Easther Bennett at the countryside on the way to Inveraray ( Source : instagram )


 Let get to know Shane Lynch’s ex-wife Easther Bennett And her estimated wealth in 2022.Easther Bennett, a former girl group member and Shane Lynch’s ex-wife, continues to communicate with her former bandmates.

2010 split up of Eternal devested an entire generation as the bitter controversies broke many hearts. As the years have gone by, they put their differences aside and bonded over being a part of something special.

They keep in contact as Redknapp posts on Instagram tagging her old friends last year. After raising two kids, Beau and eldest son Charley, she wished to focus on herself and find a forever partner. 


Birthday December 11, 1972
Age 49 years


Was Ex Wife Easther Bennett Married To Shane Lynch 

Easther Bennett, 49, wed Irish singer Shane Lynch, but in July 2000 she divorced him. One of the most notable celebrities on Celebrity Big Brother is the drift driver, better known as a member of the boy band Boyzone.

Even though they exchanged vows in 1998, the couple didn’t decide to divorce until two years later, however they were still able to provide their daughter a sense of family.


16 of 25 Easther Bennett and Vernie Bennett in Pointless Celebrities (2010)
16 of 25 Easther Bennett and Vernie Bennett in Pointless Celebrities (2010)( Source : M )


When he finally admitted that his time with Easther had been mental anguish, it took him another four years.

In fact, he became joyful as he counted down the days until their divorce, referring to their marriage as a five-year trauma.

They first bonded as friends and believed that marriage was the only possibility. When their love evolved into responsibility, their prediction went horribly wrong.

He felt He repeatedly sobbed because he felt as though he had let his family and God down. Before his friend Big Ben reintroduced him to God, the guilt was eating him alive. Failed God and his family and broke down multiple times. The guilt was eating him alive before getting introduced to God again by his friend Big Ben.


Easther Bennett: Where Is She Presently?

Easther Bennett, a former member of Eternal, is a proud mother who posts about her life on social media. She has about 4,000 followers on her Instagram account, Esther Bennett, where you may find her.

As she lives a calm life with her children and her memories, the platform is a tribute to her family and prior job. She is a person who appreciates the little things in life, choosing to spend her mornings sipping coffee in front of a lake or simply watching a school cricket game.


Shane Lynch's Ex-Wife Easther Bennett And Her Estimated Wealth In 2022
Easther Bennett, Vernie Bennett, Kelle Bryan and Louise Nurding formed Eternal in 1992( Source : Mirror )


She preferred to avoid the spotlight after their breakup, according to a 2021 MirrorUK article, however she made an appearance on the game show Pointless in 2015. She dubbed him an angry man when they split up, which damaged her reputation.

In addition, it appears that the R&B girl group is still active, as Kelle suggested to Channel 4 Sunday Brunch that the members stay in touch.

Before the pandemic, there were rumors about a reunion, but nothing is official. Longtime supporters are looking forward to seeing the complete lineup perform once more as the tight limitations start to loosen.

How Wealthy Is Easther Bennett-Net Worth 2022?

Although Easther Bennett’s net worth as of 2022 is unknown, we anticipate it to be in the millions.

The 49-year-old no longer performs, but the profits from the 1990 hit still provide for her family.

Additionally, her lineup included her older sister Vernie Bennett, Kéllé Bryan, and classmate and friend Louise Redknapp, making her a favorite among millennials.

Their career took off when they signed with EMI Records and their single Stay, which peaked at no. 4 on the charts, was released.

Their debut record, Always & Forever, sold an astounding million copies in the UK, but that was just the beginning. The song went four times platinum and was one of the best-selling records of the year.

They soon found themselves receiving Brit nominations, but after Redknapp’s unexpected exit, their hopes were dashed.

As a strong trio, they made an effort to remain upbeat and scored their first-ever UK number one with I Wanna Be the Only One in 1997. Despite their record-breaking sales, the internal strife continued after the sisters fired Bryan. They stopped their activity in 2010 because it was no longer conceivable for them to continue after half of the original members quit.



How old is Easther Bennett?

-Easther Bennett is 49 years of age.

Who was the lead singer of Eternal?

-Vernett Vernie” Bennett is a founding member of the R&B girl group Eternal, with her sister Easther Bennett also a member.

Why did Eternal split up?

-Their reasons are cited as a breakdown in professional relations. 

What songs did Eternal sing?

-I Wanna Be the Only One, Just a Step From Heaven, Angel of Mine, Stay, and many more.

Who is Easther Bennett married to?

-Easther Bennett was married to Shane Lynch.

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