Robbie Mustoe Age, Wife And Net Worth Info- Here's What We Know

Let’s find out ‘Robbie Mustoe Age, Wife And Net Worth Info’ English footballer Robbie Mustoe’s wife, Caroline Mustoe, is a retired player who currently works as an analyst for NBC Sports.

Her husband, Robbie, played defensive midfield for Oxford United and Middlesbrough in the past. He also played for Charlton Athletic and Sheffield Wednesday for the most of his playing career.

Elliott and Lewis Mustoe are two of Robbie Mustoe’s children with wife Caroline. Since that time, they have been joyfully exchanging vows to be together.

The close-knit family relocated to the magnificent country’s major town. the country following Robbie’s football career retirement.

The husband of Caroline Mustoe typically enjoys casually watching the Premier League. moved his family from his home England to Lexington, Massachusetts, over the course of seven years.

Robbie Mustoe Age, Wife And Net Worth Info- Here's What We Know
Robbie Mustoe Age, Wife And Net Worth Info- Here’s What We Know


However, the situation changed when Mustoe, a former EPL player who now resides in New England, joined. The former footballer made his Football League debut in 1986–1987.

He also has approximately 100 league games played for the club and 18 years of playing experience in the highest division of English professional soccer.

Mustoe says he would have probably never had the opportunity to work in media in England but he does enjoy it in the US and has no ambitions to attempt and go to UK screens.

While working as a studio analyst, he had covered Major League Soccer (MLS), the English Premier League, and Premier League Live, NBC Sports Group’s pre- and post-match show.

He has also worked for ESPN for five years, covering the main European leagues and the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Additionally, he was determined to attend two Champions League Finals in 2013 before joining NBC.

Here are some basic facts about Caroline Mustoe, the wife of Robbie Mustoe.


Facts About Robbie Mustoe’s Wife, Caroline Mustoe

Name Caroline Mustoe
Husband Robbie Mustoe
Son Elliott Mustoe and Lewis Mustoe
Address Lexington
Husband’s career Coaching career


Exactly Who Is Caroline Mustoe? The Wife Of Robby Mustoe

Robbie Mustoe, a retired football player, is married to Caroline Mustoe. He is a family guy who upholds his parenting responsibilities for his boys.

The wife of Robbie Mustoe was born on December 15. It is a special day for Mustoe since two of the most important women in his life—his wife and mother—share the same birthday.

He made their wedding anniversary in 2009 extra-special by calling his mother all day and spending the evening with his gorgeous wife.

On June 19, the couple observes their anniversary. The lovely pair is having a lucky day as they commemorate their long marriage.

Additionally, for roughly a month, Robbie Mustoe’s wife attended golf instruction. They played 9 for the first time today to celebrate their anniversary.

After Robbie’s football career ended, Caroline’s family and the NBC Sports soccer commentator traveled to America in 2006.

The two are Middlesbrough fans, Mustoe’s old team. Both like donning their Boro jerseys while cheering for the Major League Soccer side New England Revolution.

He traveled to America to accept a coaching post and was born outside of Oxford, England. He now resides in Lexington, Massachusetts with his wife Caroline and boys.

The beautiful couple likes being parents. Elliot and Lewis Mustoe are two of Caroline and Robbie Mustoe’s sons.


Robbie Mustoe Age, Wife And Net Worth Info- Here's What We Know
Robbie Mustoe Age, Wife And Net Worth Info- Here’s What We Know

Elliot Mustoe

Caroline and Robbie Mustoe gave birth to Elliot Mustoe. He resides in New York, New York, right now.

Elliot Mustoe, the son of Robbie Mustoe, has a strong background in business and marketing.

Elliot began working as a Growth marketing analyst in Brooklinen in August 2018. He used the positions of growth marketing manager and senior growth marketing analyst as stepping stones to his current position as Marlow Lead.

Elliot also founded and serves as CEO of LivCollege. He established LivCollege, a website that connects prospective college students with current students through day trips and overnight stays.

Along with his work on Brooklinen, he also made a contribution to Growth Marketing Co-op by creating from scratch and implementing ad copy testing using Marin and AdBasis. These tests were run in 120+ campaigns and 5,500+ ad groups.

Additionally, he worked as an intern and obtained expertise in commercial operations, growth marketing, marketing/business development cooperative, and acquisition marketing.

He competed in Men’s Varsity Soccer, was a student at Lexington High School, and was a Co-Founder of Lexington Service Opportunities.

The D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University awarded the bachelor’s degree in BSBA Marketing and Entrepreneurship to Robbi Mustoe’s son.

He was involved in a number of extracurricular activities while attending the university, including Men’s Varsity Soccer, the Entrepreneurs Club, the Husky Startup Challenge, the IDEA Venture Accelerator, and the Real Estate Club.

In addition to his academic background, he worked as a volunteer for the American Cancer Society’s Boston Breast Cancer Walk.

Additionally, Elliott received the Northeastern DEMO Day Winner award from Northeastern University.


Robbie Mustoe's wife, Caroline Mustoe loves to spend vacation time with both of her son: Lewis Mustoe and Elliott Mustoe
Robbie Mustoe’s wife, Caroline Mustoe loves to spend vacation time with both of her son: Lewis Mustoe and Elliott Mustoe ( Source : facebook )


Franklin Sports presently employs Lewis Mustoe as a Pay Per Click Specialist. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts, in the US.

As an Account Marketing Intern at TribalVision, he also gained experience. He was there gathering client KPIs from HubSpot campaigns and sharing them.

Mustoe has honed his public speaking, data analysis, Hubspot, and e-commerce abilities. He has strong leadership characteristics.

In order to preserve open communications, he also served as a liaison for several clients.

His professional career began in 2014. The list of businesses where he has worked is shown here.

  • Digital Guardian for about four months.

All of his licenses and certificates are

  • Inbound marketing certificates
  • Conversational marketing certificates
  • Conversational sales certificates
  • Playbook basics certificates
  • Google Ads Fundamentals certificates

The Lexington high school alumnus is romantically involved with Sam Smith. Both spouses attended Boston University, a university.

Sam Smith, Lewis Mustoe’s girlfriend, works at Mersana Therapeutics Inc. in Lexington, Massachusetts. The pair has not, however, made any plans to wed.


Robbie Mustoe’s Career: Where Is Robbie Mustoe Currently?

Former English footballer Robbie Mustoe, who is now retired, spent 18 years of his life competing in the highest division of the country’s professional league.

He nearly reached 600 appearances, including several cup events. Robbie played as a midfielder for Oxford United in the Premier League as a professional football player.

In the years 1986 to 1987, when he played approximately 100 league games for the team, he made his professional debut in the League First Division.

The source claims that Robbie transferred to Middlesbrough, where he signed a £375,000 contract and continued to play through 2002.

He played for Charlton Athletic and made contributions as well.

He officially retired from Sheffield Wednesday in 2004.

The former athlete relocated to the United States after his retirement to begin his new career as a coach, first at Bentley College and subsequently at Boston College.

He assisted Boston College in winning the ACC Men’s Soccer Conference for the first time. His vision was the reason behind the ACC Tournament victory in 2007 before deciding to concentrate his energies on working in the media.


Robbie Mustoe started his professional Football League debut in the 1986–1987 Football League First Division
Robbie Mustoe started his professional Football League debut in the 1986–1987 Football League First Division ( Source : nbcsports )


He has made occasional studio appearances for ESPN FC’s Premier League coverage in addition to his frequent appearances as a commentator on the network.

He began working for ESPN as a studio commentator for five years in 2008, when he made the decision to enter the media professionally full-time.

The legend worked at the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the 2012 Euros before deciding to join NBC in 2013. As an analyst for their studio coverage of the English Premier League, he also gained work experience.

The 54-year-old also had the chance to collaborate with former Wimbledon player Robbie Earle on NBC’s “The 2 Robbies” project. Mustoe is now employed by NBC Sports as an analyst.


What Is Robbie Mustoe’s Net Worth?

The estimated value of Robbie Mustoe’s net worth is $3 million. He gained the most of his wealth through his career as a football player and NBC Sports commentator.

In his early years, he signed a $375,000 contract to join Middlesbrough in 1990. Robbie made a reputation for himself as a soccer analyst and commentator on NBCUniversal Media in March 2013.

He put a lot of effort into becoming a dependable first team player, participated in all three of the club’s Wembley finals, and shared the 1999 Player of the Year title with Hamilton Ricard.

When Steve McClaren took over as manager in 2001, Mustoe was 33 years old and not in McLaren’s plans.

Moreover, he managed to reintegrate with the group and play a significant role throughout the 2001–2002 campaign.

Nevertheless, he departed the team in the summer of 2002 after more than 450 games across all leagues.


Some FAQs

Who is the wife of Robbie Mustoe?

Caroline Mustoe is the wife of Robbie Mustoe.

When did Robbie Mustoe make his first professional debut?

His first Football League debut was in the 1986-1987 Football League First Division.

Does Robbie Mustoe has any children?

Robbie Mustoe has two children, Elliott Mustoe and Lewis Mustoe with his wife Caroline Mustoe.

Where is Elliot Mustoe?

Elliot Mustoe is is the founder and CEO of LivCollege in New York.
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