Sonja Hood's Age: Explored: The North Melbourne Football Club's President's Age
North Melbourne’s president Sonja Hood ( Source : instagram )

Sonja Hood, the president of The North Melbourne Football Club, has received positive feedback from the public in recent months. Meanwhile, many people are curious about her age, biography, and Wikipedia entry.

Sonja Hood is the President of North Melbourne Football Club and the Chief Executive Officer of Community Hubs Australia. She has been the CEO of Community Hubs Australia since June 2015.

She joined the North Melbourne Football Club as a board member in December 2019 and was elected president in March 2022. She has been managing a national multi-sector cooperation to engage migrant mothers and preschool children through place-based hubs.

She was also the North Melbourne Football Club’s general manager of community involvement. She has also worked in social policy and programming in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia for many years. She enjoys including isolated migrant and refugee women, as well as preschool children, in skills training, community service, English language learning, and volunteering.


Sonja Hood Bio, Wikipedia

Sonja Hood’s present age ranges from 55 to 65 based on her physical characteristics. Despite being the current president of The North Melbourne Football Club, her biography has yet to appear on the official Wikipedia page.

She earned her master’s degree in public policy analysis from Penn State University and her doctorate in public health from the University of Melbourne. She has also finished a leadership program and a training for company directors.


Sonja Hood giving speech to the audience at North Melbourne
Sonja Hood giving speech to the audience at North Melbourne( Source : Nmfc )


She began her professional career in 1995 as a research implementation manager at NHS and worked as a service manager till 2002. In 2004, she was the change manager for Austin Health. Sonja Hood also spent almost two years at the National Health and Medical Research Council.

Sonja spent nearly four years as the North Melbourne Football Club’s general manager and community engagement. She served on the boards of the Mac. Rob Foundation and Diving Victoria.


Sonja Hood-Who is her husband?

Sonja Hood’s husband remains a mystery, and admirers are unsure whether she is married or not. She is a divorced and remarried mother of two grown children. Many people believe she divorced her ex-husband in 1975.

However, she has not discussed her marital life or former husband on public venues in recent years. Furthermore, there has been no news about his romantic encounters on the internet in the years thereafter.

Following her social media activities, we discovered that she published photos of her daughter and son having fun in 2012.

She hasn’t shared anything on her social handles recently, making it difficult to determine if she is now in a romantic relationship. Furthermore, there are no credible sources from which to obtain information regarding her children.

How Much Money Does Sonja Hood Make? Net worth Explored

Sonja Hood’s net worth is most likely in the millions at this time. Many people believe Sonja has added a significant amount of money to her net worth as a result of her successful work over the years.

Her current net worth is between $2 million and $3 million. However, the estimated figure has yet to be verified due to a dearth of credible sources on the internet. Sonja has also never disclosed anything about her professional salary or personal assets on public venues.

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