Mikhaila Peterson Bio: Details About Her Husband Jordan Fuller And Married Life

Let find out ”Mikhaila Peterson Bio” Who is Jordan Fuller, Mikhaila Peterson’s husband? Learn about Her Married Life
A social media influencer named Mikhaila Peterson is wed to Jordan Fuller.

She is from Canada and famous for the The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast, a podcast. She covers a wide range of subjects in her podcast, including politics, cultural phenomena, health, and other things that are off-limits to specialists.

Peterson serves as the company’s chief executive officer and has a few internet products and online media under his belt.

Additionally, she established Don’t Eat That in 2018.

Mikhaila Peterson Bio: Details About Her Husband Jordan Fuller And Married LifeMikhaila Peterson is social media personality and known podcaster. ( Source : Instagram )


Name Mikhaila Peterson
Date Of Birth January 4, 1992
Age 30
Profession Entrepreneur, Social Media personality
Husband Jordan Fuller


Mikhaila Peterson Bio: Details About Her Husband Jordan Fuller

Jordan Fuller is the husband of Mikhaila Peterson.

She dated Jordan for some time before getting married. In March of this year, she proposed to Jordan, and she announced the happy news in one of her Instagram postings. Both couples are incredibly in love with one another, as was evident on their wedding days.


Mikhaila Peterson married Jordan Fuller in June, 2022. ( Source : instagram )


On their wedding day, June 5, both couples appeared to be enjoying themselves.

Jordan wore a wedding suit, while Mikhaila wore a stunning wedding gown with floral motifs. On her Instagram feed, she posted some images taken on the wedding day. She has been enjoying her beautiful marriage with her husband and daughter, and she occasionally posts images of her husband on social media.

Mikhaila also posted a wonderful message on Facebook in honor of her husband Jordan on his birthday in August, expressing her admiration, love, and thanks for him.


History Of Mikhaila Peterson’s Marriages And Divorces

Mikhaila previously wed Andrey Korikov, therefore her union with Jordan is not her first union. 2017 saw her union with Andrey. Andrey is a business consultant and a rower who was born in Russia.


Mikhaila Peterson was previously married to Andrey Korikov. ( Source : instagram )


He earned a bachelor’s degree in business and technology management from Ryerson University. Andrey and Mikhail began dating after meeting at Ryerson University.

They co-parented their daughter after getting divorced even though they have a daughter together.


How many Kids Does Mikhaila Have?

Mikhaila is the mother of a daughter. With her ex-husband Andrey, she gave birth to her daughter Elizabeth Scarlet Peterson on August 6, 2017.


Mikhaila Peterson celebrating her daughter's birthday.
Mikhaila Peterson celebrating her daughter’s birthday. ( Source : instagram )


In August, Mikhaila turned five years old, and she recently shared some photos of the occasion.

She also admitted that it was hard for her to comprehend that her kid was already five years old.

Mikhaila Peterson’s Married Life Explored

Jordan Fuller and Mikhaila Peterson have been married for almost four months. They appear to have been getting along well and to love each other.

Jordan appears to be a devoted husband and father, and he has welcomed the child from Mihkaila’s prior relationship.

He had admitted that he was not the same person he appeared to be because he had acquired weight in the past and lost it with Mikhaila’s and the doctor’s assistance.

Jordan has been Mikhalia’s dependable partner, and they get along well.

What Is Mikhaila Peterson’s Net Worth In 2022-How Rich Is She?

In 2022, Mikhaila Peterson’s net worth is anticipated to range between $1 million and $3 million.

She has been working since 2015 and is active on several social media networks right now.

Peterson’s role as CEO of Luminate Enterprises, Ltd., as well as her podcast and YouTube channel, have all contributed to her accumulating a multi-million dollar net worth.

Mikhaila started watching YouTube on July 11, 2009, but she didn’t start posting videos until April 2019.

Mikhaila Peterson’s YouTube videos with her father, Jordan Peterson, which featured bits from her podcast, is the most watched video on her channel.

Thirteen million people have watched the video. There have been a million to a hundred thousand views of her videos, and she has 727k subscribers.

She is well-known for her podcast, the Mikhaila Peterson Podcast, which gives her the opportunity to speak with thought-leaders, influencers, and industry innovators.

Peterson also produces episodes in the Opposing Views format, where she talks to people who have opposing viewpoints on the subject to provide the public a perspective on both views.

She uses social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

She has about 591k followers and is known as @Mikhailafuller on Instagram.


Mikhaila Peterson’s Career

Mikhaila began her profession by spending four months as a media services staff member at Ryerson University.

She then started working with Luminate Enterprises, Ltd. in 2018 as a Management Executive, where she spent roughly one year and four months.


Mikhaila Peterson runs her podcast called Mikhaila Peterson podcast and seen talking about lion diet.
Mikhaila Peterson runs her podcast called Mikhaila Peterson podcast and seen talking about lion diet. ( Source : twitter )


Additionally, she established the company Don’t Eat That in 2018.

Since April 2019, Mikhaila has been employed by Luminate Enterprises, Ltd. as the company’s chief executive officer.


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