Mac Critter Arrest And Charges: Where Is The Rapper Now?

Let’s find out ‘Mac Critter Arrest And Charges: Where Is The Rapper Now?’ A rapper and musician from Memphis, Mac Critter. His affiliation with Gucci 1017 is well recognized.

The 25-year-old musician is known for his songs including Spin the Block, Burst, ACT UP, DAWG, Look Like Money, and Hoe Jizzle.


Mac Critter Arrest And Charges: Where Is The Rapper Now?
Mac Critter Arrest And Charges: Where Is The Rapper Now?


He has gathered a considerable following globally. Recently, first-degree murder charges were brought against Mac Critter. Here are the specifics of his accusations and arrest.


Mac Critter Arrest And Charges: Where Is The Rapper Now?

Rapper Mac Critter, who resides in Memphis, is one of three people charged with killing a man in late December. He was accused of killing Makeith Taylor in the first degree.


Mac Critter In Jail
Mac Critter was arrested concerning the death of North Memphis shooting victim Markeith Taylor. (Image Source: YouTube)

However, Mac Critter’s attorney insisted that his client was innocent and urged the public not to pass judgment too quickly.

Mac Critter is Daniel Bates’ stage name. He was detained at 201 Poplar together with Gary Taylor, Danterio Owens, and their brother.

The three are charged with first-degree murder in relation to the passing of Markeith Taylor. Taylor was brutally shot on December 21, 2022, at a vacant lot on Wells Avenue, according to Memphis Police.

The situation was so chaotic that hours later another man in the crowd was killed. Police remained mum on whether or not the two shootings were connected.

The victim Markeith Taylor is connected to Mac Critter (Daniel Bates), according to WREG. Taylor and the rapper’s sister are parents to a child.

In addition, a witness named Gary Taylor as the shooter.

Taylor was wrongly freed soon after his arrest, according to the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office. But he was taken into custody once more.


Mac Critter Assured His Fans That He Would Be Home Soon

TMZ reports that Mac Critter was detained in late December and is currently being held in Shelby County Jail. They had a few days to make their court appearance.

The DAWG hitmaker proceeded to reassure supporters through Instagram that he will soon return home even though the inquiry is still continuing.


Mac Critter In Jail
Despite being imprisoned with a first-degree murder charge, Mac Critter assured his fans that he was innocent. (Image Source: TMZ)

A second tragedy struck two hours later. The 25-year-old rapper joined Gucci’s 1017 in October 2022, and a month later, the two collaborated on the song “Dawg.” The label’s roster, however, had just been significantly decreased.

Detail of the North Memphis shooting

Two people died on December 21, 2022, as a consequence of two shootings that occurred in separate locations in North Memphis.

The 600 block of Wells Avenue was the scene of a shooting in an empty lot, according to police officials. Markeith Taylor was identified as the person who was immediately declared dead. When they heard a gunshot, investigators were processing a murder scene with a large throng of people. A few miles from the original location, on Marble Avenue, they located the body of a man inside a car.

One of the residents, Michael Hollowell, claimed to have heard the incident.

According to Hollowell, they heard gunshots while inside the House. When he went to see what had happened, he discovered a man lying in the road. Someone had told the resident that man was dead as he peered out of his door.

Nine shots were fired, according to an unnamed neighbor. 23-year-old Alandus Turner was the second casualty. He was linked to the first man who perished on Wells, according to his relatives.

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