Suspected Murderer Lewis Haines Arrest- Things To Know About Lily Sullivan Death

Let’s find out ‘Suspected Murderer Lewis Haines Arrest’ Lily Sullivan was a gentle and compassionate woman who adored her family and would do anything for them.

Lewis Haines, a killer, brutally murdered her. He had no compassion for Lily and murdered her.

Lily’s corpse was recovered in Mill Pond in Pembroke early on December 17, 2021. “I miss her terribly,” Anna, her mother, said. I’ll never feel at ease again. Haines choked Lily out of bitterness that she refused to have sex with him, according to Judge Paul Thomas QC at Swansea Crown Court.


Suspected Murderer Lewis Haines Arrest- Things To Know About Lily Sullivan Death
Suspected Murderer Lewis Haines Arrest- Things To Know About Lily Sullivan Death


Full Name Lily Sullivan
Age 18 years old
Died On 17 December 2021
Cause of Death Strangled To Death
Murderer Lewis Haines
Instagram username @lil.sullivan

Lily Sullivan: Who Was She?

She was an eighteen-year-old Welsh girl who was murdered after refusing a guy named Lewis Haines.


Lily Sullivan At Her Home
Lily Sullivan At Her Home ( Source : instagram )


“He started acting oddly and sprinted across the street even though there was no traffic before walking in the direction of the Bush School, gripping his head in his hands and shaking his head,” said William Hughes, QC, the prosecution.

Lewis Haines Has Been Arrested In Connection With Lily Sullivan’s Murder: Prison Sentence

Lewis Haines was caught and sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Lily Sullivan. He will serve at least 23 years and four months in prison.

Lewis Haines, 31, and the 18-year-old met in a Pembroke nightclub in December of last year. Following their escape from the club, Lewis and Lily may be seen on film walking toward the Mill Pond.

Later, while her mother waited nearby to carry Lily safely home, Haines, the little girl’s father, assaulted her. She and Haines were apparently kissing when he walked her down an alleyway near the beauty spot pond, strangled her, and put her half dressed corpse in the water.

Lily Sullivan: What Happened To Her?

She Is 18-year-old from Pembroke, Wales, was brutally killed after denying a 31-year-old man’s sexual advances, according to a court.


Lily Sullivan's Murderer Lewis Haines
Lily Sullivan’s Murderer Lewis Haines ( Source : dailymail )


After Lily’s body was discovered topless, Judge Paul Thomas QC rejected Haines’ claim that the murder was sexual in nature. “However, I’m sure Lily chose to return home to visit her mother.”

“If nothing else, she made it clear to her mother during the phone call that she did not want her relationship with Lewis Haines to progress to the point where they would engage in sexual activity.” Haines, who was intoxicated at the time, was probably disappointed because he had hoped and expected it to continue.

Lily contacted her mother at 2:47 a.m. and said, “As soon as possible, ma’am. I have gone. I will be there in a few minutes. I’m nearly there.” Lily’s mother, Anna Sullivan, who was waiting for her at the adjoining Green Garage, attempted calling her again 30 times before the phone was cut off.

Mrs. Sullivan accidently spotted Haines “walking lightly, swinging his arms” at 3.09 a.m. when he began to “act weirdly.” CCTV showed him and Lily wandering side by side across the streets before entering into a lane. He was later discovered by himself.

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