Lama Hasan Face Surgery: What Happened To Her?

Let’s find out ‘Lama Hasan Face Surgery: What Happened To Her?’ Since May 2010, Lama Hasan, a British journalist based in London, has provided live on-air commentary for ABC News.

World News Tonight, Nightline, ABC News Now, and Good Morning America are just a few of the ABC affiliate stations that have broadcast the British Journalist’s on-the-ground reporting.

Lama currently anchors World View on ABC News Now and contributes to the network’s coverage of other breaking news stories.


Lama Hasan Face Surgery: What Happened To Her?
Lama Hasan Face Surgery: What Happened To Her?


The iconic ABC correspondent is made up of alumni from Mander Portman Woodward, Queen’s College, Oxford, and University College London.


Lama Hasan Face Surgery: What Happened To Her?

As soon as fans started speculating about the Lama’s facial changes, some media outlets named her among famous people who had facelifts.

Fans frequently wonder why the British Journalist, who practices Islam, slants her face to the side when reporting.

Lama has written extensively about the Arab response to the Second Gulf War and is a fluent Arabic speaker.


Lama Hasan Face
ABC reporter Lama Hasan launched her report with a generous description of the series: “This gives unprecedented access to Harry and Meghan(Source:FAst)

Recently, a British protest group known as The English Defense League declared war on radical Islam, and they are waging this war in the streets through boisterous, frequently violent demonstrations.

British Muslim Lama Hasan of ABC spent time in London with Robinson and the Sharia Patrol to better understand the tension between the opposing groups, capturing the interest of viewers.

The London suicide bombings of July 7, 2005, the greatest terrorist attack in British history, were launched from the district of Luton, which is also where Robinson was born.


Lama Hasan’s Surgery Before And After Photo Explored

Regarding Lama’s operation, one can see noticeable differences between her earlier and more recent photos.

On the basis of the images, we are unable to verify the details of her procedure.


Lama Hasan Face

Lama Hasan’s Surgery Before (Source:ABC

Lama was born on August 14, 1983, to British parents in a Muslim family whose personal information is publicized in the media. She’s in her forties.

Because of the age difference between the images, viewers can see the facial changes that naturally occur as people age and develop fine lines and wrinkles that can alter how they appear.

Unfortunately, there is no reliable evidence to back up Lama’s procedure.


Lama Hasan Career: Where Is She Now?

The British Journalist, who also served as the host of the international news program “World View” and covered breaking news topics, covered the Amanda Knox trial as well as the disastrous Costa Concordia cruise ship tragedy for ABC News NOW.

Lama was one of the first journalists to report about the refugee crisis in Dadaab, Kenya, as well as the famine and drought in Somalia. Her reporting made ABC the first American network to address east African starvation in 2011.

Lama received the 2011CINE Golden Eagle Award in appreciation for his contributions to the specific 20/20 episode “Islam: Answers and Questions.”

She had the chance to cover important stories thanks to her extensive reporting on the Arab response to the Iraq war, such as the Gaza conflict in January 2009 from the Egyptian side of the border and the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah in the summer of 2006 from Jerusalem, Larnaca, and Cyprus.

The H1N1 swine flu pandemic from Hong Kong, the funeral of Pope John Paul II, human trafficking in Moldova, slavery in Mauritania in northwest Africa, and the departure of Gaza from Israel were also topics covered by Lama.

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