Matt Shultz And Eva Ross: Do They Have Kids Together?

Learn more about ‘Matt Shultz And Eva Ross: Do They Have Kids Together?’ Matt is most recognized as the band’s lead vocalist and, on occasion, guitarist.

Shultz credited the Pixies and other punk bands with heavily influencing his singing style while residing in England during the ” Thank You, Happy Birthday ” album.

His theatrical persona is influenced after punk music pioneers such as Iggy Pop. In March 2019, Shultz and The Frye Company released a boot collection.

Matt Shultz began his artistic career as the lead singer and founding member of Cage The Elephant.


Matt Shultz And Eva Ross: Do They Have Kids Together?
Matt Shultz And Eva Ross: Do They Have Kids Together?


Shultz pursued his musical career in addition to his talents in dance, fashion design, visual art, and performance art.

Shultz staged his first art exhibition in August 2019 at Greenpoint, Brooklyn, with the assistance of New York artist Danny Cole, Beck, and other friends. Rolling Stone covered the incident in a picture journal.


Matt Shultz And Eva Ross: Do They Have Kids Together?

Matt Shultz and his wife Eva Ross have been married since 2020, however they have no children.

Hence Matt Shultz Kids does not currently exist. This is due to the couple’s recent announcement of their divorce on December 1st, 2021.

Matt Shultz wife
Matt Shultz ex-wife, Eva Ross. (Source: Reddit)

Although no details were provided as to why the two decided to divorce, it is evident that they are both moving on with their lives independently.

Despite this personal setback, Matt has remained committed to his professional job as a musician and frontman for Cage The Elephant.

He travels the world with his bandmates, creating new music for people to enjoy. As a result, Matt Shultz Kids no longer exists.


Details About Matt Shultz Family

Matt appears to be a little discreet about his specifics, such as his family, as the singer has yet to divulge anything about them.

He has yet to reveal the names and other details of his parents, so no valid information could be collected. He also hasn’t posted any photos of them on his social media profiles.

Matt’s family, on the other hand, is an important part of what makes him the musician he is today; they have supported him through every stage of his musical journey since boyhood.

It’s likely they simply prefer to keep family problems private rather than discuss specifics publicly, which is understandable given the amount of attention celebrities frequently receive online these days.


How Much Is Matt Shultz Current Net Worth?

Matt’s net worth is expected to be $4 million in 2023. He has accomplished a great deal in his career, having published four studio albums with Cage The Elephant, as well as various EPs and singles.

Matt Shultz’s success may be due to his musical talent and work ethic; he devotes a significant amount of time to mastering every part of his music, from songwriting to production.

Matt Shultz, in addition to being a talented musician, earns money from endorsements from firms such as Dr. Martens Footwear and Marshall Amplification Headphones.

These transactions have significantly increased Matt’s net worth throughout the years. Finally, Matt makes money through concert tours.


Matt Shultz net
Matt Shultz is on Stage. (Source: Wikimedia)

Furthermore, sales of Cage The Elephant products are another source of income for him, helping to boost this already astounding amount even more.

All of these things combine to indicate that, despite only releasing four albums since 2008 and no new record yet announced, Matt Schultz’s net worth grows gradually each year, owing primarily to these many revenue sources.

Shultz, Matt After everything he has accomplished, his children will be quite proud of him.

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