Missing: What Happened Kyle Doan During The California Flood?

Let’s find out ‘Missing: What Happened Kyle Doan During The California Flood?’ Five-year-old Doan and his mother were traveling to school when their car became stranded because of the intense floods.

Rescuers have not yet been able to find the boy. Numerous men of the National Guard look for him.

According to his father, Brian, the prospects of finding him alive are extremely remote given the length of time he has been missing and the fact that he is just five years old.


Missing: What Happened Kyle Doan During The California Flood?
Missing: What Happened Kyle Doan During The California Flood?


Missing: What Happened Kyle Doan During The California Flood?

Kyle Doan, age 5, went lost for several days as a result of a severe flood in California.

On January 9, 2023, Kyle was with his mother when she dropped him off to school early. When their car became stranded due to flooding, Kyle was present.

Kyle’s mother Lindsy teaches special education at the same school where he attends, Larsen Elementary School.


kyle doan missing
Kyle Doan has been missing since Monday, January 9, 2023. (Source: CNN)

The strong water forced their vehicle to stop at around 7:45 in the morning.

The mother took Kyle out of his car seat as the flood threatened to completely swamp the vehicle.

As the current continued to tug her, Lindsey recalled how each time she gasped and looked up at her kid.

The two were forced to exit the vehicle when the water started to move it. The water current was too strong when they exited.

No matter how hard Lindsy tried, she was unable to cling onto her baby, Kyle. She persisted in clinging to the tree while attempting to grab Kyle’s hand.

Sadly, they split up, and Kyle was carried away by the river. Kyle couldn’t be discovered, but Lindsy was pulled from the sea.

More than 100 members of the National Guard looked for the youngster, according to the county sheriff, and they will keep searching until they find him.

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office advised that the search had to be delayed multiple times owing to poor visibility and bad weather.

Authorities sent K-9 dogs, mostly concentrating upstream from the area where Kyle’s mother was saved.


Know More About Kyle Doan

Five-year-old Kyle Doan studies in kindergarten at a school in the Californian community of San Miguel, which is located in the San Luis Obispo County.

He vanished early on Monday morning, and it was unlikely that he would make it through the intense flooding.

Brian Doan, the father of the five-year-old, was upset that he didn’t believe his son was still alive. It’s not a rescue, he told the media. It’s a turnaround.


kyle parents
Kyle Doan’s parents speak with Inside Edition about their boy. (Source: People)

Brian remembered that Kyle had had a difficult year in 2022. He fell in preschool, underwent surgery, and had rods put in his broken legs.

Kyle, though, adjusted and bounced back a few months later. The physicians granted him a six-week recovery period once the rods were taken out in November 2022.

The five-year-old was excited to return to school on Monday following the break. He was a cute young man who enjoyed dancing.

Kyle liked his Paw Patrol and used to play soccer, Brian recalled.

Kyle’s mother claims that his last words as she struggled to get him out of the car were, “Mommy, it’s going to be okay. Keep your cool.

The two had no choice but to exit the vehicle as it slowly sank into the floodwater.

While searching for Kyle, Lindsy’s mother, rescuers were only able to find her. He may have been swept into the neighboring river, according to speculation.

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