated, “But many of you might not realize that I haven’t been able to vote in the UK my whole life.”


2. No Taking Photographs With The Princess Of Wales

While carrying out their tasks, working royals frequently interact with the public, and they undoubtedly run upon enthusiastic admirers who want to take photos. When meeting Kate Middleton or any other royal, fans should only anticipate a handshake and a welcome. It’s forbidden to take a photo with the princess.

Victoria Arbiter, a royal expert, told Insider that “Royals would always prefer to have a personal encounter over having people scream for photos.”

3. No Autographs, Either

Excited admirers who preferred a selfie with the princess than an autograph will also be let down. Even though they are regularly approached, royals are not authorized to sign signatures due to the possibility of fakes and reproductions.

Kate can only sign official documents that have already been approved by the sovereign, according to the regulations of the monarchy.

4. Kate Middleton Is Not Permitted To Have Her Own Social Media Account

The Princess of Wales enjoys shooting pictures of her children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. She is an enthusiastic photographer. But unlike other mothers in their 40s, Kate is not permitted to maintain her own social media accounts where she could post whatever she wanted, including pictures and videos of her daily activities.

Instead, their team oversees a pair of joint social media profiles that Kate and William share. The royal PR staff carefully created every story that is presented to the public.


5. The Princess Of Wales Is Not Able To Work

Given that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex famously quit the royal family in order to become financially independent, this one surely shouldn’t come as a surprise. Kate and other senior royal family members are prohibited from making any type of profit from their employment or receiving a salary of any kind.

Kate doesn’t get paid a cent for her work because it is distributed through official palace channels as opposed to selling the rights to the pictures she shoots for profit.


6. Kate Middleton Can’t Eat Shellfish

The Princess of Wales benefits from the royal cooks who prepare her nutritious meals every day because she is obviously very sporty and fit. The risk of food illness prevents Kate and other royal family members from eating shellfish, though.

When doing public tasks, giving up seafood is a pretty sane decision. Grant Harold, the royal butler, told Woman & Home magazine, “We don’t want a member of the Royal family to get a major case of food sickness, especially if she is on an international visit.

At Buckingham Palace, there were even tighter dietary restrictions under Queen Elizabeth II. According to Darren McGrady, a former royal chef, “nothing with garlic or too much onion” may be served, and “no potatoes, rice, or pasta for supper.”

The French dish foie gras was eliminated from the royal menu in 2008 due to King Charles’ worries about the treatment of animals.

7. She Needs To Abide By The “Stop Eating” Guideline

Speaking of food, Kate must abide by yet another peculiar regulation, as must everyone else who dines with the sovereign. Everyone else at the table must stop eating when the king decides he is through with his meal.

Queen Elizabeth was well aware of this rule, and she demonstrated it at least once. Former royal butler Paul Burrell told the story of a guest who kept adding fruit to his plate during dessert because he didn’t realize the queen had finished her meal, as reported by Hello! Magazine.

He was appalled when he eventually realized. But to stop him from feeling so embarrassed, the queen just took a sip of her beverage.


8. Princess Of Wales Is Unable To Sleep Whenever She Wishes

The previous Princess of Wales, Kate’s late mother-in-law Princess Diana, and Queen Elizabeth may have amended this regulation. However, because this was an unexpected regulation, we thought we’d bring it up.

In his book The Royals in Australia, Sir William Heseltine, a former private secretary to the queen, said that it was considered most impolite to retire before Her Majesty.

Nobody thought it appropriate to turn in before the Queen, according to Heseltine. “The lengthy royal evenings were torment for Diana. For about an hour, everyone would be gathered in the living room conversing. And Diana was so depressed that she would excuse herself and go to bed before the Queen, which was considered to be poor form.


9. No Monopoly For The Princess

Although she has a reputation for being very competitive, Kate doesn’t play Monopoly. The Telegraph reports that a regulation from the late queen prohibits royals from playing Monopoly. The game was outlawed from the palace because, in her opinion, it “gets too nasty.”

10. Kate Middleton Can’t Pack On The PDA With Prince William

On their wedding day in April 2011, Kate and William were seen kissing on the balcony of the castle. But the pair hasn’t engaged in much PDA since then—barely any at all. Public shows of affection are typically frowned upon in the royal family.

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