Lark Skov: Who Is She? Cindy Crawford's Niece: All You Need To Know

Let find out ”Lark Skov: Who Is She?” Cindy Crawford’s niece, Lark Skov, had an appearance on the ABC television program Claim to Fame.

The self-contestant from Steamboat Springs High School appeared in nine episodes of the aforementioned reality show in 2022. Skov was born and raised in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

The renowned relative in question is Skov’s aunt, who was a supermodel in the 1980s, she said on the show. No one would have suspected supermodel Crawford to be the relative she mentioned if that had happened.

Following the discovery that Cindy and Kaia had tracked her on social media, the suspicions and educated predictions were verified.

Lark Skov is an athlete turned legal assistant, who happens to have familial relation with Cindy Crawford. ( Source : Thetealmango )

Who Is Cindy Crawford’s Niece Lark Skov? Wikipedia Bio

Former athlete Lark Skov, now 24 years old, won a national rowing championship with the Huskies.

She also appeared on the Women’s Rowing Roster for 2020–21. She started working as a legal assistant at the Northwest Consumer Law Center (NWCLC) in January 2022.

After being hired, a UW linguistics graduate expressed her eagerness to learn more about consumer law and engage in public service.

Even the University of Washington’s Lark Skov managed to participate in an international rowing competition. In Sarasota, Florida in 2019, the outstanding athlete competed in the under 23 World Rowing Championships. She received an invitation to the 2019 USRowing Under-23 National Team Selection Camp after placing third in the eighth at the World Rowing Championships.

Additionally, she participated in one national under-23 team in 2019. Then she admitted that she had never envisioned joining a prestigious collegiate rowing program or holding a medal from a world championship in her hands.

She used to cross-country ski in her youth before taking up rowing. She switched to rowing after realizing she wouldn’t be able to compete at the national level given her vacation from skiing during her junior year of high school.

She was a member of the University of Washington squad that won the NCAA national championship three years ago. Like other young skiers, she had aspirations of competing in the Olympics when she was younger. However, she had no idea at the time that fate had other plans for her and had led her to rowing, which had nothing to do with her huge goal because she had no idea what rowing was.

Born on March 23, 1998, she kept in mind that after being involved in rowing, she needed to take things one stride at a time and see how the coming year would go before moving forward.


Who Are The Siblings Of  Lark Skov

Cindy Crawford’s sister Danielle is the mother of Lark Skov.

Regarding the ex-athlete Skov’s siblings, nothing has been identified in the public outside the children of her well-known model cousin Crawford, Kaia and Presley.

One of the top models, 20-year-old Kaia Jordan Gerber is represented by DNA Model Management and VIVA Model Management.


Lark Skov's cousin sister Kaia Gerber is an American model, who has followed her mother's footsteps.
Lark Skov’s cousin sister Kaia Gerber is an American model, who has followed her mother’s footsteps. ( Source : instagram )

Lark Skov Net Worth In 2022

According to certain web portal data records, Lark Skov’s net worth is estimated to be between $80,000 and $4 million.

Glassdoor reports that the NWCLC pays its legal assistants a yearly compensation of $45,320. The typical annual salary for a legal assistant is determined to be between $25,000 and $45,000.

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