Maja Janeska Boyfriend: Who Is Kyle Phillips? Maja Janeska Boyfriend Age Gap, Family And Net Worth Explored

Let’s find out ‘Maja Janeska Boyfriend: Who Is Kyle Phillips?’ This article will examine the lives of Maja Janeska’s boyfriend, Kyle Phillips, and trace the progression of their romance. We’ll also take a look at Kyle’s incredibly successful work life as an entrepreneur.

Julius Malema, the leader of the EFF, has expressed shock at the death of Maja Janeska, a close friend and well-known cosmetics artist, who is thought to have killed herself last week.

Malema’s acquaintance Kyle Phillips, a tobacco magnate, and Janeska had been lovers in the past.


Maja Janeska Boyfriend: Who Is Kyle Phillips? Maja Janeska Boyfriend Age Gap, Family And Net Worth Explored
Maja Janeska Boyfriend: Who Is Kyle Phillips? Maja Janeska Boyfriend Age Gap, Family And Net Worth Explored


Malema said that he read about Janeska’s dying in the press during a media briefing this week.

“I haven’t talked to Kyle, but I knew who she was. We were near. She was a stylish, forward-thinking lady. Malema said that she had tremendous admiration for our leadership and had great intentions for the continent and the country.

She didn’t show any signs of being upset. As a result, her passing was unexpected.

I never thought of her as the type of person who may make a suicide attempt. They loved each other and she had no qualms about saying what she thought.

Nothing suggested that there were intractable problems that would support suicide. In my perspective, there was no hint of this nature. He said it was unexpected.

Malema expressed his sympathies to Phillips and cited the recent death of Phillips’ close buddy.


Maja Janeska Boyfriend: Who Is Kyle Phillips?

He has been one of the most talked-about things online since since it was revealed that Maja Janeska’s boyfriend was present when his girlfriend took her final breath when she was in serious condition.

The life of Maja Janeska’s boyfriend, Kyle Phillips, will be examined in this article along with the development of their relationship. We’ll also examine Kyle’s incredibly fruitful entrepreneurial career.

Maja Janeska, a famous makeup artist, was said to have died from a headshot wound while Kyle Phillips, a tobacco tycoon, was allegedly “nearby.” He hasn’t yet spoken with the police about the event, though.


Maja Janeska
Maja Janeska was shot when her boyfriend was nearby. (Source: Ubetoo)

CHARGES have been leveled that Maja Janeska’s well-known makeup artist boyfriend failed to provide police a statement after she passed away.

Janeska, 39, was found dead in Bassonia, Johannesburg, on December 2.

She had been dating Kyle Phillips, a co-director of Adriano Mazzotti’s cigarette company Carnilinx.

According to Police spokesperson Colonel Mavela Masondo, police got a tip of a person who is said to have committed suicide at Bassonia Estate.


Know More About Kyle Phillips Family And Net Worth

Kyle is receiving support from his family as he navigates a difficult period in his life. The fact that he was present when his lover was slain was not the end of his problems.

He has had to deal with allegations that he played some role in the passing of his lover.

The inquiry is being conducted aggressively, and there is no evidence that a murderer has been found.


Maja Janeska Boyfriend
Maja Janeska’s Boyfriend got mixed into the controversy after her death. (Source:

Kyle is described as a business magnate in reports from those close to him, although there is no documentation of his earnings.

It is fair to assume that he earns a sizable fortune, but it is impossible to know with certainty what his net worth is.

Some reports claim that he is worth approximately $1 million, however there is no concrete evidence to support this.

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