Sir Malcolm Walker New Partner: Who Is Natalie?

Let’s find out ‘Sir Malcolm Walker New Partner: Who Is Natalie?’ Malcolm Conrad Walker, an English businessman, was born Malcolm Conrad Walker. He is the founder and executive chairman of Iceland Foods Ltd.

The Yorkshire native chose to work as a trainee manager at Woolworths because he believed that retailing was the best path to financial success.

Iceland began as a company in 1970 with just £30 in beginning funds and one small storefront in Oswestry that sold loose frozen food.

By April 2000, Iceland had grown into a multibillion-pound food corporation.


Sir Malcolm Walker New Partner: Who Is Natalie?
Sir Malcolm Walker New Partner: Who Is Natalie?


Walker was given the title of knight bachelor in the 2017 Queen’s Birthday Honours for his charitable, commercial, and retail endeavors.

Malcolm had a successful commercial career in addition to a long and loving marriage with Rhianydd Walker, which lasted until her passing in 2021. The businessman is dating a new woman. Who is Natalie Walker, Malcolm Walker’s current spouse?


Sir Malcolm Walker New Partner: Who Is Natalie?

Sir Malcolm Walker’s second and most recent wife is business icon Natalie Walker.

The Iceland Foods company’s official website states that Malcolm and Natalie were married in August 2022. Walker’s new wife has a right to use the title “Lady Walker.”

The new Lady Walker’s family history and occupations, as well as how she met the businessman, are still a mystery.


Malcolm Walker New Wife Natalie
Natalie Walker and Malcolm Walker have been married for a few months. (Image Source: Twitter)

Malcolm was happily married to Rhianydd Walker (Ranny) for more than 50 years before to Natalie. In January 2021, the entrepreneur’s first spouse passed away.

The cause of Rhianydd’s passing has not been made known. Ranny and Malcolm were childhood sweethearts who were married for fifty years. Three children were welcomed by the couple.

All of Malcolm Walker’s offspring are now adults with families. The sole surviving child of the successful businessman, Richard Walker, currently serves as managing director of Iceland Foods Ltd.

Malcolm Walker is a loving grandfather to his eight grandchildren in addition to being a proud parent. Near Chester live his children and grandchildren.


Sir Malcolm Walker’s Family And Early Life Explored

Malcolm Conrad Walker, who was born on February 11th, 1946, is 76 years old right now. He was raised in West Yorkshire’s Grange Moor.

He was a student at Mirfield Grammar. The English businessman left without having any notable academic credentials and only held three paid positions. However, they all dismissed him.

As previously mentioned, Iceland Foods Ltd. was established in 1970. The company’s founder attributes the brand name to his first wife.

The company added more locations every year, and today there are nine hundred across the nation.

What Is Sir Malcolm Walker’s Current Net Worth?

According to The Times, Malcolm Walker is worth £265 million.


Malcolm Walker New Wife Natalie
Sir Malcolm Walker has amassed a massive fortune with his business. (Image Source: Twitter)


In addition to Iceland Foods, the entrepreneur owns a number of other companies, including food manufacturing, dining establishments, and real estate.

The Flintshire-based reported that the frozen food company has 900 locations and makes £3 billion in annual sales. Additionally, profits in 2017–18 totaled £157 million.

Along with Tarsem Dhaliwal, Walker is a co-owner of the Piccolino restaurant group, and his share is worth well over £155 million. He possesses three houses in addition to other possessions.

Outside of business, Malcolm enjoys spending time with his family, entertaining, great dining, wine tasting, skiing, sailing, and shooting.

A £21 million claim for a voluntary Christmas savings program that is said to have broken the minimum wage rules and could result in a £21 million fine was apparently being fought by the businessman. Walker insisted he wasn’t in the wrong.

In addition, Malcolm established the Lady Walker Fund for Dementia in honor of his first wife. He gave £50,000 to the Conservative Party in May 2017.

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