Rapper Aitch Biography: Details On His Siblings, Twin sisters And Father
Rapper Aitch promises to fix situation after promotional stunt goes wrong ( Source : instagram )

Let find out about rapper Aitch biography. Aitch, a rapper from Manchester who is 22 years old, has two younger sisters.

The vocalist of Baby got into trouble after he slapped an advertisement for his new album, Close to Home, on a mural of Ian Curtis. He was embarrassed by the experience and vowed to make clear corrections to his qualms.

The Manchester MC acknowledged that he did not choose the sites for the billboard advertisements as a damage control measure.

He recognized the significance of the hometown hero because he was from the same city.

Although the album’s promotion had a rough start, the music itself appears good. The album will be released on August 19.


Birth 9th December 1999
Age 22 years old
Real Name Harrison James Armstrong
Hometown Moston, Manchester, England


Does Aitch Have Siblings? Parents Details

Two younger sisters of the English artist Aitch have shied away from the spotlight. Since they haven’t made their names public, his parents are the same.

But they have special value in his heart because they inspired his debut album’s Ed Shereen feature, My G, which was dedicated to his younger sister Gracie.

He revealed that she had down syndrome at a precarious time. Sheran and AJ Tracey were the only people who were aware of her situation since he wanted his close buddy to sing on the tune.

By sending him a sweet video of her performing his song, he sought to shame him into agreeing to a feature.

How Tall Is Rapper Aitch? His Biography Has Been Revealed.

Rapper Aitch, who is six feet tall, was born Harrison James Armstrong and spent his formative years in Moston, Manchester, England.

When questioned about his name selection, he acknowledged that he loved the letter H but didn’t want it to be uninteresting. He chose to spell his name oddly because he wanted to add some creativity to the mix.


Aitch's solo Straight Rhymez garnered over 24 million views and brought him to the attention of London rapper Stormzy.
Aitch’s solo Straight Rhymez garnered over 24 million views and brought him to the attention of London rapper Stormzy.( Source : Economictimes )


How Much Is Aitch Estimated Net Worth In 2022

Aitch, the singer for Straight Rhymes, has a net worth of $1.5 million as of 2022.

His love of music first took root during his time in school, when he used to freestyle before turning it into a lucrative career. His rise to stardom began on YouTube, where he once racked up an impressive hundred thousand views.

Eventually, his songs initiated climbing charts, beginning with a guest feature on Young T & Busgey’s Strike A Pose.

With three million views in just 11 days, Taste (Make It Shake) climbed to the eighth position in the Official Singles Chart in 2019.

His earnings go beyond merely music because he accepted endorsements and appearances across Europe.

Is Aitch Seeing Amelia Dimoldenberg From Chicken Shop Date?

Rapper Aitch was fortunate to win the affection of Amelia Dimoldenberg, a serial dater. The 28-year-old online sensation is well-known for her death glare and for inventing the format for interviews called “chicken shop dates.”

When he went on one of the dates in 2019, there were fireworks since their chemistry was more than just for the cameras.

The rapper from Bus Down soon began asking for additional dates after spending meaningful time with him.

He was so delighted with his new life that he never hesitated to talk about it when people inquired about their connection.

After a flirtatious interview at the Brit Awards, where their matching grins gave away the story, they confirmed the rumors.

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