Roscoe, Lewis Hamilton's Dog, Gets Paid $700 a Day, The Formula 1 Champion Claims

Let find out ‘Roscoe, Lewis Hamilton’s Dog, Gets Paid $700 a Day’ Lewis Hamilton’s accomplishment in Formula 1 helped him gain notoriety. The 37-year-old is well-known for making a lot of money, but his bulldog Roscoe may not be well-known to his followers. At one point, Hamilton said that Roscoe earns $700 every day.


How Rich Is Lewis Hamilton? Net Worth Explored

Roscoe, Lewis Hamilton's Dog, Gets Paid $700 a Day, The Formula 1 Champion Claims
Roscoe, Lewis Hamilton’s Dog, Gets Paid $700 a Day, The Formula 1 Champion Claims

A $285 million valuation has been placed on Hamilton. According to reports, the British Formula 1 driver earns $50 million a year in compensation. Most of his revenue comes from sponsorship contracts and prize money. Hamilton also engages in other endeavors other from Formula 1.

He has performed singing and acting, for instance. In 2018, he also introduced the TOMMYXLEWIS apparel brand, which he co-founded with Tommy Hilfiger. He assisted in the opening of the vegan eatery Neat Burger a year later. Hamilton has joined the Denver Broncos’ ownership group.

Hamilton has been able to purchase opulent properties in a number of locations across the world, including New York City, London, and Monaco.

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Lewis Hamilton Asserts That Roscoe, His Dog, Is Also Very Wealthy

In his family, Hamilton is not the only one who makes money. The Formula 1 driver said that Roscoe, his dog, also makes some money.

According to the Metro UK, Hamilton stated that Roscoe was now a member of a modeling agency and had tryouts. “He will compete against ten or fifteen different bulldogs since they will require a bulldog for a product.” “He gets paid $700 a day, which is absurd, and he gets his treat, which he loves.”

Roscoe appears to be an influencer on social media as well. He has nearly 600,000 followers on Instagram.



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Since 2013, Roscoe has lived with Hamilton and his family. Hamilton referred to Roscoe as his “best buddy” in an interview with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team. Because Hamilton travels with the dog, Roscoe also gets to experience Hamilton’s remarkable existence.


Lewis Hamilton Previously Owned A Different Dog

Because Hamilton loves dogs, Roscoe is not the only dog he has ever developed a relationship with. An other bulldog named Coco once belonged to Hamilton’s family. But she passed away in 2020, and Hamilton even broke the heartbreaking news to her followers.

On June 19 of that year, Hamilton posted on Twitter and Instagram that her “wonderful little child Coco died at home with the family at her side last night at around 9 pm.” Her weak heart gave out; we suspect a heart attack. I made attempts to resuscitate her, but to no avail.

She had the finest day, he said, and she was happy than I had last seen her. She was a wonderful dog that was born with a lot of issues, and I consider myself quite fortunate to have acquired her. Her breeder advised her to put the animal down since she wouldn’t be able to pay all she would require to survive. She underwent a lot to develop into the happy, laid-back, and devoted dog she was.

Coco left Hamilton with an incredible memory before she passed away. They “had a great moment playing together that I will never forget,” the Formula 1 racer said.

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