Nick Kyrgios's Brother Christos Is An Australian Fitness Trainer
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Christos Kyrgios, Nick Kyrgios’ older brother, is a member of her family. When he was preparing to take on Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon championship game, Nick recently discussed his brother and their friendship.

Christos Kyrgios, an Australian tennis professional and celebrity fitness trainer, is known to the general public as Nick Kyrgios’ older brother.

Nick Kyrgios is a tennis player who was born in Australia. Kyrgios achieved his highest ATP singles ranking of No. 13 globally on October 24, 2016.

He has reached eleven finals, including a Masters 1000 final at the 2017 Cincinnati Masters and a major final at the 2022 Wimbledon Championships. He has also won seven singles matches on the ATP Tour, including the Washington Open in 2019 and 2022.

Nick Kyrgios’s brother has been seen cheering for and encouraging him inside the arena during events in the past, as seen by fans. They did not, however, stay in touch for a while.

Quick Facts:

Full Name Christos Kyrgios
Siblings Nick Kyrgios and Halimah Kyrgios
Profession Fitness coach and trainer
Age 34 years old



Nick Kyrgios’s Brother Christos Is An Australian Fitness Trainer

Let find out everything about Nick Kyrgios’s brother Christos. Christos Kyrgios, a fitness teacher, has acknowledged having interpersonal issues with his brother Nick Kyrgios. He revealed that after confronting Nick about his binge drinking, they both got into a fight.

Tennis legend Nick Kyrgios from Australia will compete in the Wimbledon final on Sunday night. However, as he spoke about the difficult route that brought him to the pinnacle of his sport and left his family “worried sick,” his brother Christos started crying.


The brothers had an estranged relationship for some time, though they are now close
The brothers had an estranged relationship for some time, though they are now close ( Source : instagram )


Christos gave counsel to help his brother get over his dejection. He used to stop drinking in an effort to break the habit in order to deal with his sadness.

The brothers had recently grown apart, according to Christos, following an incident in which he admits he “overstepped the mark” when trying to offer advice while Nick was “trying to drink his way out of his depression.”

Before Kyrgios’ widely anticipated match versus Novak Djokovic, Christos penned an essay to discover who the king of grass is. He talked about the emotional whirlwind that comes with supporting Nick.

Kyrgios attracted notice during Wimbledon for his actions both on and off the court. Stefanos Tsitsipas, his third-round rival, called him a “evil bully,” while another Australian legend Pat Cash even called him a “cheat.”

Age Difference Between Christos And Nick Kyrgios Discussed

The age difference between Christos Kyrgios and his younger brother, Nick Kyrgios, is seven years. In the family, they also have a sister.

The oldest brother is 34 years old and was born on September 11, 1987. On the other hand, the younger brother, who is now 27 years old, was born on April 27, 1995.


Christos Kyrgios shared this old image with his father, younger brother and sister
Christos Kyrgios shared this old image with his father, younger brother and sister ( Source : instagram )


Christos is a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce graduate. Although his resume claims he has more than ten years of experience in the fitness industry, he actually began his career in the corporate sector.

He acquired his fitness education and training from the Canberra Institute of Technology and Health Academy Australia. He also obtained three to four certificates in human nutrition, sports nutrition, and fitness.

Christos has a very supportive family. He and his brother have been close ever since their early years. When Nick was having a hard time because of his sadness, Christos used to drop by his parents’ house.

The Kyrgios brothers’ parents are Giorgos Kyrgios and Norlaila Kyrgios. His parents enjoy spending holidays with their daughter Halimah Kyrgios now that they are retired.


What Is The Net Worth Of Christos Kyrgios As A Fitness Coach?

As a fitness coach, Christos Kyrgios earns a living and has accumulated wealth. He is in charge of providing his students with the right instruction and supervision.

The fitness coach is not only a fitness trainer and instructor, but also a qualified workout specialist for Ally’s Angels and Alphas.

These occupations pay well and offer a comfortable living.

The squad is in charge of monitoring applicants as they get ready for WBFF (World Beauty Fitness and Fashion) competitions and giving them advise.

He began his professional career at a young age after earning a law and business degree from college. The fitness expert has past experience working for the Parliament as an investment advisor and legal policy adviser.

He has flourished and amassed wealth as a result, despite his struggle and effort. He does, however, lead a comfortable life with his wife and kids despite all of his wealth.

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